Nokia 8.1 – Review Roundup

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The new Nokia 8.1 is only a few days old and is already looking to take the affordable flagship segment by storm.

Power-packed with ZEISS optics, a PureDisplay screen, superior design and build, a high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform, and an Android One experience, the Nokia 8.1 is a solid, value-for-money device that has the chops to take the Nokia legacy forward with ease.

Here’s what the media has to say about the new Nokia 8.1…

Mr. Phone: The Nokia 8.1’s display is its strong point. The HDR-capable display supports both Netflix and YouTube videos in HDR, the ones that are actually uploaded in HDR that is. This makes the Blacks incredibly deep for an LCD panel and the dynamic range improves too. I quite enjoyed watching videos on this panel. I can tell you with confidence that this is the best display you can find on a phone in this price range.

91 Mobiles: Ever since its comeback, we’ve had high hopes from Nokia in the camera department. That’s because even before the current crop of camera-centric smartphones, Nokia has been there and done that. Crazy megapixels? Check. Ability to click RAW photos? Check. High-quality optics? Check. … If my experience with the Nokia 8.1 is anything to go by, the brand has a winner on its hands.

BGR: After using the Nokia 8.1 for a couple of days, primarily to click photos, I must say, I’m finally impressed with the Nokia camera. Nokia seems to have really worked hard on the camera aspect, and some credit can also be given to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC which comes with the new Spectra 250 engine with support for noise reduction and image stabilization for low-light photography. The chipset also supports real-time bokeh effects, even with a single camera setup.

Android Central: The elegant design coupled with the robust hardware makes the Nokia 8.1 hold its own in this category. There aren't many Android One phones in the mid-range segment, and for those looking for uncluttered software and fast updates, the Nokia 8.1 will be the default option in 2019.

Android Authority: The AI-powered Snapdragon 710 is a solid chipset and the Nokia 8.1 could give you the impression of flagship innards in your daily drill. With 4GB of RAM, the smartphone just blazes through anything thrown at it.

FoneArena: Ending the year on a high note, the Nokia 8.1 focusses on the fundamentals and makes improvements on the essentials. From the HDR capable display to the more than adequate processor, the phone combines great internals with a classic design language. What’s not to like?

PC Mag: There is no escaping the fact that you feel that you're using something that's built to last and is expensive as well. It also looks wholesomely original and smart, almost like a classy Jaguar and that's a feeling no other phone gives you…

Digit: The Nokia 8.1 looks classy and premium with an edgy design. The display on top is also far superior than we have seen in other high-end devices and the Snapdragon 710 surely looks promising. Even the camera seems like a decent performer and all things combined, the Nokia 8.1 surely looks promising.

The Mobile Indian: the Nokia 8.1 is a pretty interesting device to watch out for. The phone features a premium design and display looks sharp. The hardware is up to the mark and the software gives pure stock Android experience.



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    The Nokia 8.1 arrives here in the UK on the 14 th of January 2019.
    I can't wait 😀👍.
  • I can't it.
  •  The more I here about the Nokia 8.1 the more I like it.
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    Nokia 8.1 launched in India,,But not in Black color..?? Why?? :/:/  
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    Llegará el Nokia 8.1 a chile ?
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    Nokia 8.1 seems to tick all the right boxes, be it the camera quality, premium build, superior performance, 2 days battery, and stock android for clean and fast UI. In general I would say it's one of the best option for fans looking for good upper mid-range smartphones that promise to deliver in almost every way. A true successor to Nokia 7 Plus!
  • neng
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    Ofcourse if you are NOT a notch hater, because that's kind a trend for most of the devices this year, you would be pretty happy and satisfied with this gorgeous looking device.
  • 😃
  • Can anybody please tell me does Nokia 8.1 have gorilla glass protection. If yes which version of gorilla glass.
  • is there any bank offer on 8.1 in india..if available how can i avail it..TIA
  • kick-throne
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  • is nokia 8.1 supports netflix and amazon prime
  • i need an immediate answer guyz
  • is this phone support netflix

  • is this phone support netflix

    Of course :)
  • i like nokia but i dont know how is use camera for better than now.. always low light 
  • Masuk ke Indonesia kapan ?
  • Do pre-ordered Nokia products deliver early?

  • Android 8.1 in nokia 3.1 spain region ? Release date please
  • dray78
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    Still not understand why this phone is named 8.1 and also called the new Nokia 8. It's not the runner up of the Nokia 8 (2017).
  • when silver colour of nokia 8.1 launch in india?
  • JUHO pls. Bring NOKIA 8.1 in the PHILIPPINES this holiday season  .. NOKIA has a Lot of fans here and eagerly waiting the arrival of Nokia 8.1 . . We Love NOKIA.. 
  • Wheare is Nokia 8.1 Display Glass Protection? 
    ₹ 26999/-?🤔