Ok Google not working

Any one else with same issue?

Ok Google not working

Any one else with same issue?


  • nosferatu nosferatu
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    Yes ok google don't work.
  • icarotwo icarotwo
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    In PIE Beta, "Ok google" don't work... Voice Match cannot be activated.
  • petrus petrus
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    @icarotwo ;If you have a beta, use the feedback option. Not everything works in beta!
  • wyk wyk
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    Clear cache of google app. 
  • FM FM
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    I have the same problem. Too bad, but it's just a beta. I'm waiting for the final version. Then it will probably work again.

    By the way, clearing the cache of the google app doesn't work.

  • I had the same issue. Then I uninstalled Google app, then reinstalled it by clicking ''Update". Then uninstalled "Google Assistant" and reinstalled it. The voice model came up and allowed me to retrain it. Once completed, I restarted my phone......Google Assistant responds to every voice command.
    Checked on Nokia 8 running Android Pie beta
  • Ok Google não pega no meu Nokia 8
  • Depois da atualização para o Android 9 deixou de funcionar o Ok Google e o smart lock.
  • Yes. Voice Match is not work. Support cant do anything 
  • user389 user389
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    Regarding 'OK Google' and voice assistant, did you already try the suggestion by @richard gomes in
  • dray78 dray78
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    I did no luck. 

    I reported this at Nokia support.  They said to investigate. 
  • sualfons sualfons
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    I was part of Beta and now on official Android 9 for Nokia 8.
    "OK Google" cannot be activated - also tried removing Google App and re-updating it afterward. Then installed Google Assistant app which let me train the language model.
    But afterwards, OK Google is still greyed out.
    "Blabla is not available for the current language". I tried setting to US English to no avail.

    Oh Nokia, the Nokia 8 just showed you never were a great software company and now even forgot how to test your software.

    The bugs and missing features of the beta are still there - because guess what: no change Vs. Beta
  • user389 user389
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    FYI Pixel users and others are struggling with the same issue..:

  • dray78 dray78
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    Google cache deleted, no Ok Google

    Battery saver off,  no Ok Google

    Phone back to Factory settings, no Ok Google.

    Google set to English, no Ok Google.

    In the language Dutch and English voice match says it's not available in the selected languages.

    Any other ideas?
  • user389 user389
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    Did you report the issue to Google already?
    Open the Google app > 'hamburger' menu > Send feedback
    A brief telegram style description like your previous posting here is fine, and make sure to allow log file attachment.
    Then wait and see...
  • dray78 dray78
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    I use that feedback option yes. Forgot to mention.. 
  • Ciuch Ciuch
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    January and still not fixed! Fantastic!
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