Oreo 8.1 ringtone sound issue

I have faced horrible ringtone sound after updating to Android 8.1.0. My ringtone sound is almost 0 even it's full.

Oreo 8.1 ringtone sound issue

user1523505583499 user1523505583499
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I have faced horrible ringtone sound after updating to Android 8.1.0. My ringtone sound is almost 0 even it's full. I have missed so many important call because of this issue. Media volume too not steady.


  • user1514805639596 user1514805639596
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    After update oreo 8.1 the ringtone volume is very low and sounds also very low
  • JeffMiranda JeffMiranda
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    I have the very same issue. Please help. Its very irritating.
  • user1513746971828 user1513746971828
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    I have same problem
  • user1513746971828 user1513746971828
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    Please solve the issue.I missed many important calls
  • user1524969125864 user1524969125864
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    If any one solve the proplem of ringtone tell me plz
  • JeffMiranda JeffMiranda
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     Why is the Nokia Team silent on this issues related to the recent update ?

    1) Ringtone is not audible inspite of highest volume?

    2) App+Messages in call loud irritating notifications not getting disabled inspite of the correct setting

    3) The latest update also messed with bluetooth settings. Bluetooth goes off automatically. Then unable to switch bluetooth on inspite of trying the toggle button. When using the bluetooh device and if music is being played.. and you receive a call.. the call does not connect on the bluetooth device.

    4) Battery life is poor.

    5) Display remains at highest level inspite of keeping setting on auto.

    6) The phone hangs a lot.



  • user1525540562437 user1525540562437
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    I have the same problem :/
    Waiting for an update to resolve this problem.
  • user1525703394502 user1525703394502
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    I had the same problem but today I delet all my data from my phone,back to factory reset,and now the problem is not exist. Now.... But I think you have to try it,of course after you've saved all your data from the phone.
  • user1523681928090 user1523681928090
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    Same issue faced by me. I am not sure why Nokia is not going ahead and fixing the bug. It is really irritating.
  • Manus Manus
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    Everyone who has this problem please send an email to Nokia for this problem
    I already send it and their answer was quite polite and satisfying; they asked me if I factory reseted my phone and I answered as yes
    And they replied me again and said they working on the solution right now.

    From what I understand this problem occurs probably because the Dolby Atmos algorithms and program didn't modified to Android Oreo properly; sound problems keep occuring and the language of the Dolby Atmos menu is always English and sometimes looking as on or off even it's not on or off
    So please write an email about it be gentle write everything that I write above and wait for the solution.
    By the way insist about the Nokia 6 is the only model that has Dolby Atmos and good audio and it's one of the best with these features.
  • JeffMiranda JeffMiranda
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     user1520836539185   Could you help out with the email id ? It looks like no one from Nokia Care is bothered to read the issues posted out here. The least I was expecting is a courteous reply from Nokia Care acknowledging the issues and providing a timeline to fix. I do not mind Nokia taking a month or 2 months to fix.  But commitment to fix would be appreciated.



  • The e-mail address: [email protected]
    I got a new update last week,ant the ringtone issuu deleted.
  • Hi user1525703394502 ,
    Is there any timeline / deadline shared by the Nokia team on email when this sound problem will going to be fixed?
    Will Appreciate your reply.....!!!!!
  • Same here... call tune and alarm are playing very low...
  • Me also facing the ringtone issue after updating oreo 8.1

  • Is it a bad joke? The ringtone issue fixed after the update in may. Today my nokia 6 (2017) get the new update and the issue is come back? Is it normal?

  • xkirazgmf xkirazgmf
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    I agree with you bro. Before patch july it a bit better, now after July it sound quality down. I alway Reset factory default if got any major update like 7.1.2 to 8.0. 8.0-8.1. so i get less problem after update. The only thing got problem is this sound quality not good as 7.1.2. After July patch my phone alway change to 3G eventhough in high LTE Coverage and alway disconect the mobile date itself and change to LTE again. Before July it not alway change to 3G like now.
  • Hasrat Hasrat
    I have the same problem in my Nokia 6.1 while Security patch December 2018  my phone does not ring for incoming calls and Alarms this happened after Pie update 
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