nokia 7 plus india unit issues

hello all would like to start a thread where issues related to nokia 7 plus india retail units are mentioned.

nokia 7 plus india unit issues

sandip sarkar sandip sarkar
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hello all

would like to start a thread where issues related to nokia 7 plus india retail units are mentioned.

please let me know what issues are been faced with nokia 7 plus and if any solutions


  • chets4589 chets4589
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    hi there. i am facing audio quality issues Nokia 7 Plus via headphone jack. sound distorts at high volumes. can this be fixed via software updates? 

    such a great phone in every sense but with a really poor audio quality. im am utterly disappointed.

  • sandip sarkar sandip sarkar
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    it has been known that the 7 plus does put up a flat output via audio jack.
    probably can try to use some other music player apps to see if the issue gets resorted to some extent. Also make sure which headphones u using, it can make a difference.
    right now this is what i can suggest .. rest all can pitch in with their thoughta
  • 1- Does Not have face unlock

    2- Doesn't have Use SD card as internal 

  • chets4589 chets4589
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    i have been using Nokia in box earphones for past few days. they sound excellent in other phones but sound terrible in Nokia 7 plus. i even tried installing music players. sound out put through speakers improved but no change in output through earphones. 

  • user1525447581466 user1525447581466
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    I still haven't received any system update.
    Running android 8.0 with February security patch. Seems weird considering a lot of people got 8.1 out of the box. Do we have a time frame of when we can receive the seemingly already released update?
  • user1525534129976 user1525534129976
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    I just bought new Nokia 7 plus.

    I am pretty satisfied with the product, but the wireless music play is awful.

    it is producing crackling sound, and its noticeable, having very bad experience.

    Though using equalizer i have suppressed that.

    But its very upsetting for me. I talked to customer service they said to use Nokia originals. and its not feasible you see.

    My earphones are good, i am using it since 8 months, on pc and used with several other devices.

    Please test this on other wireless Bluetooth audio device, do let me know.

    I have restarted my device several times, but no hope.

    If someone have solution to this please let me know.

    I hope Nokia would fix this as soon as possible.

  • Lachu Lachu
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    I am getting only 8 hrs of screen on time.
    Battery drain is too fast
    I am not sure whether this is common in all phones
    Please provide suggestions if any
  • puneet puneet
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    "Only" 8 hrs of screen on time. What else do you want man? This is absolutely best. 8 hrs of SOT means heavy usage and I guess you would be using 4g all the time. If you use wifi, the phone can easily achieve 9 hrs or maybe more.
  • user1525569092270 user1525569092270
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    I am having terrible battery drain, my phone app, voice call and launcher are the top draining ones. How do I resolve this?
    Thanks in advance.
  • sandip sarkar sandip sarkar
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    For massive battery drain, would suggest to optimize apps in battery settings. Restrict apps that need not run in the background. Check which app is consuming massive juice. Reduce the brightness or adaptive brightness turn on.
    For me the battery is giving 2 days backup with moderate usage( 4G data and wifi always on)
  • I have optimised apps other than whatsapp and Gmail and other default non optimised apps, but the main culprit for battery drain are phone, voice calls and launcher. I am mostly on lte and a medium user. I am getting only 4.30 to 5 hrs of sot when the phone hits 15%.
    10 mins of calls takes 4% of phone and voice calls. Is this normal?
  • Jarvislopes Jarvislopes
    Unable to turn hotspot on
  • The music play through headphones just sucks . I don't understand being 25k + phone how could Nokia provide such an awful quality. 10k chinese vendors provide awesome experience than Nokia 7 plus. Please improve the music experience nokia
  • Music via headphones really sucks .. but a small tip dont use it at full volume .a level lower than that works better. Nokia should enhance the audio o/p through headphones
  • This phone is bomb.
    It roks. Camera is awesome, battery life is very good, runs smooth, after heavy gaming, phone heats almost nothing.
    I found only isue with sound output via headphone jack.
    Google play music app has equiliser and audio quality through it is awese.
    But with other apps, like you tube, mx player, sound quality is flat.
    Nokia should add inbuild equalisser with new latest firmware update.
  • Hello everyone. Everyone saying their headphone doesnt stay connected or bad audio, try this.

