Temperature Alert

I love my Nokia 5 & I hate my Nokia 5.

Temperature Alert

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I love my Nokia 5 & I hate my Nokia 5.

Every night in the cold weather the phone sets off allerts throughout the night. First its too cold. 15 Degrees C, and then its happy 16 Degrees C. Do not disturb is ignored.

Support tell me that the temepare must be above 15 Degrees C and below 25 Degrees C. This is hopeless. I cant keep the heating on just for the phone, and I cant take it on holiday or use in the summer. I dont understand how Nokia can sell a product which is only happy in this limited temperature range.

You know about the alert because you get a loud chime and a picture of an Android telleing you the phone temeprature is too cold, or that its OK now. 

I have tried uninstalling the Nokia support app and hope this will solve the problem.

Is anyone else having this issue, or is Nokia going to at least allow me to turn off the audible notification.



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    At last a good night sleep.

    I removed Nokia Support update from Play Store.

    Then disabled any further updates to original thats installed in Android 8.

    Then disabled Nokia Support from running.

    I have installed a 3rd party battery monitor which includes a graph over time of temperature.

    Over night the phone went down to 13 degrees C, along wit the rest of the house.

    Thankfully there was no collection of Chimes and I had a good night sleep.

    I love the my Nokia 5, and realy hope that Nokia can address this issue. Other features of the support app are really useful.

    I have always been impressed with online support who are there day and night, just a few clicks away.

    I am just very happy to have been able to stop all those alarms in the middle of the night.


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