Nokia 6.1 Plus Display Issue.

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There is another thing that the developers need to work on. It is the curve edge on the top corner of the display where the notch is (left and right) The bottom left and right has rounded edge on the corner. When the notch is hidden on certain applications the edge on top looks cut-off and not curved unlike huawei phones of oppo.It is so ugly, the curve corners on the top only shows when you're in the home screen. It was like the software is not finished and just to launch the product it got ported to the device.


  • Yes,exactly!!! Very ugly problem.
  • Yeah facing similar issue
  • Bottom left corner is cutted off when pinch to zoom in youtube or other apps. And notch is moving down when i pull down for notifications. Dear Nokia,i hope u will fix all of these issues. Tnx!
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    It's easy to round that cutoff edge although it's tedious... Just go to Settings > Display > Advanced > Full bezel. You'll see that the status bar turns black and the corners get rounded. Hope this helps
  • I can not touch bottom of display in notification bar