About the next Nokia flagship device

Since the next flagship model of yours is in r&d stage I want to point what we're want from you.

About the next Nokia flagship device

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Since the next flagship model of yours is in r&d stage I want to point what we're want from you.
Nokia 9 was a long waited top tier high end device so we're clear about that it's gonna be expensive it's gonna be impressive IF you won't miss or drop some important features.
It also shouldn't have any useless features like notch or edge screen.
Instead of some useless marketing gimmicks it should have useful features and innovations that advertise the phone just with it's presence.
First thing; camera, I don't talk about much we all know what it should be like; 20 or 41 mp main camera with best OIS system possible and 8-12 mp secondary camera with Penta lens setup or 40-20 double camera with ois and Penta lens.
We need a xenon flash too, all of the flashs lenses ets should be underneath of gorilla glass 5 camera cover.
Second, Audio recording and SPEAKERS (SPEAKERS; 'S' stands for at least 2 stereo speaker ) it's ok we all excited about ozo audio but quality of the records we have means nothing if we can't hear it from the phone, just put 4 mics for recording and that will be great, but please don't pass the audio output quality (well other brands using boombox HiFi speakers for this; for me this feature is better than having a 100% screen to body ratio) put at least 2 stereo speakers; in front of the phone or to the sides (one stereo to the bottom and 2 individual stereo to the upper right and left sides, just on the top to the volume buttons) for me having a 3-4 % extra screen via notch means nothing when it comes to the audio quality and I'm sure that there's a lot of people thinking about the same. Don't remove the headphone jack; it's a huge disadvantage in the developing markets which you are focusing right now.(ps please fix the audio problem on the Nokia 6 it's been months since we start suffering from cracking and hissing sounds and broken notrification sounds)
As for the display please use the clear black puremotion AMOLED displays or something equal to that, LCD is obsolete and wasteful on battery and poled is not that good.oled screens are great for watching movies their color balance is great. And keep the brightness higher than Nokia 8 please. And I wouldn't want the same problems with Nokia 8s display so please be more careful with the colour balance.
I'm expecting a stainless steel body on Nokia 9 and it should be like that anyways but please use glass back ceramic is fine too but it doesn't feels classy enough, I mean you can't have enough color options.speakin from the screen can you please add a modernized version of Nokia sleeping screen to the phone it's one of the signature features of Nokia, along with the Nokia creative studio.

As for the extras please add a simple and useful gallery and video-music player.

Ok that's it. from my point of view this features are worth the money more than edge screen or notch.
I can pay $750 or 800 for a phone like this but I wouldn't pay a single penny-buck-rs etc to a single speaker notch screen phone; what ever the chipset is. Make money worth devices not with some trends.


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    I totally agree with you.
    We want something that will disrupt s9, huwei p20 , iPhone X . Remember lumia 1020? We want something like that .
    60megapixel sensor is what we want.
    Dual tone led flash is not bad but we need killer camera sensor + best Qualcomm chipset + ESS sabre dac + slimmed stock Android + ddr4 ram with highest bandwidth and clock speed+ fastest ufs2.1 drive + slim and premium look like Nokia . Don't add notch or remove gold standard headphone Jack.
    Wish you best Nokia
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    Another great wish-list for the next flagship. I hope that HMD are taking note of the general lack of interest in this forum for notches and edgelessness and the desire for optics, audio and connectivity.

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