Nokia - Garmin connection

After the update from Android 8.0 to 8.1 the connection between my Garmin Watch and Nokia phone isn't working properly anymore.

Nokia - Garmin connection

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After the update from Android 8.0 to 8.1 the connection between my Garmin Watch and Nokia phone isn't working properly anymore. At 8.0 is was working correctly and the device was added to Smart Lock. However after the 8.1 update I had to re-pair the watch to the phone, which succeeds, but after a certain period the connection drops and is not restored. Additionally, I am unable to add the watch in Smart Lock (even when it shows as connected in the Garmin Connect app). 

I have tried re-installing the app, re-pairing the watch several times (via the Connect app or within Bluetooth Settings page)and tried it in different orders, but none helps. I even tried a hard-reset but same problem. Initial pairing is working, but after a certain period, connection is lost and not restored (I have to delete the device and re-pair it to make it work for a few hours). Is there a solution for this problem?


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    I have the same problem. And now it doesn't even pair with my Garmin Vivosmart HR+.

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    I have exactly the same problem with my Garmin Forerunner 935. This problem appeared right after installing the most recent update.

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    Same problem with my vivosmart hr+ after the 8.1 update. I can get it to pair once but after it looses BT connection I can't connect it any longer. I have to delete the watch from my BT list and go through the whole setup process again to get it work for about another half hour...after that it looses connection again...bummer...
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    Same problem with garmin vivosmart 3 and quatix 3
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    Same Problem here with Nokia 6.1 and Garmin Vivoactive 3

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    Yepp, look at the neighboring Forum for the Nokia 6.1 same Problems since Oreo 8.1

    I ask the question to Garmin and Nokia. Garmin says, it's a Nokia / Oreo Problem. Now I still wayting for an answer from Nokia.

  • same problem, garmin fenix 5, cannot get it connected anymore
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    I have the same problem with my Garmin Vivosmart HR+. Connected correctly the first time but now it's not working. I cannot even unpair the device.

    Car audio is also skipping.

    Any fix?


  • Same problem here with Nokia 6.1 and Vivosmart HR+.

    And connection with BT speaker drops from time to time.  Very annoying indeed.

  • same problem with nokia 7 plus, oreo 8.1, garmin fenix3.

    no pairing with fenix3. bt speaker drops 

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    I have the exact same issue. Just got this phone and for the first few hours it worked great. Then it just disconnected the watch and it won't reconnect.

  • So, exact the same issue with N7+ and my Garmin Vivoactive 3 AND with my Skagen Connected Smartwatch. but by the Skagen it's possible, to disable BT and enable BT again and the N7+ & Skagen will by sync.

    It's a Miracle...

  • tought my bt problem was solved, untill yesterday evening, and it,s back.
    bt connection keeps on interrupting, garmin won't connect and fm transmitter keeps also interrupting.
    tried conectionreset serveral times, did soft reset as nokia told me to, nothing solved the problem, so got my old Iphone back in use for my music, pffff not happy at the moment
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    Not sure what happened after I reset the WiFi, Bluetooth and network settings yesterday but, the watch turned up in my Garmin app in a popup asking me to input the code displayed on it. As in a popup in the app not a system level Bluetooth thing. It now works fine and I have left Bluetooth range many times to check and it always reconnect. The watch doesn't show up in the Bluetooth settings on the phone anymore.

    Will update if anything changes.
  • N7+ 8.1 and vivosmart 3 have the same issue. Connecting my bt headset works fine
  • so, after restting conections, soft reset and what ever, nothing works, the garmin has been connected for 1 hour after a soft reset, but is finished, and giving the same problem.

    connection with Bose soundlink, gives interuptions in the connection, also my Rodmi FMtransmitter does the same, 

    I 'm out of options, no Idea what to do now

    I have got my old Iphone now for the music, because this is getting very irritating, music constantly interrupting (evenry minute or so).

  • I followed what suggested in a Sony support forum post (also about Android 8.1) and it solved part of the issue - now Vivosmart HR+ can be paired up and connected to the app, but connection with BT speaker still drops frequently.


    The partial solution is as follows:


    1. Enter developer mode (settings - system - about phone - tap "build number" 7 times and enter PIN, then a new item "develop options" appears on the settings screen.

