Oreo 8.0.0 lag ,slow apps

Am i the only one who have lag in apps?

Oreo 8.0.0 lag ,slow apps

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Am i the only one who have lag in apps? Viber,FB,9gag and many others...Sometimes camera lagg ,apps are slow ...i wad so hyped about this phone but now when i bough it i am disappointed... I hope this is temp problem


  • user1520369566582 user1520369566582
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    Update: everything is ok now,just changed my SD card to class 10 , UHS -1 And my phone flyyyy. 
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    I had the same issue here.I did a factory reset settings,reinstall the apps and all good now. Maybe something went wrong during the upgrade to Oreo.
  • Fixed with new SD Card
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    I don't want to do a factory reset... damn...

    I think it will not resolve anything, because my Nokia 5 was SLOW SLOW SLOW since 7.1

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    After more than 1 month of TORTURE with a device PLAGUED with LAGs, many app CRASHes, poor performance - a USELESS BRICK - i could NOT believe that all users have this problems and say this is a nice device, so i went back to the store, before i return this one, and BOUGHT a NEW ONE. Yes. I did it.

    Updated it to android 8 (mandatory, could not refuse the update) CLONED the old phone (SAME APPs and data) SAME memory card (used only for photos - Sandisk Extreme PRO) and the result is a REAL PHONE that i can now USE!!!

    FInally... DAMN you Nokia!

    The differences i see is the camera firmware and the INTERNAL MEMORY SPEED (60MB/s against the 40MB/s of the old one).

    THIS PHONE JUST WORKS. It's not a super fast machine, but it does not lag that much and IT DOES NOT CRASH at every 15 minutes use... the apps open (btw, one app refused to open in the old one and runs perfectly in this!)

    *** Bottom line ***

    FOR ALL of you with NOKIA 5 out there, with severe problems, don't waste more of your time: your device is DEFECTIVE. Period.


    I'm glad i insisted, because the BUILD quality of this nokia is TOP notch. Shame about the quality control??? Maybe RAM quality???

  • oleku oleku
    Experiencing same thing here on Nokia 6 but if you keep updating the security patches, everything will be fine and you need to know that using third party launchers from the playstore might slow down your phone too
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