Battery Desaster with Android 9

Before the update battery lasts for almost 2 days, now less than 8 hours!
How can I get rid of android9?


  • I read about bad battery lifetimes with Pie in different online magazines. You can try to start power safe option with 75% for example - that way it should last much longer.

    I never tried to downgrade an Android phone. It could be risky. For example, if a firmware of a hardware component was updated during Pie update, which is not longer compatible with Android 8.1 :neutral:

    But I think we all have to wait until Google fixes this problem in Pie... :disappointed:
  • Often the battery routines take a few days to learn (again).
    Sometimes a factory reset will clear hanging caches that cause the trouble.
    Generally, I am disappointed by Android Pie on Nokia8. My phone also lasts shorter (not a day) than before (usually 40% left in the evening)
  • I haven't seen any major changes for the better or worse with Pie as far as battery life is concerned.

    I wonder if in original poster's case the battery usage statistics show any particular application being a significant battery hog (maybe some application doesn't work well with Pie for some reason?), or if it's pretty even?
  • For me battery lifetime at Pie seems to be the same as before.
    You could try a hard reset in order to check, if buggy configuraion/update causes your problems.
  • To original poster, try running Optimisation.
    Mine seemed worse to start with as well (may have just needed time) but I went to Optimisation through Battery and optimised any apps that weren't and it is now back to normal. I get through a day easily without any issues.
    Optimisation isn't available for some apps and some seem to ignore the optimise request.
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    I have the Impression, that battery life is better since Pie  :)
  • After the update there were no statistics about app usage of battery.
    That changes after a restart and loading battery to 100%
    Now battery life get's better from day to day although I didn't change anything in configuration 
    Seems strange to me but the result is fine
    Thanks for the comments and trying to help 
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    Here's something for giggles:

  • I have found a way to downgrade my Nokia 6 2017 from android Pie 9 back to Oreo 8.1.
    Here is a link:
    You will need to download your Nokia X, december 2017 update and 8.1 firmware. Everything is explained in the video.

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    My Nokia 8 had a battery life of 1,5 h from full charge. Did all the tricks in the "mannual" and now the battery life time is 4 hrs.
    Hope an improvement to be done by those who own the situation.

    Ps. Battery lifetime shows now 6 hrs. Something is gradually happening?
  • Battery is perfect. It makes around 8 to 9 h SoT on WiFi.
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    My Nokia 6 2017 running on April update has issue  of  overheating while charging. This was occurred in march 2019 update and thought will be resolved in in April update but this issue is seriously increasing and also getting a warning of heating of the battery while charging. It is damn serious the mobile get heated like iron box. 😠😠😠
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    povedal Shri :
    Môj Nokia 6 2017 beží na apríli aktualizáciu má problém prehriatia pri nabíjaní. To sa stalo v marci 2019 aktualizáciu a myšlienka bude vyriešený v apríli aktualizáciu, ale tento problém je vážne zvyšuje a tiež dostať varovanie pred ohrevom batérie pri nabíjaní. Je to sakramentsky vážne mobilný vyhrievaný ako železo box. 😠😠😠
    I have no problem with this on my Nokia 6.