Touchscreen responsiveness issue

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I've noticed a number of daily hiccups while using my phone in normal everyday conditions.

The screen stops registering my taps/slides until I turn the screen off and on again.

There are no smudges or water droplets on the glass when this happens.

No protective screen cover in use.

Should I be worried that this is a hardware issue and ask for a replacement?
I've only owned my new favorite phone for a few weeks.

Android 7.1.1

Touch panel firmware version:





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    Hi Ken! 

    Welcome to the community and thanks for your contribution so far. :) 

    I'm sorry to hear about your potential touchscreen issue - without knowing for sure, I'd say it might be worth it to contact customer support (24/7 chat support is available in English). They should be able to help you determine what is going on quickly.

    I hope you get to enjoy your new favourite phone without any hiccups soon!

    - Anna (moderator) 

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    I am also having same problem from 2 days onwards.Automatically the screen locking,hanging and mis behaving.. I can't understand what's the problem. Can any body give me solution!!!
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    I faced this problem after 1 week of purchasing my Nokia 5 then I went to service centre, they asked me to leave my phone for 1 day for testing and repairing purpose. Next day I got my phone in very good and working condition. They told me that it was a software problem and they didn't disassemble my phone.

    I was very happy but after 1 month of smooth performance all of sudden I again faced this problem, this time I restored my phone 4-5 times and then restored 4-5 times through recovery mode. My problem was get solved but sometimes I still face touch unresponsiveness and have to lock/unlock again.

    Device-Nokia 5 (TA-1053)
    Touch panel firmware version-

    Please fix this problem. We also need a software recovery tool like 'Nokia software recovery tool'. Thanks.
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    Hi, I also have the same problem.Please correct it   

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    I'll comment and update here if touch responsiveness won't work again with me. Yes from 7.1.1 version. Sometimes, then I try to screen lock my phone and open again, then goes back to normal. My point here is, we shouldn't do this thing to be done. This is the responsible thing to be done with the nokia team. They have to look forward to fix this. Or else they'll go back to zero again, just sayin'. :warning:MISSING ALARM:warning:CAST/SCREEN MIRRORING:warning:BATTERY DRAINS FAST EVEN W/O USING:warning:NOKIA3(GF's phone) BLACKSCREEN:warning:MALFUNCTIONS
    My friends be like when I'm using my N5 phone: "Oh? Wow. There's a nokia now again and Its android version."
    And I was like now: "Oh. Don't buy this brand, there's so many issues with the product." 
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    I have similar touch screen which is very unsensivity in the middle.position. I need to touch or slide the screen several times to get response. The problem can be solved after switching the phone off and on but then went to the same problem after several minutes. my phone is nokia 8. Please fix the sw problem asap, thx
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    Yes, I have the same problem. It's getting so annoying that I started re-using my Microsoft Lumia 550 budget phone again. This is a good looking but overall very badly useable phone at the moment. These hampering hiccups feel very budget compared to the real budget 550 (€99 one year ago). I even feel quite ripped off for 199€. Good looks & Chinese quality?

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    I agree with the others, I still hope to fix this problem in Oreo, while writing this text - blocked the phone two times.
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    I have same issue with my Nokia 5, out of the box.

    Lock screen then unlock fixes the issue.

    But during intense gaming it comes back for few seconds and I lose my game.

    All edges of screen especially the top left portion becomes unresponsive.

    I have also noticed while pressing send button in messaging apps it also activates my Back button of touch sometimes, closing app or sending me to one action back.

    I am on Oreo beta now, it seems hardware issue not software. I blame the lcd/touch panels manufacturer of Nokia 5 devices.
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    After upgrading to oreo, I still experience the problems described in this thread, it's very bad that you can not recognize and fix this problem, I can not use my phone
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    When this happened to me first time, I was so worried that my phone has a issue. Now I see many people has the same issue & this seems like a common problem. I hope Nokia will pay attention to this & solve this :)  

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    Same problem here on nokia 5
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    Spread the words, people - dont buy nokia phones, they are unusable.
  • Nokia 5 user here and although I am only on day three of owning my Nokia 5, so far I haven't experienced any issues with the touch screen.

    Android 7.1.2
    NovaTek-V13_0 Goodix-v1.05.21-LV
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    Updated tot Oreo, still same awkward scrolling behaviour. Hardly useable and very annoying. It is overall a very bad phone. Rip-off. Never Nokia again.
  • Anyone who tried keyboard app ? Or still same issue ?
  • Still facing this problem, nokia please fix the issue in next update
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    Updated tot 8.1, it's even worse with times. Ik guess their response is to buy a 2018 one. Well my response will be to buy another brand.
  • Same problem is there any solution ?
  • The solution is: Buy the Nokia 5.1

  • After this complaint I ran an update and up till date I have never experienced the problem again.
  • I have all updates and patches installed and my Nokia device is still annoying me.
    Thanks to all these forum postings I will go to the store and demand a swap with a fully working device. If they refuse to take back the faulty device and give me one that is usable it will most probably end up in front of a judge. A legal fight over a $25,- product. I don't mind.

    I interesting that Nokia does not respond to this forum post -->

    It is like standing inside their shop and warn the potential customers not to buy any the products inside the shop.
  • Nokia 5 is the worst Android phone I have ever used

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    I am using Nokia 6.1 plus (Model TA-1116) for 3 weeks now, followed it since it emerged in China and bought it on the very first day it hit my country.

    I first experienced this responsiveness issue while playing PUBG. I was tapping the buttons but they were not always responding. At first I didn't think much of it, but it kept happening. And now that I'm aware of it, I'm noticing that it's also happening in other cases too.

    I'm wondering if I made a wrong purchase since I could have easily bought Xiaomi Mi A2 with this budget. Frustrated.

  • I use to have this problem with my Nokia 5 but after some system updates I have never experienced it again.
  • Hi... I was buy a new phone of Nokia 7.1before 5-6day and I am face a problem that the screen of this phone is not frequent and some time need 3-4 time touch to open the file or folder please solve my problem.
  • Hi. I just bought nokia 8.1 yesterday and im noticing touch sensitivity issues too whenever i am playing games that require realtime actions like pubg and mibile legends. i am noticing at the midst of intense battles the movements of the character will either stop or keep going the opposite direction i am touching NOK-8.1TA1119-BLU. thusnis increadibly disappionting since i bought this phone for thse sole purpose of using it majority of it for gaming. I hope nokia will do something anout this otherwiseni will make a complaint or return this phone
  • Please provide an update for Nokia 5 to resolve irresponsible touchscreen problem which occurs sometimes.
    The problem is still occurs at Android 8.1
  • Had my Nokia 5 since Xmas 2017 and have suffered similar unresponsive issues for a few months now....not impressed! Using 8.1.1
  • i'm having same issues with my 3day old Nokia x5. the tochtscreen on the right of the screen from top to bottom occasionally stops responding. Even boot the phone to safe mode and I still experienced same issues.