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Screen freezing continuously, no solution is working.

Nokia 7 plus continuously hangs. Device unusable until locked and unlocked again.


  • Sujeet797 Sujeet797
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    Screen freezing continuously, no solution is working.

  • After Android 10 update screen hanging dissapeard for me. No issues for now.

  • Vivek J Vivek J
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    I also agree now. Previously I used to think that people are installing tons of apps and therefore their phone is freezing. However even mine has started hanging a lot randomly. For example while using Amazon app, Google news, basically any app where you have to scroll through content. Even browser. It takes several seconds for the phone to become responsive again. I'm now considering to factory reset the phone at a convenient date. But such issues were not there for me on Android 9 and there is hardly any new app that I have installed in the past year that could be causing it.

    Every day this device tempts me more to exchange it for some other. 😔

  • Yeah, Its been happening with me too since Around April..

    So i have tried this things till now

    1) I tried it in safe mode got nothing so uninstalled many suspicious apps but still problem occurs

    2) Tried reseting it to factory settings but still the problem remains..

    then i show this forum and get to know that all people are facing same so its defiantly a device software issues.. Please Fix this as soon as possible @nokia

  • random random
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    I think it's a hardware issue as it can be cured by a screen replacement. However as lock/unlock sorts it out temporarily, surely Nokia could develop a software workaround.

  • Axx Axx
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    Just complaining about the hardware and not the **** software will not solve the problem. The software of N7P is really very badly optimized. If it can be optimizes more. then even this device can run smoothly. Think of the time when you bought this device. This was not that much laggy at that time thanks to the optimized android oreo. But the current version android 10 is not even close in terms of optimization to that.

    TLDR: Do not blame for the things that can't be changed. Try to improve those things which can be improved(software in this case).

  • harizone322 harizone322
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    Sorry to break it to you but, these dummies at HMD won't fix our device anytime soon.

    I regret making this purchase lmao. I wish these issues showed up earlier, so I could RMA it :(

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