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Even if you don't allow thi that is ok but please do not follow the A/B type storage for upgrading. System itself takes around 12gb data.

No option to make SD card as internal storage


  • chemigame chemigame
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    Even if you don't allow thi that is ok but please do not follow the A/B type storage for upgrading. System itself takes around 12gb data. It should be just 6 if one partition is used.
    Thank you
  • Solidio Solidio
    I have the same issue too. Personally i don't use big apps (i use fb and messenger lite) and dont play a lot of games. Theoretically that means i'm not quite worried about this for now but I fear that the updates as promised from android one over the next 2 years would eat up the storage much and without being able to transfer apps to sd its gonna be real tough... Nokia or android pie better enable this soon...
  • erikcoolen erikcoolen
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    I now understand the underlying reasons why the available storage is cut in half, but I still wished it was otherwise. And it's ultimately the main reason why I sold my 6.1 again.

  • Solidio Solidio
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    I have no reason for selling it yet, i am not a power user as i said, but if things (storage) get worse i will have no other choice but to pull the trigger. I feel bad now for the even cheaper models (4, 5, etc.) which have only 8gb and less available
  • found this elsewhere

    It is by design, but not by Nokias! 
    AndroidOne uses FBE (File Based Encryption) which is at the moment not compatible with Adoptable Storage (i.e. format as internal)

    Its documented here :

  • Found this

    File-Based Encryption

    Android 7.0 and later supports file-based encryption (FBE). File-based encryption allows different files to be encrypted with different keys that can be unlocked independently.

    This article describes how to enable file-based encryption on new devices and how system applications can be updated to take full advantage of the new Direct Boot APIs and offer users the best, most secure experience possible.

    Caution: On devices running Android 7.0-8.1, file-based encryption can't be used together with adoptable storage. On devices using FBE, new storage media (such as an SD card) must be used as traditional storage.

    Devices running Android 9 and higher can use adoptable storage and FBE.

  • i have 32gb internal storage, due to this my phone is no less than piece of garbage for me as i am unable to move any app to SD card, when contacted customer support they advised me to download video and music from torrent or some pirated app, seriously!!!! due to this they are now promoting piracy...  

  • No good getting upset at Nokia HMD about moving Apps to the SD card. That is set like that by Google as a security feature of Android.
    Reason why your phone has 3/4Gb of memory which is more than sufficient for every human. There is nothing stopping you storing files for the App on the SD card. That is standard practice. The only files you cannot store on the SD card are files that are written too. Perhaps an apology for your ranting would be appropriate.
  • d-mi d-mi
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    I don't understand why topic is on till now, this is how android works and evolved over the years. Almost all of the current smartphones follow this file encryption standard and does not allow apps to be written on sd card. I have a 32GB device and I have two games around 2GB along with all the essential apps and still have like 10GB of storage available. In a 32GB device you get around 22GB and I wonder how that is not sufficient for one to install apps.
  • D-Mi why don't they read the full thread prior to jumping on their racing keyboard to end up coming last. The current set-up of memory management is just not a problem. Security today is paramount.
  • d-mi d-mi
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    HappyTraveller, I come here time to time just to see people with no priror knowledge bashing and blaming Nokia for all the ills in the world and get mad and disappointed. -_-
  • blank blank
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    There is an option in developer setting that can force all apps to write on mircoSD. I don't know if it really works for all apps, but at least I can download from chrome directly on microSD
  • chemigame chemigame
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    D-Mi, I have been using Android phones since 2010. Never have I had so many problems with a branded company. I have used Sony, Motorola, Samsung phones and also have used Chinese phones from Xaiomi, Oppo, Le. None of these phones gave me so much trouble like the Nokia 6.1 did. 

    All these phones had a working Camera that was usable irrespective of the quality of the photos. 

    Only in this Nokia 6.1, the camera app is itself a problem, right from day one. Never could I take a picture at the right moment I wanted. It hangs, it is struck most of the times. The entire OS freeze closes while using the camera. 

    Apps hang every now and then. Despite being an android one phone the system is too slow.

    Apps load slower, stutter while scrolling. The internal storage of 32gb is not enough. They should not follow the A/B type storage for upgrading. The system itself takes around 12gb data. It should be just 6 if one partition is used.

    I have also done a lot of modding (from the Motorola Linux days). There is no bootloader unlocking too to use custom ROM. This phone is definitely a bad choice. But I can't spend again on another phone. Hope the Pie fixes all these problems.  

    Yet people like you D-Mi, claim people with no prior knowledge are bashing on Nokia. 

