Android setup notification problem

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Android setup notification problem


  • I connect wifi but notification bar not close 
  • nitheesh nitheesh
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    Just try to restart the device and check the problem is exist or not.

    Based on your screenshots, It seems you are not connected to the wifi

    If it's connected to the wi-fi, the icon will be shown as blue color. just like the mobile data icon.
  • nitheesh nitheesh
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    Please follow these steps to figure out the problem

    Step 1: Then try a soft reset. For soft reset, keep pressing volume up button and power button

    Step 2: Go to play store settings and change your download preferences to "over any network".

    Step 3: Just click on the notification for long and click on the (i) as if info.. there u can click on the storage and clear both the cache and clear data.

    I hope the last step will help to solve your problem :)

  • Ok will try
  • Not solve problem
  • Still problem is not solved
  • Having same problem in my mobile also
  • Please provide any solution ASAP.
  • nareshkumarcool nareshkumarcool
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    i also had this problem,but after gaving up,one day i put my phone on charging with wifi connected for whole night and surprisingly this problem solved automatically ,i dont know the exact steps
  • Reset the phone & problem will be solved
  • cire cire
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    Had the same problem. After reboot of the phone the message disappeared.
  • Removing the google account from settings...and adding it again after giving a reboot solved the issue for me... Give it a try...good luck
  • cire cire
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    > @cire said:
    > Had the same problem. After reboot of the phone the message disappeared.

    Actually after few hours the message was back. So restarting wasn't sufficient for me. Will try removing the google account now.
  • Ankit952 Ankit952
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    To solve this connect your phone to wifi and change wifi settings to unmetered. It'll download some app and notification will not come again.
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