    2. Change BT version from 1.4 to 1.3.

    3. Pair up Vivosmart HR+, then change BT version back to 1.4.

  • Jogger Jogger
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    I have a Garmin forerunner 35, same problem after updating 8.0 to 8.1. I resolved a problem by reseting network, bluetooth and wifi settings (separate reset function in android settings). Garmin connect app was installed. After reset, suddenly Garmin connect itself found a forerunner device and Garmin connect app asked bluetooth pair pin code (not android bluetooth pin code system window). There is not forerunner device in android system bluetooth settings. However, Garmin Connect app says, connected. It also reconnect if connection fails for example when max operating range exceeds and Garmin device comes in operating range again.
    So it works and problem solved. I noticed that other user found same kind of solution to problem.
  • srcrow srcrow
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    I'm experiencing the same problem with fenix 3 HR.
    The above solutions didn't work for me.
  • Jogger's solution works for me, thx 

  • when i reset the connection, then i can repair, it works until I walk away from the phone, too far so the connection with the watch is gone, when you come back at the phone, it doesn't restore the connection.
    and it will not reconnect anymore.
    Then you need to reset the connections again and pair the watch and phone again, and it will work as long as the connection brtween phone and watch is there.
  • Sooo done with it. Fat up with the worthless service. I,ve send the phone back to the seller. After getting a mail that the case was closed an if Inwas happy with te solution? Wich solution. BT is crap, not working, even when i've send a mail saying i,ve send the phone back tonthe seller I get a respond that ive got to go to system , BT settenng bla bla bla,
    I,ve got the feeling the do not take this serious, the do not read any feedback or what ever, enough is enough, back to IOS i,m afraid, sad because I realy rhought this was a perfect phone for me.
    Selling is 1 thing, but the aftersales are realy crap.
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    Update after 2 days of finding the solution there worked for me. Still connecting as it should and no more issues have been had!

    I saw that Jogger had found the same solution.

    I'm not 100% sure how people can reproduce it, but I think the deal is to connect it to the app, when it loose connection, you do a network, Bluetooth and WiFi reset and after that open the Garmin Connect app, you should not have to add the watch again. If it works you should get a popup in the app to input the code provided by the watch. You should not be required to put the watch into pairing mode, it will automatically display the code you need to input.  After this is done it should work fine. Note that the watch won't show up in the Bluetooth settings on the device, but it's connected to the Garmin connect app directly. Hopefully in time a fix will be provided, making this unnecessary.

    Some have pointed out problems with Bluetooth speaker and headphones, I have not experienced any such issues myself.

  • It seems like quite a lot of users have the same problem. It would be great if Nokia could give an official comment on this issue and when it is expected to be resolved. It is taking quite some time now. 

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    same problem with me. garmin vivoactive. to be fair, i had problems with garmin syncing on my huawei p9 before this phone. garmin has never been a good product my view. i only use garmin to upload activity to strava. otherwise i don't wear the watch. it's a fragile piece of poo and i really don't like it.

  • Gjk Gjk

    Had the same problem with FR 935 & Nokia 7 Plus (Android 8.1), got it sorted with a workaround :

    On Android device : go to Settings>> Network&Internet>> 3 dots on the upper right>> Reset WiFi, Mobile&Bluetooth.

    Garmin Connect automatically asks for new PIN when connecting to the phone again, then re-connecting works OK.

    Now in relation to playing music on BT devices - that seems to be fixed now too!

    I was previously going through the workaround of changing "Bluetooth AVRCP Version" in Developer Options in Android (changed ver. from default 1.4 (default) to 1.3 later to 1.5) , it helped a bit as freezing with playing music was less often, but did not resolved the problem in full. Only after re-seting WiFi as explained above helped to solve it fully. There was a Garmin Connect update recently, just in case it was related.

    For changing BT AVRCP ref:!topic/phone-by-google/hcPRStQER3E

    in case resetting BT is not sufficient.

    All works ok for me now, hope it helps others too!

  • srcrow srcrow
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    Gjk, if I do that, it will work the first time. After switching off and on the bluetooth, or if i lose connection with my fenix 3, its unconnectable again.
  • Same issue with my Nokia 7+ and Garmin Fenix 3HR. Today I used my previous phone Nexus 5x, updated it to Android 8.1 and still had a great connection and it even updated my watch.
    When I tried to connect the Nokia again, I first deleted the previous Bluetooth connection. Android was able to see my watch and asked for the pin from the watch (which was displayed on the watch). However the phone was not able to pair.
  • srcrow srcrow
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    Well, I just tried yesterday to pair the fenix 3 Hr with my phone again and guess what... It worked as described per other users. Not sure how I did it so I can not replicate the steps, but it's working now, although not listed on the paired devices it seems to be paired with Garmin connect app.
    I can switch on and off and always reconnect.
    I hope this bluethoot problem will be fixed on the May update anyway.
  • Dayalanr Dayalanr

    I have the same problem with my Garmin Fenix 5S.

    My Garmin Connect Build number is 4.6.4

    I have Nokia 7 plus with Android 8.1. My bluetooth AVRP version is 1.4 (default)

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