    It will be good if people like you stop being an ardent follower and let Nokia realize what is required from them, let them know the mistakes they are doing. 

    There are so many posts here but No Nokia representative has replied, Can't you see from this how Nokia is? 

    Deaf ears towards customer claims is not going to help Nokia grow. They should answer the queries. 

    Thank you

  • saravanan saravanan
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    Hey chemigame,

    Being a Nokian , Yes, we (end user) understood Nokia Phone UI app and quality needs more changes as everyone is excepting including Me,...

    if you are more concerned about moving app to SD card could have waited for few days/months after Nokia 6.1 ,get feedback from your friends or colleagues and then you could have bought nokia device...

    I waited for 3 years ,researched ,studied as end user both UI and UX, and then switched from               Nokia E71-1 o Nokia 7 Plus..

    Phone brands you had used earlier except Nokia all device OS were Oxygen OS ( A Layer above Google OS).Due to security reason google stopped moving app from Phone memory to SD card from Android 5 onwards,we are at noe android 9.0,since everyone wants this feature,it was submitted to google android system and they haven't fixed this issue.

    So its NOT at all NOKIA Fault,its PURELY GOOGLE...

    i request you to test the features between Oxygen OS and Stock Android OS

    SUGGESTION : Do Research in net before buying product and making comments

    However you can buy 128gb,256gb SD card.

    Again its NOT NOKIA,its CULPRIT is GOOGLE.

  • Chemigame the camera issue was fixed with an update and now the update has an issue 'Processing', however the issue isn't insurmountable and works perfectly if you leave it on internal phone storage.
    You shouldn't have bought a phone that you cannot unlock the bootloader. The large majority of owners don't want to fiddle with the operating system. The main reason owners wanted to unlock the bootloader was to get rid of all the bloatware. With AndroidOne only the hackers and fiddlers will want unlock the bootloader. Majority of owners want a reliable phone that does what they want. In the case of the 6.1 it is a great value phone for the money and certainly does everything I want, and I use my phone *heaps*.
  • chemigame chemigame
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    HappyTraveller, the problem with the camera was and is there before and after the camera update. I have a thread on the camera issues in this forum. If every other phone camera works well with SD card as the storage option and for this phone, if it works only with internal storage then it clearly is Phone's fault. 

    You misunderstood my point regarding custom ROM, I did not buy the phone to have a custom ROM. Like every other buyer who buys Android one hoping it will be a good option, I bought this phone. It turns out to be a sluggish phone with an unusable camera. So, I had to look for other options. And the other option of custom ROM is also a dead end because of the locked bootloader. Nokia 6.1 is not a reliable phone. It is certainly not a value for money phone at least in the region where I come from. Nokia 6.1 costs 210 US dollars for 3GB/32GB Model, Snapdragon 630. Whereas the Mi A2 costs 230 US dollars with 4GB/64GB Model with Snapdragon 660 processor! and OPPO's realme with Helio P60 Processor, 6GB/128GB model costs 190 US dollars! Despite all these, I chose to buy Nokia for its NAME, hoping it would be great. Seems like I did a big mistake. 

    Note: I hope the upcoming camera update v91.9.1133.80 fixes these issues.

  • chemigame chemigame
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    Hi Saravanan, 

    What do you mean by all the phones except Nokia is using Oxygen OS? Only Oneplus phone users are using Oxygen OS. 

    My old Moto G4  had the option to use SD card as internal storage. I had a 64GB card and the internal storage was close to 80GB after I included it. It was a surprise when I could not do it on the Nokia phone. But Nokia is Android one phone whereas Moto G4 was not an android one phone. I agree it is Google's implementation regarding storage restriction. 

    My concern mainly is the lagging UI and poor camera app. 

    Having said all these, I did do my research before i bought the Nokia phone. All these reviews I guess were done on the 4GB RAM model whereas what I have is a 3GB model. Maybe the RAM management is what is causing all these troubles. I don't know. The White-iron Nokia 6.1 is definitely a beauty to hold and have. This color option is only available as 3GB/32GB model in my region, unfortunately. 

    I only wish the software is as good as the hardware.

    Thank you

  • akbrian akbrian
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    Will "format SDXC card as internal storage" become an option in Android Pie (9.0)?

  • blank blank
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    I have Android Pie and I don't see this kind of option...when I go to storage and tap on SD card it opens files from other option
  • jim in pa jim in pa
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    Google removed this feature a couple versions ago because it sucked. It never really worked correctly because of the vast number of SD cards, phones and android versions. Do not expect this feature to come back anytime soon, if ever. SD cards can still be used as storage for music, videos, books and some app data. 

