Wifi Problem

Nokia 7 plus has wifi problem after the november patch which was resolved in december patch.

Wifi Problem

Rajat Agrawal995 Rajat Agrawal995
 /  edited December 2018
Nokia 7 plus has wifi problem after the november patch which was resolved in december patch.

 One day after installation of december patch, same issue arises again.

Plz provide proper patch for this.

Issue Description: After connecting with wifi, speed is not coming. In any other device, after connecting with same wifi, it is working fine but problem arises in Nokia 7 plus.


  • Yes I got the same problem..... Sad.
  • Dorian D Dorian D
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    Same problem on Nokia 5  :/:/
  • Saaby Saaby
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    Same problem. 
    Got my phone (Nokia 7 plus) since December. Everything was fine. Yesterday I got two updates (V3.39B I think and security). After that there are problems connecting to wifi and if it worked after several tries, it got no speed. It only works after restart, but only when the phone connects the first time.
  • Salkka Salkka
     /  edited December 2018
    I had same problem on my 7+ and yesterday it fixed with help by Nokia care. Try this : Settings-System-Advanced-Reset options-Reset Wifi,mobile& Bluetooth.
    After that is done: press same time Power key and Volume up about 10 second-- phone restart. After phone is on try wifi. Hope this helps.
  • Having wifi problems same as everyone else here after the Nov amd Dec Patch. Already reported it to chat support. I just hope it gets traction quickly as a fix has to be pushed out. I've done everything including a full factory reset and the wifi issue still persists. Didn't have issues prior to the update
  • I also found sometimes on my nokia 5.1 plus 
    The wifi issue..
  • I did what Salkka wrote and this indeed helped.
    So Salkka thanks for that

    Since few days I experienced problems as well with Nokia 7 PLUS (AndroidOne) .
    Pressing 10s PWR+VoUP looks  similar to  holding power button, select restart) 
    mind that after this procedure all WiFi and Bluetooth passwords (also from family, work, etc) are lost. (Phone works normally)

    How my problem looked like
    When I dis-/enable Wifi on my phone it took very long before my own Wifi SSID shows. 
    Apparently it was busy connecting and hiding the icon, sometimes it seemed connected but no no internet.

    But when I selected 'saved networks' and 'forgot' my own network, the SSID was shown much faster. After entering the password again the SSID disappeared again

    Result after Settings-System-Advanced-Reset options-Reset Wifi,mobile& Bluetooth.
    After entering the passwor Wifi connected rapidly again.
    I disabled/enabled Wifi several times, rebooted the phone another time, eneterd/exit 'flight mode'. In all these testst Wifi connected rapidly again.

  • After 3 days the problem back back. This is really a very serious bug that must be fixed. Doing the woraround every 3 days is not acceptable.
  • Zerafa Zerafa
    [{"insert":"I have the same problem with nokia 5.1 i have been on with live chats every second day and I have tried every thing they told me to do, definitly there is something wrong with the system on these phones looks like its not going to be resolved.\n"}]
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