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giv a try.. 😉

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    nitheesh said:
    By default, it's not available in Nokia 8.1 but you can enable HDR using these steps.
    1. Download and Install GFX Tool app from Playstore
    2. Open the app and enable all the below-mentioned options
    3. Select 0.10.1(GP)
    4. Resolution: 1440(HD+)
    5. Graphics: HDR
    6. FPS: 60fps
    7. Anti-aliasing: 4X
    8. Styles: Colorful (or whatever you want)
    9. Shadows: Enable
    10. GPU Optimization: Enable/Disable
    11. Then press ACCEPT and RUN GAME
    For your reference, I have created one video using my Nokia 8.1. You can find the video from this URL:

    I am rocking Nokia 6.1 can i be able to play pubg with this app on HD Settings.Without GFX tools its on medium.
    giv a try.. 😉
  • But Nokia 6.1 plus doesn't run in hd or in medium (high) or smooth(high)
  • Nokia 6.1 plus doesn't support hd or in midium(high) or smooth(high/extreme) do when it will come? Can u help me plzzz?
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