Oreo 8.1 update bugs, volume too low

Hi Yesterday i updated my nokia 6 to oreo 8.1 and sinve den my ringer and notification volume is too low even though my volume is full while checking in sound settings.

Oreo 8.1 update bugs, volume too low

Vishnu Nandan Vishnu Nandan
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Yesterday i updated my nokia 6 to oreo 8.1 and sinve den my ringer and notification volume is too low even though my volume is full while checking in sound settings. Wen i restart the phone the issue is silved fr a couple of minutes. I tried soft reset and safe mode too . Still same pblm. Is it due to some bugs in this new software version?


  • user87 user87
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    That's weird, because I have a completely opposite problem - the volume of alarm and notifications is very high regardless of volume settings

  • user1522129368909 user1522129368909
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    Turn off the dolby surround sound....
  • Vishnu Nandan Vishnu Nandan
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    wen i turn off its ok bt the sound is nt the same, 

  • user1522129368909 user1522129368909
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    Yes. It's little bit low but that's what you get. Plus other sound has problem. Like charging sound comes at least 20-30 seconds later, notification sound is not clear has a glitch. Also battery is draining. I don't know others are facing same problem or not.
  • user87 user87
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    I do have the issues you described. Sometimes lock sound doesn't play at all, notification sound is getting muted the second after it starts. Generally, the volume is either to loud or to quiet. Something's messed up.
  • Swapnil shukla Swapnil shukla
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    My phone stop ringing after 8.1 updateThis problem is serious and needs to be fixed by Google at the earliest. I am missing important calls on my Nokia 6 since the Android Oreo8.1 . I do not here the notification ring. I have tried all the things suggested above.I cannot keep restarting the phone every time. A patch needs to be released immediately. What is the use of a phone if a basic call functionality does not work.
  • user1523300012763 user1523300012763
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    I am also facing the same issue if ringer volume getting very slow. Every time we cannot restart and missing important calls throughout the day.

    When is patch expected for it ?
  • user1523337607237 user1523337607237
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    Hi, I have the same problem here in Sri lanka. all the users who upgrade the version to 8.1 has the volume issue. we are keep restarting the phone which is very inconvenient. pls do something immediately.

  • Привет. У меня та же самая проблема. Предложили отключить функцию dolby surround. Отключил. Жду. Посмотрим что будет?! Но самое интересное в том, что раньше все работало с включенной функцией. Вопрос? - " Зачем тогда она нужна если она отключена.
  • Please turn off your Dolby surround to get louder ring volume. While listening music with your headphone, turn on Dolby for better sound quality.

  • user1516296522920 user1516296522920
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    Dolby surround is turned off and ring volume is still low
  • user1513718472580 user1513718472580
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    I am facing the same problem like ringtone volume get too low even if it is full. Can anyone know how to fix or what do we do now???
  • user1512659147849 user1512659147849
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    After the 8.1 update I'm also facing the feeble sound issue in my Nokia 6. The ringtone and the media tone has gone too low....
  • DevPatel DevPatel
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    sometimes it is too high, sometimes it is too low. Not sure what the solution would be.

  • user1513718472580 user1513718472580
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    Turning off Dolby surround sound works for me. Now my volume working fine. I think you guys should also try it.
  • user1523964473294 user1523964473294
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    After the 8.1 update I'm also facing the feeble sound issue in my Nokia 6. The ringtone and the media tone has gone too low....
  • user1512399387134 user1512399387134
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    Yes, it's true

    I have also same problem on my Nokia 6.
    Sound is getting low after android 8.1 Oreo update.
    This bug Nokia should fix
  • user1509134413923 user1509134413923
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    I am also facing same problem. The ringtone and media sound has gone too low even if volume is full after oreo 8.1 update. I am missing important phone calls due to this issue. By restarting phone the problem resolves but only for couple of minutes. Fix the bug in next update.
  • Vishnu Nandan Vishnu Nandan
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    After oreo 8.1 update am getting low volume since last mnth. If i turnnoff dolby den its ok. But without dolby its nt so smooth to hear. 2 days back i gt april security patch update. But still am having this volume low pblm. Wen i connect phone to my charger the notification sound can be heard aftr 1 or 2 seconds only. Wen is nokia gonna fix dis? Last month dey told the volume issue will be resolved wen v receive april security patch. Still not resolved. Disnt expect this frm nokia.

  • user1524727468279 user1524727468279
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    Facing the same problem, after update to Oreo 8.1.

    Hope it will be fixed soon

  • alexch alexch
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    After so many comments and requests for help, Nokia remains silent, and I personally took the decision to sell my Nokia 6. In protest against the absolute disinterest on the part of HMD Global to solve the problem.

  • Neela Neela
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    Please help fixing the volume issue
  • I am also facing the same issue. After recent security patch update, i am not even able to hear the other person on call. I have to use ear phones every time call comes in. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Its annoying. 

  • I have the same issue as the last comment. call volume too low. It has made things more complicated everytime i use the phone. I have to use always speakers to call with everyone listening to my calls. I dont know when it started, maybe a month or more ago.

  • I have the same issue
    Call volume is kept full but there is no ringtone heard
    Nokia support asked me to long press the switch off button as well as volume increase button. Did the same and restatedr. The problem vanished fir one day and has surfaced once again
  • Mine is complete opposite from others, I have my ringer set to the lowest and when I get a text or phone call it sounds like it's set to the highest, kinda annoying so alot of times I leave on vibrate
  • I also have issues with the phone not making a sound even if the volume is at max. There were instances that it will make a sound from restart, sometimes it wont. Also I can't hear any notification alert if someone text me. 
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