What kind of OS?

What kind of OS is used for the Nokia 3310 3G?

What kind of OS?

pepepez pepepez
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What kind of OS is used for the Nokia 3310 3G?


  • mobilecr mobilecr
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    based on JAVA. No longer Nokia S30 series

  • Will there be any "app store" where I can get other apps?

  • mobilecr mobilecr
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    That's something to be seen...HMD want to avoid mistakes nokia did with the former ovi store and their own platform, this time HMD leaves that hard work to Google so they can reduce costs and move fast by releasing products ahead of competitors. However as this Nokia 3310 is entry level and easier to develop, update and market it is still possible they take the risk to start developing a small little platform without compromising them financially or logistically. Again, the Nokia 3310 lacks many mainstream apps so customers are not to expect something entirety different in that way...for that reason releasing apps and developing a platform with few apps and keep them updated would be easier and without too much compromise as other mainstream platforms from the past (Symbian S60 for example) and in the present with Android
  • viccky viccky
    I want a press release for 'Feature OS'. Give us some details about this OS. Does it support .jar/.jad format? It already has 3G and Java powered so can it run WhatsApp? Can it support 4G?
  •  I also would like to understand something more about this new Java based OS (I'm an HW man not a SW man so hope some programmer or so can answer to the question):

    I've read that there already are two clients to run Facebook and Twitter on this 3310 3G, so why is generally said that will be impossible to write a client to run WhatsApp?

    I mean, is there any real reason for which is impossible to run WhatsApp on a Java based OS (as it was for Symbian after all)? And, is it true that is surely impossible to create that client?

    I'm sorry if the question could sound stupid but as I've said before I'm not an expert about programming at all.

    Tnx if someone will answer to my question.

  • pepepez pepepez

    It would be a huge advantage for the device if there was a WhatsApp app.

    From my point of view, this would be ideal for people who like to have a "real" phone keyboard, appreciate the size and operation of feature phones and still communicate via smartphone apps like WhatsApp or Facebook.

  •  It would be really nice that Nokia or HMD can reveal some information related with developing apps on it. I recently (mistakenly) tried to set up a S30+ development environment using MRE SDK, hoping to run .vxp, which is used to be native application format for S30/+ platform but did not aware that the 3310 is running a quite different OS on it. But such native application support will be more ideal for clients like Whatsapp.

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