Nokia 7 plus continuously hangs. Device unusable until locked and unlocked again.

I just bought the Nokia 7 plus from Hmd Gbl India website on preorder. The device started hanging right from the first device setup.

Nokia 7 plus continuously hangs. Device unusable until locked and unlocked again.

user1524229032763 user1524229032763
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I just bought the Nokia 7 plus from Hmd Gbl India website on preorder. The device started hanging right from the first device setup. The screen keeps being unresponsive to touches all the time. Locking and unlocking makes screen usable again. Please help me in trouble shooting the issue. I am frustrated.


  • user1526919067797 user1526919067797
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    Me facing exactly same issue. No solution till time. Don't know what to do.
  • nilanjansaha nilanjansaha
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    I am using Nokia 7 Plus(Indian Unit(pre-ordered)) since 1st May and I'm really a heavy user. I play PUBG , COC most of the day and daily. Even I clear my recent background task very often. Like after 2 or 3 days I clear them all. And till now I haven't face any lag on my nokia 7 Plus. So those who have such problems please contact with local nokia service centre.
  • user1525245348232 user1525245348232
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    I am also facing the same issue. Dont know what to do with it. Are they going to release any update regarding this. ?
  • user1526924136420 user1526924136420
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    I am also having this problem. Mine is indian unit purchased from Amazon the initial day of sale.
  • gaurav sharma gaurav sharma
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    I have also facing the same issue. I have done all the solution which was provided by support team and I had visited to Nokia Service Centre also they reinstall the software but still I am facing same issue. You have find any solution regards this problem?
  • keshavyadav1111 keshavyadav1111
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    No i don't have any kind of problem like lag, hanging if you have then you should upload the videos on public platform like YouTube so we can see exactly what's the problem you are facing
  • user1525788304826 user1525788304826
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    Mine running smooth even on extensive heavy gaming. If you have any lagging or hanging problem please make a video and share it, cause nobody have such big issues like you said.
    Don't be picky on small things, ik here and there animation shutter but not a big deal, they'll be fixed by updates
  • Tasneem Elsharif Tasneem Elsharif
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    Hi, I have the same problem i bought it from Saudi Arabia at the 2nd day the screen start to have pale colour didn't respond for about 6-8 hour then it returns by its own ..... But I faced same problem few days Later for short period of time
  • shouvikg796 shouvikg796
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    i am facing same issue
  • sumer sumer
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    I've been using Nokia 7 plus since 1st of May, it's been a month and I didn't face any issues related with performance. Maybe you should visit service centre and get your phone diagnosed.
  • gaurav sharma gaurav sharma
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    I have visit Nokia Service Centre two times. First time(17-05-2018) they reinstall the software again and said that the problem will be resolve now but after one day I am facing the same issue, Nokia 7 Plus hangs touch is totally unresponsive. when i lock and unlock the screen it starts working. On second visit (23-05-2018)  they kept my phone under observation for one day. On next day Service Centre told me that they did not find such kind of issue in this device your device is totally ok. but till date i facing the same issue.

    No solution found till date 

  • user1524224542619 user1524224542619
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    Had the same issue plus a stuck pixel on the display . I pre ordered my nokia 7 plus from nokia's India website. Went to the service center and they agreed to change the entire display panel. Its been 8 days since I have submitted my phone for repair. Now I am being told to wait for more 1-2 days as the parts are in transit. 

    This is really frustrating, I didn't pay 26k for this nonsense. 

    Nokia's customer care doesn't even bother to reply to emails. The chat support is pathetic as all the can say is to visit the nearest service center. This is extremely unprofessional.

  • patriks91 patriks91
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    New Device received:
    I had the same issue.. I purchased it on 19th may and within 2 to 3 days I faced this issue. Firstly I contacted chat support..I followed steps mentioned by them and even formatted the device but the issue was stil not resolved. So I decided to visit Nokia care in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. I went on 28th may to nokia care and They told me that they will need a proof of the issue that I was facing and I was lucky they saw the issue live when i was at the service centre. They decided to provide me a replacement since 14 days were not completed. They reported this issue to Nokia along with the video as proof. Then they sealed my device along with box and accessories and asked me to go to the shop where I purchased this phone with the replacement approved application letter. I went to the shop and gave them the sealed piece along with the replacement letter provided by Nokia care and immediately within 5 mins they gave me new unit.. quite happy with this service from Nokia.. so far no issues on my new device.
  • user1526130379981 user1526130379981
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    I am facing same problem 3 times in last one time one message came on screen ui has stopped.
  • user1526752373905 user1526752373905
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    Even I am also facing the same issue.

