Nokia 8 Burn-in issue.

I have updated my phone before 3 month to oreo..But nowadays i seeing that my nokia 8 display facing burn in issue in 4 side of display.

Nokia 8 Burn-in issue.

dhruvil soni dhruvil soni
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I have updated my phone before 3 month to oreo..But nowadays i seeing that my nokia 8 display facing burn in issue in 4 side of display. And status bar icon stays at there but not in all time but when i open picture like grey color have in it shows burn-in effect. what should i do. But wgen i test rgb pixel color it shows all are perfect. But in grey and greish black color came burn in issue shows.


  • mrbelter mrbelter
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    Sounds like you have the screen up at maximum brightness and you are seeing light bleed more than image retention (screen burn doesn't happen on LCD)

  • Me too, after the security update patch in March
  • user389 user389
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    I guess what you see is the fading / transparent menu background?

    For example, in Google Photos, with the menu displayed:


    And after tapping the screen to hide the menu:


  • It's an IPS LCD, it shouldn't burn in unlike an AMOLED..

  • nokia n9 nokia n9
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    This problem is like a burned-in OLED screen, when I open a gray image the 4 edges of the screen are yellowed and the status bar is sticking there. This problem occurs after me update March security patch for nokia8, sorry for the grammar because I'm not native
  • Felix33615 Felix33615
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    No, we mean sth like this. Please see attached picture. I used your picture and simulated this effect on a PC. I have 1) red sides and 2) you can also see the status bar (I only show the time here). It looks VERY MUCH like a burn in. And yes, it should NOT burn in like on an amoled screen. This is a problem! My phone is not even half a year old and the screen has burn-ins. I will NOT recommend a Nokia phone anymore.


  • It's probably a factory defect, i don't know.. you should send the phone to Nokia.

    I've just tested my phone (got it somewhere october last year) with this app on full brightness :

    I can't see any burn-in, on any of the colors, just some minor backlight bleeding which is normal for an IPS panel.

  • I have this problem too, use this to fix that :
  • Felix33615 Felix33615
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    Thanks but it's not helping. Maybe it's helping some people with single pixels but in my case is not helping. I think it's just cheap parts.


  • I would suggest to reach service centre and get screen replacement under warranty.
  • Yes I'll have to try to have it fixed. This is obviously faulty hardware. And no, it's not fixable with an app. It's not some stuck pixels


  • It's not just your phone.... It is happening in my device as well. What would Nokia do to fix this?
  • ignas ignas
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    "What would Nokia do to fix this?"

    - Nothing. 

    I also found a stuck pixel today which is cool. Wasn't able to make it go away with any of the fixes so far. Not a big deal, but yet another thing to add to the list that makes it the most frustrating device I've ever had.

  • Nokia will fix it for free , i was having same problem, first they changed display but issue was unsolved after they again asked me to wait for 15days to change mother board but issue was unsolved, lastly service centre people said we can't do anything more, so i called Nokia customer care and complained , Nd service centre people spoke to them and Nokia customer care people askd me to lev the phone there itself and wait for sometime that they will swap the device finally after 26days i got copper Nokia 8 . But it will take so much of time and u need to call Nokia customer care everyday to put pressure, otherwise they don't give you update replacement.
  • ignas ignas
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    Problem is it will probably come back in a couple of months. It's a flaw of the display panel and the 8 only has one supplier (LG). I can't be bothered to spend months replacing my phone only to get another few months out of it. I run a screen filter and try to forget instead. 

    Also, a display replacement should have (at least temporarily) fixed the problem for you. There's no reason to change the motherboard. I'd question if they actually replaced anything on your phone, but since you got a new phone, it doesn't matter.

  • marsic marsic
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    Holy fucc! How are they still in business? All Nokia 8 users should have the screens replaced with a properly tested panel (while resetting the 2 year warranty as if it was newly acquired), or money refunded AND extra payment for the misery!

    This begs for a group (or how do they call that) law suit, godamnit!
  • There are about 11 months that I've had nokia 8 and I can see the signs of burn-in in the four square edges of the display especially when the color turns into a dark one or gray!...It seems this problem appeared after updating it with a security update or android update very recently!... Does Nokia have something to say?... What should we do?...the phone was always protected and I was taking care of it very much... Will they fix it by an update or we should use it or throw it away?😡😡😡
  • naufrago naufrago
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    @masoud95 Hi,

    You can have it replaced if your phone is still under warranty.
    To make it easier, record a video showing color tint and ghost screen using another phone and give it to service.
    Mine has been changed once and now recurred.
    There are not much to do by software updates. They can adjust max brightness and color management, but I don't think they care about Nokia 8 any more.

  • naufrago naufrago
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    Same here.
    Welcome to the club.
  • I have used Samsung phones for a long time with Amoled and they never had this screen issue but Nokia with it's LCD display has this issue and it's not even isolated , what's wrong with them
  • Is screen burn a problem only in our phone or is it present on all nokia devices?
  • aditya raj aditya raj
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    That happens with my phone also but not everytime but when I watch video it does go away ryt now it is not there 
  • naufrago naufrago
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    Dheeraj said:
    Is screen burn a problem only in our phone or is it present on all nokia devices?
    Nokia 8 screen is 40-50% brighter than any other Nokia phone (700nit vs 450-500nit)
    Most probably, that's why we have this issue while others don't have such a complaint.
  • I have this same exact problem I just don't know how to fix this 
  • Zain Ihsan Zain Ihsan
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    Craddan said:
    I have this same exact problem I just don't know how to fix this 
    Install Twilight from playstore and set the intensity to 0 and screen dim to 5%. It will dim the white color which is actually causing the image retention problem. The image retention will reduce significantly after this.
  • dr.maloy.sinha dr.maloy.sinha
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    I ve installed night screen and whenever this application are running, no screen retention or burn issue occurs...But this apps turn off automatically and I've to restart it...But it works...
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