    Hold power + Volume Down key for 10 seconds.
    Phone will do a soft reset. (no data lost)
    This fixed my issue of headphone jacks.
    Furthermore, scroll notification bar down. tap settings icon three to four times. UI Tuner will activate. Now go to settings, system, UI Tuner and turn headphones notification ON.
    This will help with connecting headphones.
    Jack is a bit stiff so dont worry it will work fine.
  •  Battery drain too much fast without using till now 7 % down from 100% to 93% without doing anything on the phone what is the issue?

  • Jayshree Jayshree
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    I though I am the only one having headphone jack issue even if I am using Nokia 7 plus headphones. 

    Have already changed the setting basis the comments on this forum. Still problem persist. 

    When you plug it .. sometimes the haedphone symbol comes and sometimes not... sometimes you can hear music by earphones and sometimes not. one thing works very well, restart your phone and earphones starts working. Nokia should pay attention to it. 

  • user1526451468227 user1526451468227
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    Where is ui tunner?
    I didnt find it anywhere.
    My handsent also dosent show headphone symbol,. But it works fine with all apps. No issues.
    Only sound output is flat because of no inbuilt equalizer
  • No inbuilt app lock app which work with fingerprint.
    Third party applock apps does not work well, those apps lags and increse app opening time.
    I am not happy with stock android. If stock android is prefferd for lag free performance, but with stock android i have to install some necessary third party apps, which again slow down performance.
    Need some customization, like nokia have done with camera app in 7+.
    Dont like pure stock android at all.
  • puneet puneet
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    Well, that's what android one branding is all about. Stock Android. Nokia made a custom camera app because it was required to make the cameras work. Other than that, they can't add anything else. Similarly, the Xiaomi devices branded under Android One come with a custom camera app, ir blaster app and community app. There are certain conditions to be followed by manufacturers when launching devices with Android one branding and adding nothing else than what Google offers is one of them.
  • Agree with these terms and conditions of android one platform.
    But the problem is still there. music output is flat bucause of no equaliser, fingerprint scanner is none of use if you dont use screen lock,
    I work 8hours daily in office. So from my side good music output is most expected feature from this phone, because of no equalizer, i cant enjoy youtube sound output. 26000 is much more higher amount. Only good camera is not sufficient. If nokia can customize camera app, then they must add some of the basic customized features in operating system.
    Nowdays I am missing my cheaper Redmi note 3 much.
  • One more thing i have noticed.
    Google play app has equalizer, and it roks.
    Google pla app sound output is awesome with nokias in box headphones, and with my jbl T110 headphones.
    But this equalizer dosent support for onether apps.
    If we consider , As per policy nokia cant add custom features, then google should add this features.
    Google play is subscription app. is free to listen online app. Equalizer dosent work with gaana app. Not necessary that everyone should listen music from google play app. Meny users uses different third party apps which are free of paid.
    So is that any marketing trick from google, that user get frustate and buy google play subscription??? (Its costly)
    No way, i am not gonaa do that..
    And if so, i am gonna tweet this review as not recommend phone for music lovers.
    As user of nokia phone , i am expectin from nokia to solve this problem.
  • Hi. The phone works fine with most of the apps. But apps like Amazon, Pinterest flipkart etc are not working properly. Amazon app wont load for the first time. Same issue with Pinterest and flipkart. Earlier i thought the issue is only over wifi. But i faced same issue over mobile data as well

  • RkIndia RkIndia

    Bought this phone a week back. Its excellent in build quality, OS and fluidity, battery back up it last for 2 days with moderate usage which is the biggest USP and reason I bought this phone. Android one is clean without any bloatware. 2 things which needs improvement

    1. Camera should have OIS for better resutls

    2. Audio quality needs good equalizer for bass effects

  • Here is my issue. Please have a look and if someone is facing similar problem, do tell.

  • Guys, I am facing multiple issues with Nokia 7 plus.
    1. DND mode doesnt work as desired. What happens some times - even if DND mode is off, phone ringtone doesnt play whenever a call comes in. Phone simply goes to silent mode.
    And in sound settings, the ringtone volume is already high.
    This is happening frequently now.
    2. Phone hangs up.
    This has happened thrice in leass than 3 months time. Screen goes black all of a sudden.
    Hard reset is the only option which works in this case.
    3. Finger touch sensor-
    This is related to 2 above. When I was using fingertouch lock it used to hang uo frequently.
    Now I have stopped using fingertouch sensor lock, and its working fine.

    1st is priority. Pls resolve
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