Update Camera App.

 In Nokia 6.1 too much distortion when zoomed in camera app.  so do something for problem.  Nokia 6 camera better than Nokia 6.1 in full zoom.

Update Camera App.

Ravi Bhardwaj Ravi Bhardwaj
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 In Nokia 6.1 too much distortion when zoomed in camera app. 

so do something for problem. 

Nokia 6 camera better than Nokia 6.1 in full zoom.


  • user1523027379102 user1523027379102
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    i am having a huge issue with my camera. Can you please try taking low light photos at low shutter speeds in pro mode, like 2secs, 3secs, 4secs etc., the noise level in my camera is so damn high that the image is rendered absolutely useless. Are you facing the same problem? 

    Your feed back will be of great help.



  • Vrv Vrv
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    I think the lens of 6.1 is good, it is the automatic mode on the camera app that is really bad. Wish Nokia brings the camera experience at par with at least the Lumia series.

  • Ravi Bhardwaj Ravi Bhardwaj
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    @user1523027379102 i found little noise level, but this mode try to brighten your image as i experience. 

  • user1523027379102 user1523027379102
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    i have tried all remedial options. I also have quite a bit of knowledge about digitial cameras, since i do photo shoots for architectural and interior design projects. Tried everything from in camera settings, to 3rd party apps, post processing on photoshop and lightroom, but for some reason even the raw images that i retrieve from the phone have color splotches. Its as if like the colors jump into other objects and form huge sploches. rather than sticking to the actual pixels.

  •  yeah, i would love to have long shutterspeeds in the app. up to maybe 10 seconds?

  •  as well as more granular control for the white balance, the presets are limiting.

  • Ravi Bhardwaj Ravi Bhardwaj
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    Please do something for camera app in 6.1.noise level too high

    please add option for photo posting in community forums
  • user1523027379102 user1523027379102
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    Trust me people, there is nothing that Nokia can do. I had a huge row over email and with the cc executives (who are useless pawns needless to say) to get a refund, since the device is not at all as the publicity campaigns suggest (atleast in terms of the camera which happens to be its USP). In the end i ended up selling the phoen of 13k (bought for 17k INR) and got myself an honor 7x.

    The reason why i say no remedial solution can be provided by Nokia is because the device is designed with a very inferior image sensor. So irrespective of its Zeiss branded lenses, noise suppression can not be done without losing details, as you see in the photographs when you zoom in. . My opinion, if you are into photography, take a hit and replace your phone for some other brand and model.

    Wish you all luck

  • kkjishnu kkjishnu
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    Yes i am also experiencing high noise levels when zoomed. Also try to provide 16:9 aspect ratio with 16MP support.
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