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Has anyone with the 2017 Nokia 6 TA-1033 received the Oreo 8.1 update?


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     not in the UK. Apparently Nokia cares more about the new emerging markets like India and completely ignores Europe. Also, I've noticed the UK is kind of left for last as we always seem to be the last to get updates....

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    I geht the update last week in Germany.
  • Hoi ik heb de update van mijn telefoon ta-1033 naar Android 8.1 gehad. Nederland.
  • Still no update in the UK on EE
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    After wiping the cache partition, the update showed up and could be installed.

  • Wiping the cache (from recovery I assumed) didn't make any difference.  Still no update on checking.  Shame.

  • Still no sign of it for either the 1033 or the UK Nokia 5 variant. I've had this Nokia 6 since launch in the UK and Nokia have never managed to push out updates correctly.
  • I still did not get the update,did your devices get the update ?

  • Nope, still no sign.  Disappointing as the decision to get the Nokia for me was the alleged monthly updates.  Shame as physically the device is lovely (although the screen scratches more easily than any mobile I've ever had).  Nokia definitely not on my list next time :(  You live and learn.

  • Still nothing in the UK on O2, this really is starting to suck now!

  • Still nothing come on Nokia. Need 8.1 to fix Spotify force close issue
  • Still nothing on O2 UK. Nothing but silence from Nokia.
  • Markets that have received it...

    In India TA-1021
    In Pakistan (TA-1021)
    In UAE Nokia 6 (TA-1021)
    In Indonesia Nokia 6 TA-1021
    In Norway TA-1021
    In Mexico TA-1025, TA-1027
    In Bangladesh TA-1021
    In Cambodia Nokia 6 TA-1021
    In Finland Nokia 6 TA-1021
    In US Nokia 6 TA-1025
    In Russia Nokia 6
  • And what is most galling is this:

    Nokia 6, 00WW_5_22A_SP01, released on March 7, 2018.
    No reason not to have the update yet! Sort it out HMD, it's getting a bit silly now.
  • Yes last week. In the Netherlands.
  • Yes, I'm in Aus.

    But only after some dicking around that involved inserting a SIM from a different carrier. My phone isn't tied to any carrier.

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     It's the 3-rd of May and no update. No 8.1, no April security update.

    What's worse, my wife's Samsung has got  Oreo and March updates last month, making me look like an idiot.

    She also does not have the same software issues that Nokia 6 users experience. I left Samsung for Nokia the moment I heard Nokia is coming back and I was one of the first people in the UK to buy the Nokia 6, minutes after it was made available at CPW. Seeing the way this is going, I am very disappointed. I admit that it may be because this is the first Nokia smartphone after so many years and issues would be normal, but not keeping to the one VERY important promise and that is to push updates as soon as they come, makes us all look like idiots. It's a good sturdy phone, but the software issues, even on a clean Android and the lack of updates, even at the price that we have paid, it does not seem to be worth it.

    I am sure Nokia 8 and sirocco or 7 plus do not have the same issues, but that is not what I have expected from Nokia. Granted, many other countries have got the update but they are reporting sooooo many issues with it. I got over Dolby crackling, phone being very sluggish at times, in call sound issues, calls dropping, absolute crap camera, just because I said: it's a Nokia. It gives me fast updates and it is durable. That is what I wanted in smartphone, It looks like this phone is getting further away from what it has promised to be. I am disappointed. I wanted so much to go for the sircocco, because I just love the looks. Now...it looks like I might want to go back to Samsung. At least their devices work after an update...

  • I am with you there got the phone on day of release. 4g calling has never eorked, bluetooth very flaky and now slow buggy updates. I think they have bitten of more than they can chew. Just told my wife not to get a Nokia and she has gotten a pixel 2 instead. Arriving today so curious how that is. Always had Samsung and even though I find their bloatware a pain might just have to go back.
    Furthermore Nokia seems to have forgotten that they started this forum no sign off life for months
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    Do you have a device that receives the April security patch?I got an Android 8.1 update but there's no security patch for April.



  • did everyone get the April security patch???
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    Still no 8.1 in the UK or April security patch. Still no word from Nokia about why it hasn't rolled out. Poor show on all accounts.
  • Why is there such a thing? The authorities have no explanation.
  • Nokia 6 TA 1033 April security no......???????????
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    I don't have him.What about you ?

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    Could this be the week. At least release security patches for April and may. It's such a big part of your advertising campaign to provide monthly timely updates.
  • We are still in the March security patch while certain regions receive the May security patch.Both the month of April and the May security patch still did not reach us.This is very bad.Did you get one of these security patches you?

  • No still nothing here in the uk
  • Nothing from the UK either, I've been on support chat all morning, clearing all kinds of caches and app data, soft resetting and trying to find workarounds. No solutions though. Still I am stuck on 7.1.2 January security patch, have been for months. It's ridiculous when patches were promised monthly. It's made all the more annoying the 6.1 came out a month after I got my phone. Any help or suggestions?
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    if you are on EE as me that could be part of problem. i picked up tesco sim card(O2) and put that in. that would make phone update. saying that neither my sim cards can get me beyond march patch.

  • I just had the stock response about updates being based on carrier, country and testing. No answer as to why the UK has generally been ignored. It's obviously not a carrier issue, so I'm assuming that Nokia just haven't bothered pushing the update out to the UK 6 and 5. Wondering if it's because neither are part of the Android one program.