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What's up guys not everyone is out there looking for the hottest smartphone on the market some people just want a phone that will get them through the day smoothly they can check their social media their email and it won't break the bank if this sounds familiar the Nokia's budget smartphone might be for you I'm Wilford gsm marina and this is our Nokia 2 review the Nokia 2 has a metal frame but the back is made of plastic we have it in the matte black finish the surface feels soft and comfortable it doesn't really attract fingerprints there's a rounded edge along the sides and square corners which you don't see too much of nowadays the Nokia 2 is built around a 5 inch LCD screen the resolution is only 720p but that's pretty normal for a budget smartphone it is covered by Gorilla Glass but has a bit of a plasticky look and it's a little more reflective than usual the screen itself is pretty bright and the contrast is good for an LCD sunlight legibility.




Grades but it's usable outdoors beneath the display there are touch cues for navigation though we wish they were backlit there's also no fingerprint reader which a lot of competing phones do you have at the bottom is the single speaker it earned a very good rating in our wildness test the Nokia 2 has a dedicated slot for expandable storage on top of the built-in 60 and gigabytes something we definitely appreciate there's a built-in FM radio so you can grab your headphones plug into the 3.5 millimeter jack at the top and tune into your favorite radio stations the Nokia 2 uses a MediaTek mt6752 quad-core CPU performances perhaps the single biggest issue with a Nokia 2 in benchmark tests it was down at the bottom of the list even during regular use the UI seems sluggish with occasional hiccups it's not only the performance as a bit disappointing the battery is a bit small but together with a not particularly efficient chipset in overall poor endurance rated battery was okay during calls browsing and video playback but standby performance wasn't good at all there's no fast charging option but we were able to charge it from around 0 to 50% in about 45 minutes the Nokia 2 runs on android 7.0 nougats the UI is not very customizable only one style is available the built-in apps all have blue icons which can't be changed most of the software functionality is left at Google's default app package the.




Nokia 2 has an 8 megapixel main camera it's a decent camera setup for the price point but you shouldn't expect much detail is a bit lacking corner softness and noise are pretty noticeable to the autofocus is slow and often misses the subject tapping on the screen to adjust the exposure can easily get you overboard so you'd be better off shooting an auto most video is limited to only 720p the frame rate isn't too consistent either instead of 30 frames per second we're getting an average of about 18 the selfie cam has the same sensor as the main camera selfies are detailed looking in good light but there are again issues of the autofocus so the Nokia three at about 150 bucks it makes sense that we aren't getting flagship-level features here the real problem is a poor performance you can be pretty distracting and we're talking everyday tasks not just gaming the camera isn't too hot either there are plenty of budget phones in this price range that can offer you a better user experience but if you're really after a Nokia phone you should probably consider one of the higher-end models thanks for watching and don't forget to check out our written review over at GSM marina calm.


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