WiFi issues

Anyone else having issues with WiFi with the Nokia 8, it seems to crash after a couple of days and stop working.

WiFi issues

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Anyone else having issues with WiFi with the Nokia 8, it seems to crash after a couple of days and stop working. A reboot if the phone usually gets it going again, kind of annoying, don't know if it's a driver issue of if I have a problem with my particular phone. It doesn't seem isolated to just 1 access point either.

Hoping the Oreo update which is due later this month fixes this and a few other random crashes I've had.


  • I'm using Nokia 8 from 1 week I didn't find any issues like this my phone is working very nice and battery backup is so good
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    I had this issue to begin with and decided to do a full reset and restore. I had other issues as well such as application hangs and random restarts.

    Check for phone updates and then back up your phone to Google and do a full reset.
  • I had a small system update come down yesterday around 62mb, so will see how things go over the weekend, don't really want to factory reset again unless I really need to.

    My other crashes have been caused by the camera, went to try and shoot a video, camera app crashes and then the launcher crashed as well. Left the phone for around 10 mins to see if it would recover but had to force a restart.

    I don't think I have defective hardware as such think it's just some software issues. To be honest I'm loving this phone, it's fast, snappy and the battery life is unbelievable, getting a good 2 days out of it between charges.
  • I find more often thafter three to four weeks with this phone that the WiFi crashes more often. It shouldn't crash at all.
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    I've found it seems to stop working after around 4-5 days of uptime. When the WiFi bug triggers, it will only connect to an access point if you are literally right next to it. When it does connect their is virtually no throughput. A reboot is the only cure, it's kind of annoying as if I don't spot it, it starts using my mobile data when it doesn't need to.

    I'm now on the stable version of Oreo, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they have fixed this as it was a bug I reported a few times.
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    Same issue on stable Oreo! Only reboot helps. I am thinking about returning my phone. :(

  • I'm waiting to see what the latest update I just received does, I will know by next week if this issue is fixed or not.
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    So, I changed "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" to "Always" in settings and it seemed to work for now. Guys, try this and tell if this solved the problem for you.

  • Getting the same fault on Oreo. Wifi keeps dropping out

  • I actually had decent WiFi uptime on the 8.1 Beta, I managed 2 weeks of uptime before the bug hit. I can't comment on the stable as haven't seen it happen yet. You might also want to check your router settings as well, make sure you use the latest WiFi security WPA2-PSK with AES encryption. If your router does 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi do not set different SSIDS for them, keep them the same with identical password and security settings so your phone is free to roam between 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks. Also if you are using multi mode WiFi disable Short GI as it can cause issues. If you can't disable this if you don't have any legacy WiFi devices disable mutli mode and use wireless n / ac only.
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    before the 8.1 update wifi was working fine in my room and the wifi router is kept in other room but after update its having issues i have stand very near to wifi router to get connectivity or the phone says wifi has no internet connection

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    I have this issue two, already did a factory reset and nothing. Nokia can you help us with an update?
    I love my phone but right now its very annoying to use it like this.

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    I had these WIFI "Connected, but no Internet" issue where the WiFi icon has a small "x" on it.

    Since I could connect to another phone's hotspot and not have an issue, I narrowed down the problem to the TP-Link router I had. Got a NetGear router and there were no issues. Then I upgraded to more powerful TP-Link and this issue came back. This time I decide to dig into the issue. The logs told me that there was a UDP dos attack from the mac id belonging to the phone. Then when I checked, the router had blocked the phone. I unblocked it and the phone got it's connectivity sorted out. 

    Now, I have to put the dos attack protection to medium for UDP until Google fixes it's problem. It's a known issue where even Google's own routers have blocked phones and other devices before.

  • Hi there Guru, can you help me please?
    How can I do that process?
  • I have this issue with 5GHz WiFi. 2.4 GHz WiFi works fine.
  • Please fix the wifi
  • hello, 

    I started the same issue with my Nokia 8. Wi-fi DOES not work properly.

    Reboot does nothing. Sometimes, not always, it works but I've to turn off Bluetooth first.

    fix that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi All,

    I recently changed the SW of my router (Linksys) from stock firmware to DDWRT. The router is dual band (2.4 and 5 GHz).Suddenly the phone started having issues seing the networks, or when it did, it was sporadic. The phone could never see the 2 networks at the same time. 

    The issue was that the router's radios had the same MAC address. Changed one of them to a different value. All is perfect now.

  • I have the same issue any solution?
  • JohnQ JohnQ
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    Having the same issue as well. I could not see any 2.4GHZ networks My own network was showing a poor signal and dropping in and out. I noticed this with other networks as well since I do IT work. I rebooted the phone again and it was resolved. You'd think they would have addressed this by now. Or is it a hardware issue?

  • I have the same problem, wifi disconnect from CISCO WAP321, WAP121, TPLINK Archer … every 4-5 days.

    I reboot solves the problem but 4-5 days reappear.

    Wifi Security is always WPA2/AES and it does the same thing with 2.4GHz  or 5GHz.

    I am running Oreo 8.1

    Already made a Network Reset, still no luck

  • Same issue here cant search for wifi anymore simcard also cant read no service, system ui was always appears..please help.thanks
  • I had some problems with my Nokia 8 previously, but now when I took my old Apple AirPort WLAN away and replaced it with Google Wifi Mash, the problems went up by a factor of 100.

    I seriously have restarted my WIFI (on/off) at least ten times today (and I haven't been home all day). It just stops transmitting packets, even though WLAN says it is a good connection. I even changed my modem, because I suspected it.

    Also, when walking around the house (I have 4 base stations), the phone keeps the old connection really long (so it won't even work), even when I am next to another base station.

    Everything in the whole house works fine, except my Nokia 8. My daughters Nokia 5 seems even to work.

    I have restarted the WLAN on phone, took the WLAN away and added it again, shut down the phone and waited 15 seconds, restated the Google WLAN and replaced the modem (I hade double NAT)

    Will send the phone for "repairs" next week. This just sucks too much.

    HMD is much welcome to visit my house to debug the problem, I live near Helsinki.

  • ritzar ritzar
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    check if the rooter is not in mixed mode.
    Anything older that connect in "b" or "g"?
    If the rooter is dual frequency, please change the MAC address if one of the radios, if it is equal.
  • Всем, привет! Постоянно падает wifi, помогает только перезагрузка телефона и так случается 3-5 раз в день :( Как это можно исправить? До 8.1 всё было хорошо... Последнее обновление октябрь не исправило ошибки ((
  • Anchal Anchal
    Nokia 6.1 + has WiFi issue. I am facing it after usage of 2 months. My phone is not able to connect to 5 GHz WiFi bandwidth and with 2.5 GHz it is connected but unable to use internet. Does anyone has solution to this problem ?
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    I use a Nokia 8. Upgraded my phone to Android 8 and my Wi-Fi drops anyhow. Just got the Pie update, and it might even be worse.
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