Backup data not working

Bought two Nokia 8 plus, but backup on one not working.

Backup data not working

Bought two Nokia 8 plus, but backup on one not working. In contents it shows always "waiting to backup".There is no SIM insert so obviously it's not possible backup calls and sms, but settings should work.
The Google account is setted, also drive enabled. Sync mails and calendar works fine, but still no backup. I've also done a factory reset, but the problem remain.
On the other phone (also without SIM) of my daughter there are no problems. Any idea how to solve this problem?


  • maybe I should add that the status is always on "waiting to update"
  • Maybe try and leave it charging at night with wifi on, I've noticed that on my device sms backup this way.

  • Thanks but that didn't help. As I said we have both not insert a SIM, so obviously there is no backup of calls and sms, but.the backup of settings and apps should work. They works only in one device but not in mine. I've tried also to set another Google account but this also doesn't backup. In the device of my daughter (also without SIM) the backup of device settings and apps works properly.
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    same problem, nokia 8, oreo 8.1

  • Nokia Care told me that they have any other suggest because I've done all was possible (see post 1). They suggested to contact the online-shop (Amazon) and now my device is going back and a new one is on the way.

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    backup works if the phone is connected to a charger and connected to a wifi network. leave the phone on all night and it will make a copy.
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