screencast/mirroring problem android 8.1

hi all , i need help and answer with this problem, i bought LG tv with webOs 3.5 , when i try to screen cast to the tv .

screencast/mirroring problem android 8.1

hi all , i need help and answer with this problem,
i bought LG tv with webOs 3.5 , when i try to screen cast to the tv . it doesnt recognize , it is say "no nearby device" .
what should i do ?
i have tried restarting the phone , and try another third party app but still no success .
thanks for the answer and help .


  • Xophedebx Xophedebx
    Hello, Nokia refuses to activate Miracast. It works only with Google Chromecast, which is quite useless . So it will never cast on your TV.
  • user1509445273356 user1509445273356
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    It's not Nokia refuses to activate Miracast. Miracast was removed by Google from Android 7

  • so it is , thank you for the answer .
  • Xophedebx Xophedebx
    Other manufacturers using Android 7 and up manage to let it work. So it's not just Google. And they have a "pure" version as well.
  • user1523277454754 user1523277454754
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    so , i need just to be patiance waiting ,and hope theres will be an update from nokia , for let it works? or i just trade this phone looking for a better one? though choices ,hemmm
  • Xophedebx, any examples of manufactures/phone models running "pure" AOSP 7+ and having Miracast support?

  • Xophedebx Xophedebx
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    As far as I know, Lenovo models. I assume there are other brands out there. I had to leave my Lumia 950 because of my banking app stopping being supported, so I switched back to my beloved brand Nokia. But, for my usage, I think more and more to go back to my Lumia. I miss the win 10 integration, miracast, etc, etc. Android is disappointing to me.
  • user1536816532844 user1536816532844
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    I am having Nokia 6 phone and Mi Tv 43 inches..When I tried to cast my mobile on Mi TV, it did not work. I tried even on LG tv, again unsuccessful.. after that I installed Airscreen app apk in my Mi TV and my mobile started detecting the TV in cast option of my phone...It worked for me ...I suffered a lot and got this solution...Please try..Good luck for the app to work for you...Tram viewer also work but not on full screen...It work on full screen...Give it a try...And before that...In miracast option of your tv, enable DLNA
  • I've tried to cast my nokia-6 as well and it failed to detect even with anycast M2 dongle, i tried to use LG V20 running Android 7.0 and it was able to cast the screen, what I don't understand is that the Nokia devices we buy is even costly than many devices out there which miracast works well in them, when you ask why, all they say is Google removed it to improve chrome cast but other manufacturers have a way out, HMD Global, we expect you guys to do more than you are doing now, it will help your customers a lot.... Find a way to turn it on and push it with OTA updates for us
  • just for me , im really disapointed,beacuse of this screencast problem,with other cheaper phone,they can do it better, if nokia want bring back his monoply on this bussines , bring it all out of your technology again,we are your costumer, waiting for your next big update,not this problem.thank you
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