Cannot properly sign in to beta labs

I registered my phone (nokia 8) with beta labs in November.

Cannot properly sign in to beta labs

I registered my phone (nokia 8) with beta labs in November. I created an account with my email address and validated my phone (input imei and carrier information etc) and all went well. I received a thank-you email from nokia for registering my phone.

Today I heard that there's a pie update for nokia 8 at beta labs! I happily logged in to beta labs and was welcomed just with the phone validation form. Well I thought beta labs just forgot my phone's information and input all information again.

That led to message which said that the imei is already in use. Well, of course it is already registered, by me.

Now I don't know how to get pass this point to request the OTA update. Can anyone help?



  • Pechu Pechu
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    It's a technical error and I have already made a post regarding this ,but it's not yet solved. Don't think that it's going to be solved soon. They developers are busy with Android pie and camera app development. So we cannot push them to solve these silly, filty issues. The one thing you can do is just wait for the final pie update like me. They don't  care ,they never will..
  • Thanks for the info Pechu! That is good to know. I believe so too; if it's technical issue it could take a long time to fix. I just thought I was doing something wrong. Well, let the beta testers test and lets see how they like it before letting the AI take control of our phones.


  • Still no news if a fix is underway. Nokia oplease saysomething. Is it going to happen or not !
  • Drw Drw
    Im also having this issue. Signed up for the Oreo/8.1 beta last year and when I signed in to try and find out why I am not getting the Pie beta was presented the phone registration screen followed by the message my IMEI was already registered. 
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