Restarting issue in Nokia 7 plus

Bought 7 plus yesterday,but the phone keeps rebooting in a day 3-4 times,spoke too support team their solution was to factory reset but it's not working.Is the product faulty?

Restarting issue in Nokia 7 plus

rajs rajs
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Bought 7 plus yesterday,but the phone keeps rebooting in a day 3-4 times,spoke too support team their solution was to factory reset but it's not working.Is the product faulty? Feel like I should replace the phone.


  • thursfield thursfield
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    That surely seems like a hardware issue. Other possibility could be a bad application, but a factory reset should fixed it then. I would get it replaced if I was in your shoes.
  • rajs rajs
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    Thanks for the reply,Factory reset didn't fix it, looks like a hardware issue.
    Have asked to replace the mobile.
  • Mine is doing the same thing, have you managed to resolve the issue?
  • NeilJ NeilJ
    Mine has restarted 4 times in the last couple of days - twice today when I wasn't even using it.
  • NeilJ NeilJ
    Just restarted again. Not sure if its a full restarted, as I don't have to put in my sim pin password. I think this handset maybe going back No way of knowing if its a bug. I'm running on 8.0 Feb
  • rajs rajs
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    The issue hasn't been solved yet, the phone restarts randomly in a day.Nokia was supposed to give me a replacement,but here India the support team is worst, neither they reply to ur emails neither the customer care solves the problem.They were suppose to pick my old phone 2 weeks back,buy zero feedback.
    And I am using 8.1 from 1st day itself,wish I hadn't bought Nokia phone.
  • ashis kar ashis kar
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    Try side android P and check if its happening there.. if it happens there. .then its a hardware issue... but frequent rebooting is normally a software issue.. 

  • NeilJ NeilJ
    I was hoping that the 8.1 update may resolve the issue, but it sounds like some people are having the restart issue on 8.1. My phone has restarted again overnight. I think I'll look at getting a replacement.
  • Hello people, my 7 plus restarts itself random while is charging, in last 2 3 days. Does anybody know what the problem might be ?
  • Same issue here. Phone was delivered on Wednesday and has been restarting several times a day. Tried factory reset and hasn't resolved the issue so I guess I have a busted phone.
  • ashis kar ashis kar
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    Did u guys try clearing wipe use data from boot loader and flashing the factory image (even android P) via adb.. it seems user data partition is corrupt.. if it doesnt solve, u need to take to service centre..

  • rajs rajs
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    I had updated my phone to the new update after 8.1 , which didn't solve the restart issue,finally on Friday my phone was taken by Nokia for replacement,which I had requested on 2nd May.Now waiting for new phone,hoping they won't take 18 days again.
    If you have restart issue plz go for replacement, looks like a hardware issue,coz had the latest update.
  • ashis kar ashis kar
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    Factory reset does not mean ur user data is gone... If u have replacment option go for it.. even service centre.. but what i suggested to wipe data partition and then side loading factory image 8.0 or 8.1 to recheck.. but anyway here is a way how to side load any image.
  • user1527246081499 user1527246081499
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    It's a Wi-Fi related problem. Try turning off the Wi-fi on the phone and see if it happens. I had the same problems, but have just been using the phone for a week with no Wi-Fi and had no reboots at all. I also noticed that in weak Wi-Fi areas it's a lot worse - basically every time the phone requests data through Wi-fi (like when you open an app) it would restart.

    I've told HMD Global directly about this problem (I'm a tech journalist) and I'm going to keep on at them for a response - I'm also going to send this thread over to them as this is obviously a real problem affecting lots of people.

  • Hello!
    I bought the phone 1 month ago and last 2 weeks I have the same problem. It restarts by itself 2-4 times per day. It's so annoying! I am going to visit tomorrow the store where I bought it. I hope they find a solution to this issue and Nokia pay attention to this.
  • Hi. I am having the same problem (running Android 8.1). Seems to be related to WiFi as user1527246081499 mentioned. The phone is restarting randomly. Another symptom is the dead WiFi setting that is impossible to switch on, case when I need to restart manually the phone.

  •  same problem here, replaced the device once, but the issue still persists.., any solution to this!

  • Same problem. Running latest version of Android one but even when stock from the box it had it restarts. Wasn't even sure in the beginning because it didn't ask for pin for simcards all the times. It seems that during the day it has soft restarts that sometimes do require entering credentials and sometimes not but within minutes of charging it it immediately starts to reboot in several minute intervals. I have to switch it off to be able to charge it. This didn't happen at first.
  • I am facing the same problem. My Nokia 7 plus restarting itself. What to do please guide.
  • Same here. Is there already a fix available?
  • Still no solution? It's not wifi, it's turned off all time and it's same problem. Maybe a custom Rom will solve the problem?
  • same here. i bought it one month back,the speaker stopped working after 15 days and now i got it fixed, after that this software issue started. The phone started going on and off 2-3 times a its every time i switch it on and try opening an app it goes switched off automatically. i tried factory reset 5-6 times and it gets stuck on the software download page and again get switched off there and it take me back to the starting page of the reset process and it keeps repeating. Now even reset is not happening,tried contacting customer care every way possible,no response
  • Karl Kubuga Karl Kubuga
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    Same here. My 7+ randomly restarts several times every time I start charging it. As in Ghana I cannot get a replacement, I'm simply stuck with a device that hurts my feelings every time I look at it.
  • I am also facing the same problem Please nokia do something. I have my phone restarts multiple times only when plugged in for charging

  • I am also facing same issue with Nokia 6.1+ from the very first day I bought it. I have updated this device to Android P. Still issue persists. Any solution will be really helpful.
  • My nokia 7plus keeps restarting randomly once i connect to charge.. i have tried other chargers and cables and issue persists... Any help pls...
  • AniketThakur AniketThakur
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    Bashali04 said:
    My nokia 7plus keeps restarting randomly once i connect to charge.. i have tried other chargers and cables and issue persists... Any help pls...
    What is it build no and have u tried resetting the device as this problem can't be solved by changing settings. It could be hardware defect too.
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    Have tried your respond but problem still persist, phone in at service ,Maybe Nokia will or Should give attention to this
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