  • akbrian akbrian
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    In response to;

    "I have Android Pie and I don't see this kind of option...when I go to storage and tap on SD card it opens files from other option"

    Thank you for the response. That was what I experienced also. However I already had data on the SD card. I'm curious if I did a complete backup, formatted the card and reset the phone, if it would then allow me the option on the 6.1 with Pie? I'd rather not go through all that work unless the option to "format as internal"  will then be possible. I thought this was one of the issues Google fixed in Android Pie 9.0.

  • Nope, Google won't ever implement this feature. It has it's own reasons.
    All you can do is to move all your data to the sd and let internal memory just for apps
  • user1534537031945 user1534537031945
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    I can confirm as of last night, Nov 7th, that there is now a format as internal option in the Nokia 6.1 after the pie update. I did a backup of my photos from my SD card to my pc, and attempted to do a format from phone to try and mount it as internal storage, however that didn't do anything, for there were no options to do so. So I removed the SD card, and formatted it on my PC with an NTFS file format just to make my phone have to format it. And it worked! I was able to select the make internal storage setting. But there was a slight trick to it. I went into storage in settings, and saw the SD card info below the internal storage, it said Samsung card corrupt. So I clicked on it and it prompted me to setup, so I did. Then a new screen showed up and said would I like to format, I said sure, and it did, but only as traditional storage. So I had to removed the card again, format it in my PC, and remount it in my phone. I remember seeing something when that format screen popped up that was in the background. So I got back to that screen and didn't select format, but I touched out in the grey area, and voila! There it finally showed me both options. So it formatted and I migrated some data over. Everything looked fine. Then I decided to move some apps that I knew I could just delete and try again if I had to, so I chose Facebook. Moving Facebook caused it to keep crashing. I couldn't get past the blue loading splash screen. I went a head and moved it back to my internal storage and all was fine. There were some uninstall and reinstall attempts but they all failed. I will try to back up all of my data and to a full factory wipe and start fresh to see if there are any more SD card issues on my end.




  • chemigame chemigame
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    Thank you @user1534537031945

    I was able to redo what you did. I also installed some game on external memory and played. It worked. But I was not able to see my internal storage when I connected to PC and also in Files GO app. So I went back to just internal storage. Maybe one should reset the phone and set the combined storage and use it. It will work and we won't be needing to access internal storage. 

    See the screenshots for the combined storage. I have 32GB internal. 64GB external.


  • No problem @chemigame

    I would be all over figuring out the bugs on this now that Nokia 6.1 users can finally use SD cards as storage. But the phone is my girlfriend's lol.
  • I was interested to find this discussion, it was only a week ago that I thought about using the SD card as internal storage and had already updated to Pie so the option was available. When I first tried I got a message saying the SD card was not fast enough to use as internal storage. So I bought a Sandisk 64Gb Extreme A2 V30 UHS-I/U3 which should have been up to the task. I have set the card as internal storage and since then had nothing but problems, after moving content I could no longer see any image and files could not be accessed. I stupidly didn't back up before converting the SD to storage so lost a lot of images, fortunately nothing too important. Each time I restarted the phone I got a message saying SD card could not be found, and then all the images were broken and nothing would load. In the end I have had to give up trying to use the SD card as internal and go back to having it as separate portable storage. So although it may now be an option it looks like it doesn't work! BE WARNED!
  • Nokia say external storage is not enough efficient . They don't  authorize the option so.
  • If formatting, updating the disk driver, reinstall the disk did not work at all, there are chances that the mbr of the sd card is corrputed. Thereby, you might need to repair mbr using a professional mbr repair tool.
  • maxh maxh
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    No problem at all.
  • nitheesh nitheesh
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    You can now set microSD cards to work as internal storage. Instead of having internal and external storage existing as separate spaces, Android views the card as an extension of the built-in memory.

    You have to set it up first. Your card will be wiped in the process, so make sure you’ve backed up any data you need:

    1. Insert the card into your phone. When the New SD Card notification appears, tap Set Up.
    2. Next, you need to choose how your phone should use the card. Select Phone Storage on Android 9, or Use as Internal Storage on older versions. Alternatively, go to Settings > Storage, tap the card, tap the menu button, and select Storage Settings. Tap Format as internal.
    3. In the next screen tap Format SD Card, or Erase & Format. This will wipe your card.
    4. On Android 9 you’re offered the chance to move your content—including apps—onto the card. It also shows you how much space you’ll save. Hit Move Content to complete.

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