No option to make SD card as internal storage

Hello, I have purchased Nokia 6.1 two days ago. I can't find the option to make the sd card to internal storage.

No option to make SD card as internal storage

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I have purchased Nokia 6.1 two days ago. I can't find the option to make the sd card to internal storage. There is only a format option in the storage settings of sd card. Can't find the option "format and make as internal storage". I tried different SD cards but no option to format and make internal storage. Contacted nokia chat support and done all the things they have mentioned like hard reboot, reinsert card, clearing app cache of system ui and Android system etc etc.

Nokia, please check if the conversion of SD card to internal option is available for Nokia 6.1. If not please fix that bug in the coming update. Do i need to use any specific type SD card needed for this operation?

Please reply.


  • murph murph
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    When you select the format option, devices which allow adopted storage should give you a choice of internal or portable. I don't know if it is enabled on the 6.1. As for the card, it's best to go for a good quality and high performance card with A1 U3 V30 ratings. Personally, I recommend a SanDisk Extreme. Beware of fake / counterfeit cards; buy from a reputable retailer.
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    There is no option to convert SD to internal or portable. Just have a option to format the SD card. I think its not enabled in Nokia 6.1. Don't know how to confirm if it is enabled in Nokia 6.1.
  • I have the same problem with Samsung Evo SD card. It have Class 10(U3). But this options isn't available. Not sure why.
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    The issue with all the sd cards.The phone is not supported that feature. Nokia support techs are not aware about it. I tried New sandisk sdxc uhs 1 100Mbps card but no luck
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    I tried last night with a Class U3 card and was surprised it didn't work.  Contacted support via the phone app and was told it did not work as internal storage only for storage of media.  I then sent them a copy of the page from the User Guide also in the support App and on this webiste that says it does work as Internal storage.  The online support were actually quite rude in their reply but would not admit that Nokia have messed up saying something in the User Guide that does not work on the phone.  

    I then sent the same request and information to Nokia via email to customer support.  Not heard back yet.

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    Same here. There's no way I can get my SD card to be used for internal storage. Nokia 6 (2018), Oreo 8.1.

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    Please keep us updated as I have the same problem.
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     Same trouble with my nokia 6.1, I can only format to external... Hoping next update  fix it

  • bullroar bullroar
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    I have had a reply to my question to Nokia customer service:

    Greetings from Nokia Mobile Care !
    We are sorry for the inconvenience that you are facing!


    Please kindly keep in mind that the
    Nokia 6.1 device, as well as all other Android 1 devices, do not have the
    option for Internal storage formatting of an SD card. Additionally, there is no
    option for forced formatting of an SD card as such.


    We hope this information managed to
    answer your inquiry. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate
    to contact us again!

    Still waiting for an explanation as why the User Manual says that Apps can be moved to the SD card.

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    Thanks for your update, bullroar. I've received the same reply, not sure if they'll change the plan.. :) 

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    I am facing such kind of problem. Nokia care should aware of this problem, they don't know about memory card issue in new Nokia 6.1 device, they guide us bluntly. And also Nokia should take care and fix that issue as soon as possible.

    Thank You.

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    Yeah, it does not support using an SD card as internal. With only 32 gb on the US version, it's pretty useless. Seems like a nice phone, but piece of **** if my apps and data storage are limited. I use this for business and need crap tons of apps. Returning and looking for something with realistic storage.
  • bullroar bullroar
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    You can use the SD card for data storage, just use the settings in the app to select SD card as main storage.

  • I was told it was a corporate decision not to add it as an option. This is ridiculous for an upgrade phone of its predecessor
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    This is pathetic for a phone of 17K, I was avoiding chinese makers to avoid such issues , looks like this is nothing better !!! Oh I am so disappointed.

  • Mansi Mansi
    True that...even i contacted the support center, but what i received was a bunch of useless steps, they were unaware that the phone doesnot even support setting sd card as an internal storage. I am shocked to hear that android one phones do not support this feature. Is that true? If yes,what is the reason google is doing that?
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     Really bad news for everyone. I thought a company that uses the operating system for advertisment would be up to date - but they aren't!

