Screen yellow on the Bottom

My screen is on the Bottom a little bit yellow. Not egale White. Is that a technical problem that must be fixt? Or is that the quality of the screen?

Screen yellow on the Bottom

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My screen is on the Bottom a little bit yellow. Not egale White. Is that a technical problem that must be fixt? Or is that the quality of the screen?


  • Even i have the same issue. Did u replaced it or any solution is there
  • even i have the same problem..seems like nokia is not maintaining quality. just a waste of money and time. and nokia team does not even care to check and reply back to issue raised by its community members

  • I changed my phone for another one. This one is less Yellow, but has still a little gray shadow on the bottom. I ignore the issue because it's less. Because the Nokia 7 plus is a great phone. I hope Nokia Will have a sollution. So i can allways fixed it as 2 years garanty.
  • nokia is just cheating customers. even mail support is too bad. i have sent number of mails to support, but no reponse from them at all. too bad. 

    listen nokia, if u use attractive tag lines like "phone u can rely on" and all, please concentrate on quality too before u use all those untruly words

  • nakah nakah

    I have same issue, and today requested Nokia to fix it. DHL came to my home to pickup the phone in a 30 min.  I was surprised how fast it working, so until now have Nokia great support.

    Lets see what the solution are from Nokia about yellow screen...

  • hi nakah, thats great to hear, which country u are from? u ordered from nokia website?

  • nakah nakah

    I`am from Denmark, and purchased from Elgiganten store. I contacted Nokia support and they gave me link where I can request repair. You can use below steps from


  • even i have the same problem. but they are not ready to replace not i cannt capture it on camera . my first nokia experience and the worst

  • nice, i think nokia has very bad customer service here in India, it has been 10 days since i requested them for a replacement. there's no progress even after sending numerous emails.

  • hi user1524215519374, where are you from?

  • nakah nakah
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    You have 2 years warranty, so they have to fix it, if not you can demand full refund. I will see how Nokia will handle my phone. I hope they will give me a new one without yellow screen otherwise I will demand full refund.

  • there is no refund option

  • nakah nakah

     According to Danish law have all company 3 times to fix the problem otherwise you can demand full refund :)

  • i am from India. i doubt such law exists here :(

  • hi user1524215519374, where did u buy from? if its from nokia website, u are screwed. they wont provide resolution even if we cry before them :D

  • yes from website. should have brought from amazon

  • hi user1524215519374, we are in same boat:D me too ordered from nokia website. whats the customer care telling you? it is worst customer service i have ever seen. i have been sending mails to them from last 10 days but there is no update yet.

  • They stopped responding. They saw send photo. But its impossible to capture yellow tinge in bottom screen through camera
  • ya they are insane. too bad and dont respond properly. for me they are sending the same reply for atleast 100 mails that i have sent.(they just say "relevant dept" will reply soon) ..ya me too faced the same problem. they askedd me to capture yellow tint. its so illogical, even dslr cannot capture such minor variation in color ;) . but i have sent some pictures showing them the variation in brightness. they said they have escalated to ecommerce. but there's no use, they are not replying from a week

  • I totally regret buying from this **** company. I always prefer Samsung. Decided to give nokia 7 plus a try as it looked good. Good lesson for life. Never buy from a bankrupt company!
  • If progress happens. Update me. I will do the same
  • sure, will post any update here. Atleast we should buy from amazon not from these websites. the process is not streamlined.properly.

  • OMG, after 10 days, they have accepted for return and give a replacement after final validation. not sure how many days it would again take from now on.

  • nakah nakah
    I got my phone back without replacement. The status of repair was "no error found" ,樂. I will now contact seller instead of using Nokia support center.
  • HI! I was just about to buy the Nokia 7 Plus, But now I am worried about this screen tinting problem that everyone seems to be complaining about. Can you please tell me if you still have the problem? Has anyone found a solution?

    As of July 2018, do the products still have this issue?

    Thank you.

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    we never know, it may still have it(or some other issue as Nokia seems to be utterly unperturbed by their customer woes. for example i have not seen any nokia admin commenting on any of the customer issues here), if you really want to buy nokia 7 plus, buy it from a place where there is a good return policy.(200% not from nokia website which has the worst customer care)

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