    Screen hangs and get responsive only when devise is locked and unlocked.

  • jimmyireland jimmyireland
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    I have had this same issue withmy nokia 8 and 7 plus but usually an lock/unlock fixes it,seems to be an issue here in ireland too on local forumsbut i dont warrant it an device exchange perhaps a rogue app might be the cause

  • user1529587084850 user1529587084850
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    I am also facing same issue ( actually it doesn't hang, it just become unresponsive to touch ) it only work after locking and relocking the screen.
  • Zisco Zisco
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    The same thing happens to me, it's the touch that stops responding unless you lock and unlock the phone.
    I have three weeks with the phone and started this day right after a Factory Reset. Before that, it never happenes

  • munagalapavan9 munagalapavan9
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    Iam facing the same issue of hanging mobile please help me also if any one know regarding this
  • Pooya Movahhed Pooya Movahhed
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    This problem is not because of some rogue app. I factory reset my phone last night and on the second page of new setup (before installing any app) same hanging problem happened. Hey Nokia, we will wait for your next update because we all old time fans, but if this doesn't get fixed in the next update, I am selling this phone and it will be the last time I have ever bought anything from Nokia.
  • user1525788390798 user1525788390798
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    Hi, I am using Nokia 7 Plus from 45 days. Till yesterday there was no issue. But today it was hanging and I couldn't recieve incoming call also. I had to restart device. I thought it's a great device but HMD Global is not focusing on performance and customer service. A note to HMD Global, if you guys really want to bring back Nokia fame then provide good products with great customer service. If you don't have those plans and only want to make money on Nokia brand then please stop manufacturing Nokia products.
  • user1526924136420 user1526924136420
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    Experiencing this issue since long... following all associated posts...

    Nokia has not even bothered to answer on this issue on their semi premium device... gave my  phone to Service Center, and they are asking 3 months time for repair... is this why we pay 26k on a device...

  • ABuyer ABuyer
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    So found this on the ol' interweb and applied the changes to phone and it helps.There is still the occasional freeze when using split screen apps but overall experience is A LOT smoother. Multitasking is better as well apps reload less.

    Batter life has not been affected in any -ve way. I've been using the applied settings for 2 weeks so yes battery life is just as good as before.

    To people who are facing these issue. Its A SOFTWARE issue and not a HARDWARE issue imho.

    Tips for countering laggy interface.

    Go to:

    Settings > Apps & Notifications>Show all apps > tap on (3 dots top right) then tap on Show system


    Battery protection, Caivs CustManager DeviceMonitorControl  PowerMonitor Power saver, Stability Monitor

    All apps are in alphabetical order

    In each app:

    • Modify system settings : no

    • Draw over others apps : no

    In each of the following app:disable apps:(tap to open> force stop >disable) >  Modify system settings : no(i  this option is there)



    Don't worry if you don't find 1 or two of the apps in your firmware I did this to my Nokia 8 and Nokia 7 Plus both had 1  apps missing


    Also I found the more days you use your phone, I THINK imho that the Android OS's inbuilt features learn your usage pattern and the thing that has greatly improved even more than overall smoothness is the multitasking which means less app closing and reloads.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. try these changes for a week and then report back here so others can also benefit and I can also validate that disabling the settings is also working on other devices s well

  • libin2711 libin2711
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    I too had this problem with my Nokia 7 plus but i was quick with service center visits and fortunately service centre issued me a new phone via DAP process. And the replacement phone is working perfectly. My advice be quick to visit service centers.
  • user1529997790973 Interesting solution, hope so that helps, please comment if it occurs again. Regards.

  • Interesting solution. How much time have you pass without the issue since deactivated that option? Regards.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi network and update the firmware. Make sure your device is not too loaded with app.
    Please ensure you download only apps you use.
    Also make sure you are always on line because all the apps uses the network. Then you are good to go
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