Annoying message - "Call forwarding is on"

 Hi, I tried searching and couldn't find a solution for this.

Annoying message - "Call forwarding is on"

js_gc js_gc
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I tried searching and couldn't find a solution for this.

Every time I make a call with my phone (both on my previous C2-01 and my current 208), a message appears when the call connects reading:

"Please note: call forwarding is on for incoming calls"

I understand that the message is harmless and it disappears after 1-2 seconds, but I find it quite annoying especially when I'm calling an automatic answering system and pressing the buttons on my phone doesn't register untill the message disappears.

Isn't there some way to make the message stop appearing?



  • tap phone then settings then call switch call forwarding off
  • madbilly madbilly
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    js_gc wants to remove the message, not turn off call forwarding.

    Both of those phones use S40 operating system. Unfortunately I don't think there's an easy way to remove that message. You can probably remove it by manually editing a configuration file but I don't know if you can access them without hacking.

    Both of these phones were made by Nokia before the phones business was sold to Microsoft. This forum is for the new Nokia phones made by HMD. You can probably get more help if you post your question in the Microsoft Answers site for Mobile Devices.

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    I use this discussion because is the only one where is mentioned the 208 model: my problem is: the procedure for internet configuration: I cannot configure the phone, and I have only not protected connections available. I followed the 225 phone procedure, but at the step "home page" I don't find it in the 208.

    someone can help me? 

    thanks in advance for your attention, I do hope to receive help!

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    @user1535035635931 - if you have a new question about a different phone then you should just start a new topic, please don't write in distract the focus of other topics.

    I'm not sure that the 208 is an HMD model, but you can contact support using here:
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