Stable 8.0.0 = No Tethering?

Since last updated to the latest stable version, which incomprehensibly just was suggested to me last weekend, I can't use Tethering.

Stable 8.0.0 = No Tethering?

Since last updated to the latest stable version, which incomprehensibly just was suggested to me last weekend, I can't use Tethering.

This is rather important for me, because my Plan (voice + data) with Vodafone Portugal is all I need and use, at home and at work (sometimes).

Other devices like my laptop and tablet get internet from my smartphone, which for several reasons plus this one now makes me regret having bought a Nokia 6.

Please, fix this or I'll have to claim "broken" through the warranty but that will leave me with a backup phone, which is rather basic and only useful for phone functions.


  • I'm using both usb and wifi tethering without a problem. ( TA 1021 ,Android 8.0)

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    It still works as usual for me too...

    Did you try some troubleshooting steps?

    Soft reset: Press and hold the volume-up and power keys simultaneously until the phone restarts.

    or ...

    Try use the phone in Safe mode.

    or ...

    Start up the phone without SIM card, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then power down and re-insert the SIM.

    or ...

    Settings > Network and Internet > Menu (the dots top/right) has an option to reset all network settings.
    There's also an option to reset access points to default, or manually create access points. The proper settings can usually be found on the mobile operator' s support website.

  • Kasun: Good to read, and good for you.
    User389: Did Factory reset as soon as I noticed all changes in settings for Tethering didn't work. But, for the fact that I'm here replying, notice that the I'm using Nokia 6 with the contracted plan. Thus, everything is OK with my carrier. Network reset, your last suggestion, did that, before and after factory reset.
    Hardware issue?
    Connecting to any DHCP via WiFi presents no issue.
    Is Tethering a separate hardware component or all integrated in the Wi-Fi module?
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    Thanks for feedback, the more info the better.

    First, please confirm that all built-in apps are updated in the Play Store.

    Next, in Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Access point names
    The one named 'internet' (typically) should be marked with a blue dot (to make it the default).

    Tap the access point to view and edit.
    It must not say dun anywhere. If it does, replace with "" (reported in another thread that I can't find right now).

    The APN type for my Telenor DK provider is default,supl and the protocol is IPv4 - but please consult Vodafone for the proper settings, and for further troubleshooting if needed.

    I don't know about the hardware components, but it is almost impossible to do repairs on modern multi-layer circuit boards.

    I hope you get it sorted out.


  • Thanks for the feedback Hans.

    I'm answering this topic, step by step, to try and get a resolution for this issue that matters so much for my daily needs, 'cause I can't get a sufficient advanced device at the moment.

    I had all updates up to date then, and now that I type in reply.

    This being said, Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Access point names is set correctly, although little features are available to setup a Access Point, like Hiding SSID. What did you mean "marked with a blue dot... make it default"? In a Nokia 6, using Android OS with default features, you can't have any other AP. Did you meant, the AP is active? It was, and it is...
    I'm not a rookie or a noob (not that I was offended by the basic help provided in the first paragraphs).

    The APN is not set manually, nor it is needed to access internet.
    I have internet in this device, via Vodafone Portugal 4G SIM card.

    The problem yet to be solved, and the only reason for this thread is TETHERING.

    Since I don't have rooted nor I intend to root this device, I can't access OS Tethering and Network settings, and this reminds me of the issue with network settings in Windows that can be resolved with applying the defaults.

    And it seems to be an issue with the latest update.
    The thing is that I hope someone with Nokia Tech Support is attent to this issue and helps, cause there's a direct relation (for what I witnessed) for the Update 8.0.0 and No Tethering in my device!

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