  • Why is there no reply from Moderator at all on any of the topics? Whats the purpose of the discussions without official comments from Nokia??

  • saravanan saravanan
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    Everyone having the same issue with Oreo.[Me @ Nokia 7 Plus Oreo8.1]

    we need to understand nokia cant fix this issue, only google can fix it.

    But nokia can escalate this issue to Google.

    lets wait for monthly update

  • Its not an issue with oreo 8.1 or google. The sd card option is available for Redmi Mi a1 and old nokia 6 and other android one phones. The feature is missing for new Nokia phones. So Nokia have to fix the issue.
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    I wanted to trust Nokia as it has always been for me (90 years) synonymous with quality.

    Today - 2018 - was the most wrong purchase ever made for a mobile phone: not having the ability to move the APP on the SD memory (set the microSD as internal storage) is a wrong choice and was the reason for which 4 other family members did not purchase the Nokia 6.1 2018

    User disappointed and forced to sell the device by switching to a competitor

  • nishanth nishanth
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    Nokia 5 on Oreo 8.1 

    Please try the below steps, it could work. Nokia 6.1 has a Hybrid SIM slot compared to a dedicated slot of the Nokia 5. If the below doesn't work, maybe the future updates will resolve the same.
    Use a clean / formatted SD card - 

    Settings > Storage > SD Card (portable Storage) > 3 dots (top right) > Storage settings > Format as Internal.

    As for moving apps to Expanded Internal storage - Developer options must be enabled.
    Also, not all applications will perform smoothly.

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    thanks but the option near the 3 dots (top right) DOES NOT exist "Format as internal" but Only "Format"!

    In addition, the test was done with SD clean / virgin and one already used but formatted again once inserted into the device.

    Furthermore, I specify that the developer mode has already been enabled but nothing has changed :(

    Personally I think a bad choice that of Nokia!

  • Gaz Gaz
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    Disappointing, I'd pretty much counted on this being an option when purchasing this phone, and do feel somewhat mislead. Also somewhat odd as both other Oreo phones and the older generation of Nokia Android phones have this.

  • murph murph
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    Yes, it gives me pause for thought. I'd been considering upgrading from a 5 to the 6.1, but that's unappealing when the 32GB 6.1 has less real storage capacity than the 16GB 5 (and the 64GB 6.1 seems to be fictional in this part of the world).
  • akbrian akbrian
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    I'm also not showing "format as internal" as an option. I would have bought a 64g version if they were sold in the USA, but we only get the smaller 32g version. I'm coming from a 4-1/2 year old Nexus 5 that also has 32g of storage. I've only had my 6.1 a few days and I'm already over 50% on the internal storage. I have an app rated SanDisk Extreme U3 A1 V30 SDXC card installed, which I purchased from a reputable seller (sold directly by Amazon). I love to be able to put my seldom used apps on it.

  • For a low-mid phone 32gb is ok. this is not the phone for big games or apps, and this is not the phone for 4k video, its a $270 phone.

  • murph murph
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    32GB is not ok for a SD 6xx when adoptable internal storage is disabled. It's also not ok when a 64GB model exists but they refuse to sell it in major markets.
  • Nokia 6.1 still the best below $300 US phone
    you can pay more for a Sony XA2 or less for some Honor
    i still prefer the brand Nokia + android one
    and US is not a major market for Nokia, major for Samsung and Apple only
    not happy? just go buy another phone and stop the mimimi

  • akbrian akbrian
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    Quoting user1525803809517;

    "For a low-mid phone 32gb is ok. this is not the phone for big games or apps, and this is not the phone for 4k video, its a $270 phone."

    It also is Nokia's current flagship model for the North American market. I'm a Nokia fanboy from back in the N900 days, otherwise I would have typically purchased a new phone with double the memory and ram of the old phone being retired.

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