An anti-spam system is needed immediately

A lot of spam posts with Chinese content have appeared in all the sub-forums of our dear Nokia Community.

An anti-spam system is needed immediately

A lot of spam posts with Chinese content have appeared in all the sub-forums of our dear Nokia Community. And that tells us that there's no anti-spam protection currently baked into the community.
  1. All posts should be checked through Akismet to ensure no casual spam goes through.
  2. Users with low reputation and posting too much should have restrictions on the number of discussions they can make in a time frame. Posting limits should be gradually eased up as a user gains reputation.
  3. Please have more active moderators. A community of such an important brand doesn't look nice when filled with spam.


  • yes i have reported from last 2-3 days but still we can see a new user post directly on forums which are irrelevant.
  • we can see a new user post directly on forums which are irrelevant and chinese version.
  • yes i have reported from last 2-3 days but still we have lots of Chinese post on forum.Everyday We get this post on new users.
  • ..clearly Singhnsk does not own a Nokia 8, clearly you are happy with your cam and your Pie
  • @redskua I never made any remarks on the camera. It definitely has a lot of room to improve. But for Pie, it is not even such a major release or that your device has become completely useless because you do not have Pie. Delays are bad, but they can happen.
  • i guess in your eyes i am of low reputation for agitating on important issues to me and every one else that owns a N8/Sirocco. Well that's what these forums are for, not every one here is gonna throw roses around and blow kisses. Given the latest assertions about HMD holding back on updates in an effort to increase sales, perhaps your term of "low reputation" would be more appropriately applied to HMD
  • Absolutely not @redskua. I'm not sure why you're seeing me as if I hate users who raise their voice. In fact, I'm not a fan of Android One and I voice my concern a lot of times here on the forum. I'm running the CN ROM on my phone becuase I see it as more feature enriched option.

    If you are getting mad at me for this forum thread, then I created it for the Chinese spam posts here. Since they weren't about Nokia phones and also Chinese is not a supported language on the forums.

    I have absolutely no issue with users demanding for updates. You have paid for the device. You were promised updates, and you have every right to ask for them when they are not made available to you.

    My only problem is about those new borns who think everything is as easy as saying. If HMD had to hold up updates, then they would  have never promised them to be made available in November. They already knew that Nokia 8.1 launch is planned. In fact, the update schedule was announced by Sarvikas himself. Moving on, in now practical way will the Nokia 8.1 sales be affected by the Pie update for Nokia 8. In fact, that will build buyer confidence, seeing the company is supporting all phones.

    The claims of Nokia Anew are baseless and have no stand behind them. I was in Dubai at the time of the launch of Nokia 8.1. I did personally ask Sarvikas about the Nokia 8 update. I just only expect that users keep some faith on the company they invested in, than relying on unverified outside information.

    Nokia 8, 6 and 5 updates (Pie) only showed up on the internal server a while back. This server holds even the uodates for unannounced phones, nearing an announcement. So, any update which is rolled out to even test units, is there on it. That clearly tells us that the updates weren't ready months ago. They are still being worked on as we speak. Issues can come up and I stand with HMD on that.
  • Agreed. The forum most certainly should be moderated more often. I've seen and reported quite a few spam Chinese topics and comments.
  • ,,,,i took offence at your description of people who posted opinions you did not like, you went on to describe them as "low reputation" users who should be controlled. Perhaps your energies in trying to control who comments here would be better directed at the Chinese spammers who seem intent on bringing down this forum.
          Further, i would add that the trust, loyalty and respect that HMD so desperately seeks is a fragile thing. The legacy of the old Nokia built that, not HMD, they have big shoes to fill. Unfulfilled promises by senior administration officials will rip that legacy from under them in a heart beat, they need to show the resolve to fulfill every promise made, and as a N8 owner, i am not seeing that. 
  • My thread is entirely about the Chinese spam and you have just taken it in the wrongest way possible. You probably did not see that spam and that's why you took it to yourself and got angry :( Others who have commented to this post know what I was referring to.

    Reputation is how you classify active users of public forums. All forum software use reputation to highlight which users enjoy more privileges on the forum. For example, Stack Exchange, which is the biggest Question and Answer platform on the internet, users reputation to enable perks for the users. As your reputation increases, you gain authority, and at some point you are even eligible to help with moderation by correcting other posts for spelling or unclear messages. You do not have to take that "reputation" on its literal meaning. It has a different meaning in the world of online communities. Please refer to the SE meta about reputation here.

    I only said that users having a "low reputation" should have a limit of posting frequency. Just to stop, say a bot which comes here, creates an account and spams the forum with 50 posts instantly. It costs manpower to check and clear the spam. I did not say that they should be not allowed to post or their posts should be taken down.

    And that's not something new. All major forum software require newly registered users (or users with low posts) to wait about a minute or two between their posts. And that's entirely fine. A normal user would never be creating posts faster than that. The XDA Developer forum does the same and everybody goes through it.

    You should probably re-read my post in a calm mood. I will always respect the opinion of other users and never do I defame, laugh, curse or say bad about anybody else. I completely agree on the latter part of your comment. It is not easy to sustain the legacy of Nokia. And HMD still has a **** lot of work to do to even come close to what the original Nokia was and stood for. I won't say that there weren't any unfulfilled promises by the original Nokia. Probably there were more than they are now. But then, we know what happened with that Nokia. The new Nokia under HMD Global has to better than the past in order to sustain in this world of heavy competition. Any unsatisfied user today as so many options to choose from and would probably never come back once he jumps the ship. It is important for HMD to ensure that its user base gets what it expects and remains satisfied.
  • ,,,you have explained yourself well, good luck with the efforts in trying to eradicate the Chinese spammers. 
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