Samsung Galaxy Gear s3 Bluetooth connection

I have had my Nokia 8 for two days now and have one major issue (for me) with it........

Samsung Galaxy Gear s3 Bluetooth connection

DrewBurton DrewBurton
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I have had my Nokia 8 for two days now and have one major issue (for me) with it........

I own a Samsung Galaxy Gear s3 smartwatch which relies on a Bluetooth connection to my mobile phone for full functionality.

On my previous two android phones, when my watch moves out of the Bluetooth range of my phone it obviously disconnects itself then, when it moves back into range it would automatically reconnect itself to the phones Bluetooth. Unfortunately, with my Nokia 8 my Bluetooth disconnects, as before, but, when I move back into Bluetooth range, the watch does not automatically reconnect and has to be reconnected manually. This is not a life or death problem but an absolute pain in the ****.

Could anybody tell me if there is a setting that I am missing for this or is it just a software omission that could perhaps be rectified?


  • Yep, have the same problem and also the phone randomly just disconnects from the watch, even if the phone is like 50centimeters away from the phone.

    This is the only phone that keeps doing this constantly.

  • I have Asus Zenwatch 2 .I used to have Samsung s8 mobile. 

    Now i am using Nokia 8

    My problem is Smartwatch doesn't even  show up in the search list where as I am able to connect to other phones without any hiccups. It looks like some software issue.

  • I had no issues with bluetooth connections before the latest update with any device I have connected with. After the October system update the bluetooth connection disconnects and re-connects after a while randomly; no matter what e.g listening music on bluetooth headphones the play will be disrupted. The same with Samsung Fit2. This is annoying since the battery on Fit2 will be drained very fast without the connection. So earlier 48-72 hour usage is since the update usually less than 24 hours.

    There was fix for the bluetooth log with this update - could be connected?
  • rene rene
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    For me the same with my Parrot carkit. While using the Bluetooth connection drops frequently. Only during calling. Don't know how it was before the october update. Recently bought the phone.
  • Yeah, same here. Not only for my Samsung Gear S3, but also for my bluetooth carkit

  • The last update fixed the bluetooth connectivity issues for my Nokia 5. Headphones and GearFit remains connected as supposed. No more strange drops. Great work.
  • I have Nokia 8 with Android Oreo and for me the Bluetooth connection still drops randomly (about once every minute!!!). I have turned off all battery optimization for Bluetooth and Bluetooth MIDI Service, but that did not help at all. Ironically I cannot setup my new Nokia Steel HR watch with my Nokia 8, because the firmware update over Bluetooth takes so long, that the connection always drops in between :( This is really super annoying! I really hope Nokia sorts this out very soon!

  • greve greve

     I have the same problem with Nokia 8 and Samsung Galaxy Gear S3. Phone shows no connection, watch shows no connection but somehow they're connected still (watch shows incoming calls), although nothing happens in Samsung Health app nor in the Samsung Gear app.

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    It's interesting reading this, perhaps a bug has been introduced with either Oreo or another upate.

    I often use a bluetooth speaker for music playback and have begun to get momentary stutters every few minutes or so.

  • greve greve
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    I think (=hope) that I've solved this. Here's what I did yesterday and the connection still works (Nokia 8 is updated to Oreo 8.1):

    - Uninstall Samsung Gear app on mobile. This will also uninstall 1-2 other apps automatically.

    - Reinstall Samsung Gear app on mobile. This will also install 1-2 other apps, I believe (or maybe this was at a later stage).

    - Reset Gear S3 to prepare for a new connection.

    - Start Samsung Gear app on mobile and search for new Gear.

    - While "pairing" is shown in Samsung Gear app, switch to bluetooth connections on mobile and connect the Gear S3 device (manually). Switch back to Samsung Gear app.

    After these steps the connection seems to work. I've previously made it work for a couple of hours after resetting the Gear S3, but this time it has worked overnight and still works. Fingers crossed ;-)

  • gelemannen gelemannen
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    I use a Garmin Fenix 3HR and have never had any problem, disconnects when far away and connects autmaticly when I come close to the Nokia 8 again, hope those of you with problems get it fixed.

  • I've nokia 8 & problem connecting with samsung gear s3 watch...
    I've installed all necessary app...
    it shows connecting but could not connect...
    plz give me some suggestion
  • I was thinking about upgrading from my garmin vivoactive watch to a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, however I have read some of these comments.  Can someone please tell me if there has been any improvements and if the Samsung Gear S3 frontier watch is fully compatible with Nokia 8?  With that I mean receiving notifications such as emails, sms, receive and make phone calls etc using the Nokia's contacts through bluetooth.

  •  I had same issue with Nokia 7 Plus.

    Yesterday tried to connect my Gear S3 to Nokia 7 plus and it find it from device list of bluethoot

    but in the gear app it just keep trying to connect with the watch and in a five minutes it sends crash report.

    In this page chat service they told that i need to contact Samsung and ask them to make update or fix the issue in application. I think it is purely Nokias issue. Like in this conversation before, with every other android phones it works perfectly.

    Come on Nokia, do something, or the phone goes straight back to store!

  • I had similar connectivity issues pairing my Nokia 7 Plus with my Gear s2. Nokia support could not figure out what the issue was. After 2 full days of bullsh*ting around of pairing, unpairing, resetting both devices among other shenanigans, I immediately put up my Nokia 7 Plus for sale! Nokia needs to get their act together ASAP. I will definitely not be buying a Nokia device very soon.

  • tuan le tuan le
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    Actually, when I reset my phone, turn off NFC on my phone. After that check the notification bar during pairing the phone and gear. Should agree all term to allow gear software working.
    Beside that, should pair in Bluetooth setting to connect gear first.
    I did it and my phone anh my gear are working fine.
    The model: nokia 8, gear s3 frontier ⚙, android 8.1 , monthly update September
  • i have noticed so ill say it maybe ots same prob for you after update i literaly have to lean watch on phone to get any connection if someone knows fix please notify me ill leave email.. [email protected] im uing galaxy s9 but it doesnt matter which phone i was reading all topics same problems for any phone since watch works with any android even apple with less features
  • I just now bought Nokia 6.1 and its unable to connect with Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Is ther e any one else having this issue?
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    nokia 9 yeni sürüm ile kopmadan s3 fronteir cihaza bağlana biliyorum
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