Remove "turn off mobile data?" Popup message

How remove or desable "turn off mobile data?" popup when i turn off mobile data.

Remove "turn off mobile data?" Popup message

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How remove or desable "turn off mobile data?" popup when i turn off mobile data.


  • ugcheleuce ugcheleuce
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    I fully agree that this is a worthless feature.  It's not as if I'm going to accidentally click the mobile data icon.  I suppose the reason for this feature is: for security purposes, but that it illogical.  Surely if the user is to be protected against something, it would be against switching mobile data ON accidentally, or switching Wi-Fi ON accidentally.

    Switching mobile data on accidentally costs the user lots of money.  Switching if off accidentally has no effect on the user or his security except that he'll soon realise that his phone has gone awfully quiet and no-one is sending him messages anymore.

    A small extra annoyance is that the pop-up causes the shortcuts pane to close, so you have to re-open it manually after clicking the "yes, yes I really, really meant to tap this icon and I really want to turn of mobile data" button.

  • Prajwal Prajwal
    Really no need to ask Turn Off Data? It's useless... Disable in next update.. Thank You.
  • murph murph
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    No, it's a very useful warning and should remain. It's extremely easy to hit that function by accident. Since it disables all advanced services (when out of WiFi coverage), it is highly disruptive to expected normal operation. Use the Android Data Saver to limit data-heavy apps, or Google Datally.
  • Any solutions yet? Have the same issue with my 6.1 plus and disabling mobile data with 1 click would be really helpful for saving data.

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