ADB-Driver for App development

Hi guys, I am the proud new owner of a Nokia 8 (TA-1004, Dual SIM).

ADB-Driver for App development

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Hi guys,

I am the proud new owner of a Nokia 8 (TA-1004, Dual SIM). Now I would like to develop a little bit with Android Studio and ADB but sadly there seems no ADB-Driver from a trustful source available which does support the Nokia 8 at the moment.
(At least I can't find any).

The "not function" ADB interface in the device manager ist telling me the follwoing USB VID and PID "USBVID_2E04&PID_C040&MI_03A&64894B4&0&0003"
I guess that the general ADB driver would the job, but I can't install it on Win7 because the USB VID and PID are missing in the driver's INF file. First shot with modifying the INF and adding the PID/VID to the inf did not work out.

Any hint where to obtain a "official" adb driver from Nokia/HMD for debugging when developping an App?

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    Seconded. I have a Nokia 6.1 and would appreciate ADB drivers to help with using the phone's camera for video calls when connected to my PC.

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    I know it's not quite the same thing but you could use the emulator in Android Studio using the screen resolution of the Nokia 8 while waiting for a compatible ADB driver.

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    Thanks for suggestion Terminusaquo. This would work out for Apps only requiring software related functions. For HW related stuff like i.e. Bluetooth this is sadly no option. ADB driver still required for this.

    Of course you can still prgram, transfer apk, install and test but this method is not very satisfying. No proper debugging. A lot of unnecessary foot work.

    @Nokia: where is the issue with enabling your customers to properly develop apps on your devices? I'm getting a bit frustrated lately for buying a N8. :(

    I am happy with system/SW and updates.

    But missing support for ADB driver and also missing release of bootloader unlock is not supporting happyness of your customers.

    Don't blow the trust of your customers based on your other good work (HW, System, Updates) with anoying your customers by petty and narrow-minded decisions guys.

    You could be the cool company delivering outstanding HW, offering community friendly SW and not be located in the US or China.

    (Sorry, no offence against the people living there or the countries in general. But in the US and China data privacy is kind of unknown and many companies there have already proven that you can not trust them like,, and many others).

  • @System I have the Nokia 6.1 and the Drivers that come with the phone don't work for me, I can't get an App properly installed via adb install myapp.apk...the process stucks and never returns.

    How have you been getting your development done on the Nokia device?
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