Nokia phones app - Icon Design [Poll]

Hi guys, Juho here! We are working on developing our app.

Nokia phones app - Icon Design [Poll]

juho juho
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Hi guys,

Juho here!

We are working on developing our app.
Part of the project involves introducing a new icon. And this is where you guys come in.

We have a few designs being put forward (see picture), and we want your help to decide which direction to follow! I personally have a favorite, but before we do anything internally, I wanted to know your thoughts.

Which design would you pick?

Help us out by submitting your vote in the poll below.


Nokia phones app - Icon Design [Poll] 2336 votes

Icon A
39% 930 votes
Icon B
13% 309 votes
Icon C
21% 499 votes
Icon D
13% 309 votes
Icon E
12% 289 votes


  • A, it's nice design 😍
  • Option A looking decent and D too but my opinion is A
  • I like both A and E . However my vote goes to A.
  • A Best😍👌 Blue is Nokia color
  • shubham sharma shubham sharma
    ✭✭✭  / 
    A Looks Cool!!
  • brayan G brayan G
    ✭✭  / 
    My vote go A
  • mlmanish56 mlmanish56
    ✭✭  / 
    C is looking good.
  • E looks good, and it also have the same white theme with Google icons.
  • We want bezelless full screen display so icon should match with it and it should be unique with other competitors 
  • Design C
  • good look
  • good look.
  • My pick is option D. Consider adding the N alphabet and it will look damn good. 
  • Krishna said:
    C looking Good
    Yes but without notch it would have been a lot better :)
  • Dont want that useless notch #NoNotch please #DareToBeDifferent want A phone design in future
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