Nokia 5 very slow

Since last friday my Nokia 5 is very slow. My apps opens very slow, or lacks.

Nokia 5 very slow

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Since last friday my Nokia 5 is very slow. My apps opens very slow, or lacks. Sometimes i get a message that the app is not responding, and i should close the app or wait...until then the Nokia 5 works very fine and fast. The update to android 8.1 didn't help to solve this problem. Maybe someone knows this problem and can help ?


  • nishanth nishanth
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    8.1 Oreo works just fine for me.

    I suggest you do a refresh / do a factory reset in that case.

  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    I have the same problem almost since day 1...

    Android 7 -> Update to 8.0 -> Update to 8.1


    After a reboot it's "fine" (if i can call it that!)

    Few hours later, the use it's almost UNBEARABLE!

    Damn you nokia...

    I think i will return this...

    Well built, for SURE! Then again... 1 minute to try to make a simple CALL???????

  • i have the same problem which is strange because i've seen phones with lower specs perform better it gets hot just by taking pictures or opening the simplest of apps ram management is so bad and the phone takes forever to perform simple tasks like phone calls not happy with this purchase one bit

  • user1522991111322 user1522991111322
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    Yes.Its a problem of all nokia 5 phone's.Because nokia Don't give the best for the software 8.1 oreo.The battery,the speed,camera in everything has problem.Nokia Don't care about their customers.if they care they fix problem quickly but they don't.I complained about the problems but they don't take any action about problems.I am very disappointed about it.They Don't care about us.
  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    I had problems for several WEEKS. My NOKIA 5 was a BRICK! made my life miserable.

    I returned it, and bought a new one (the new unit now works as intended... SLOW? Sure... but WORKS!!)

    The old one was back to repair (I DON'T WANT REPAIR, i have the right to demand the money back) and the tech support here in portugal (it's a BAD BAD company) said "the phone has no problems"!!!!

    Now I've complained to several buyer support institutions to get my money back! And i bought it on a VERY WELL KNOW and BIGGGGGGG store nationwide!


  • Naumi Naumi
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    Unfortunately I didn't do research before I spend my money on a Nokia 5. I thought I can trust them. I found out they use different NAND flashes in their Nokia 5 product.

    You can't solve those hardware issues with software.

    Nice try Nokia. If you or the shop don't replace my device this afternoon with one that has the faster NAND flash it was the last time I spend my money on any Nokia products and buy in future only SailfishOS devices of your great neighbor Jolla.

    Android is a toy by the way. Just like iOS. What a pity that Nokia does not team up with its neighbor Jolla in Finland to sell an European product. It could be Finland power but instead they try to sell me crap.

    Take your faulty Nokia 5 back, Nokia!!

  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    Naumi, i had the same conclusion from my 2 month experience with my first NOKIA 5... I almost gone crazy with this... only explanation is CHEAP FAULTY memory chips...

    My second Nokia 5 does not crash a lot... still, slow sometimes... but usable. Not the first one...

    Nokia will put the 5 behind because they have new models, but i believe there are users use very bad Nokia 5 phones out there because of HMDs bad decisions...

  • Naumi Naumi
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    Ok. Thank you for the information, marcolopes!

    What a pity actually. My strategy for HMD Global / Nokia phones would look totally different. It would be something you could be proud of as European.

    Nokia wants to sell Google crap. Let them. It's their choice.

    The ex-Nokia guys "around the corner" in Helsinki of Jolla are much smarter.

  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    well, i talked to soon! My "new" Nokia 5 (well, been using for 2 months now), it's CRASHING and freezing just like the old one!

    I will never buy nokia again... Going to choose another brand (maybe Xiaomi) and return this defective phone.

  • Naumi Naumi

    I printed this thread and returned the phone. After about 10 days the shop called me and said I can come in and choose another phone. I put some money on top and took the Huawei P20 Lite.

    I wish Nokia teams up with Jolla and produces a nice device with SailfishOS. 

    Designed in Finland. An European product. That would be nice.

  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    I was about to do that the last time (get the P20 Lite) but i insisted on another NOKIA 5!!! Bad decision!

  • Why dos anyone from nokia give us an answer in this problem?
  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    They just don't care!

  • Then back to xiami for me No more Nokia, they are not reliable
  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    Me too. I still have to choose a Xiaomi Model so i can return the NOKIA 5.

  • Well i did factory reset and the problem now its less, not solved, less.
    I have a bit more ROM than before, with the same apps.
    I cant belive they call this place Nokia care , i havnt see an answer fron Nokia.
    They choose bad companies to work with, first microsoft and now them...
  • Well for sure Nokia 5 is very slow and it hangs a lot of times. However since I've started using All-in-one toolbox and set it to automatically clear RAM I've noticed a significant boost. You should give it a try
  • Do not use SD Card as internal storage mode if you do that. Sd cards are very slow.
  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    SD CARD has nothing to do with it... i don't even use an SD CARD as INTERNAL memory.

    And even if i did, i have an SANDISK EXTREME PRO, that is FASTER than the internal memory of the phone! How about that?

  • No way, its slower then phone's internal memory. There is no sd card faster then internal. Coz phones doesnt use sd cards. I have samsung pro plus its also top class Card but its still slower then phone's. I did benchmark, phone read about 280 MB/sec in sequential. Do you know any SD Card can read in real life? They Just rated them 200 , 100 but they cant reach these speeds. In random read and write you cant even compare both. Just benchmark and you will see.
    My phone smooth and fast. idk why yours slow. Maybe you can try to disable chrome and use firefox. I have no any other idea sorry.
  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    PCMark for Android gives me BETTER performance on my SDCARD (vs internal memory) both READ and WRITE!!!

  • LoL ! You know what, pcmark can benchmark my external disk even I unmounted it LoL. So it doesnt benchmark your real SD card. Its Benchmark wrong path no doubt, Maybe Nokia use 8gb+8gb Two disks and it benchmark these. It says my external can read 260mb even Samsung couldnt say that. My SD card can read 100mb nothing more.
    Try another benchmark app like androbench or etc. but make sure they benchmark your SD Card. Check Card path and size for that.
  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    I'm being moderated in this topic! I responded 3 times with many other tests, many of them i can choose the MEMORY CARD.

    I've used*m.a1dev.sdbench


    They both give me more speed on the external card.

  • The same problem here. Nokia 5 is a brick. It worked smoothly at some point but now its driving me crazy. Opening email client takes 10 seconds, same for the camera app etc.

    I hope I can return this phone.

    I wonder if they do this slowdown on purpose?
  • Here is a similar thread:

    Nokia is such a joke.

    - It seems that they dont test the android updates on their phones. Other models report similar issues as well.

    - They put up this "help forum", but there is not a single Nokia employee reading it

    - There is no customer support

    I guess they're more busy in office politics like in the good old days. :)
  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    @Sampsa Riikonen I've been saying that for many months now. I swapped my first Nokia 5 (after 2 months of fighting the tech support here in Portugal, awful).

    My second NOKIA 5 didn't crash as much, but still, it's like you say... cheaper devices work smoothly. This one freezes, has sluggish performance (now i even have wifi switching to 4G and vice-versa every other time...)

  • Sheppards1984 Sheppards1984
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    So i have been reading all these posts about sluggishness, and here I am too. It all started a few months ago. Tried everything; full factory reset, playing arouns with developer options, fpu rendering, opengl settings tweak, process limit change, different launchers, freeing up internal memory, removing the SD card, restarting the phone, nothing worked unfortunately. I have to agree the hardwarenis weak, but still, the change was sudden and unexpected
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