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I am from Vadodara,  Gujarat.

Nokia 7 plus continuously hangs. Device unusable until locked and unlocked again.


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    I am from Vadodara,  Gujarat. I had given my phone to Nokia Care on dated 05.07.2018 and today is 15.07.2018 and till time I had visited them twice to collect the status. Still Nokia Care people are unable to answer me how long it will take to replace the touch module. And to height of unprofessionalism their contact number is not working since last 15 days. That's why I have to visit them personally to know the status. This is how Nokia operates in Vadodara which is a big city. Don't know what they are doing or behave in small cities or with other unawared Nokia users.

    As my phone is with Nokia care 

    do they extend the warranty for additional 10 days? as my phone is with them since last 10 days.

    do they really customer oriented to solve or issue?

    Mi is much better. I still regret why I purchased Nokia.

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    any any know how to compain in consumer fourm india?

  • My earlier post is not appropriate in view of moderator and they didn't approved it to share here.

    let me know why?

    what is the issue with my comments?
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    I have started posting the link of this discussion on Youtube channels and other websites to make aware people about the issue and so far responses from Nokia.

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    We have bought this phone because of the big names of Google and Nokia. Big mistake. Nokia is bought by HMD, in other words by a nobody in mobile game who wants to sell their junk under a sellable name for a while. Exactly like Blackberry today. Now we should wait to see if they will have mercy and fix their mess in the next version. Considering the new players like XIAOMI and how smooth and trouble-free their phones are, it is absolutely stupid to buy from Nokia again. It is a one time mistake. Just inform all your friends not to be deceived by the big names bought by lousy and cheap tech companies.
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     As Zisco mentioned: a few days after installing the developer preview, the touch problem started appearing again. Very strange, as it seemed to be working quite well at first.

    So for everybody who thinks that the Android P beta update might be a solution for the touch problems: don't bother installing.

  • I have got a Nokia 7 plus and since the day I have bought it, I am facing a strange problem.
    Every now and them the screen freezes and only way to make it work again is locking and unlocking the phone.
    I can say the screen do not respond to touch because the buttons are working properly in this case.
    if anyone else is facing such problem or if anyone has got any solution to fix this issue?
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    Dear user1531036613491

    This thread for this specific problem and yes everyone is facing same issue. And till time no solution provided either by Nokia Care or Support. Ask for replacement as soon as possible. Better ask for money back and buy some other brand mobile.

  • Guys, I was also facing the same issue when I got the phone 20 days back. Screen freeze happened about 2-3 times a day. Then I read a comment on this thread by the user "ABuyer" who has suggested some steps to counter this problem.  [See his/her comment in Page 2] 

    I only changed the settings in "Battery protection" [Modify system settings" to No]. After this change, I have not encountered the Screen freeze problem. Only sometimes while browsing, I think screen fails to register a touch but functions when I click again. I don't know the improvement is because of this change or something else. But you can give it a try. 

    I am running Android 8.1.0. with July Security patch. 

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    I sideloaded the latest developer preview, which came out today (without hard reset). Will yet you know how it goes.

    • SD problems (eg. save camera pictures on SD card) seem to be solved
    • No touch problems after unlock (so far)
    • Sometimes a slight freeze after a touch or swipe. Works after second try, so no need to lock/unlock when it happens. Hard to pinpoint when this happens.

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    My mobile is with Nokia Care from 05.07.2018. Didn't get any call from them till time. Even they are  not attending any calls of their customers. This is a story of Vadodara Nokia Care. So pathetic.

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    After updating to android p the problem is change

  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    I'm getting the touch problems as well. It seemed to be going well for about a day.

    I have sent info using the Nokia feedback tool.

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     As this is the biggest thread about the issue, I'm going to quote some replies from their chat support:

    • Thank you for your feedback. We acknowledge this bug. At the moment is being investigated.. For now i'm not able to give you to solution of the problem, but stay tuned, please. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
    • Again, i'm not able to provide you with that kind of information. You can just wait for the monthly security update. You should receive it about 1st of august. For any other information, stay tuned.
    • Yes, we have seen other users with the exact same issue
    • Before we noticed that this is a known issue we have tried to solve the issue with some troubleshooting, that wasn't helping so the issue has been escalated to the technical department.
    • I don't really know exactly when and who of my colleagues did the escalation. It's not really relevant as all we can do is wait for a fix to be provided.
    • we completely understand Ben. Unfortunately we are not in direct contact with the technicians and we really hope that the issue will be fixed soon. Please don't hesitate to give us your feedback as soon as there will be some changes on your device. We really appreciate your dedication and how much you are involved but we don't know unfortunately more than what we have referred you.
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    They did not answer my question about whether this is a hardware or software issue. So I still don't know if a replacement device might solve the problem.

    The could not tell me the status or priority of the bug, as technical team does not give such information.

    For now, they always ask to wait until the next update or announcement.

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    So there is no sollution from nokia

  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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     As I understand, they're still investigating the issue.
    But they couldn't tell me if they already found the cause of it.

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    If anyone changed his display tell me your experience?

  • I sent my Nokia for repair because I had the same problem. For now I still have no explanation. Nokia does not say anything. I'll come back to you as soon as I have news. (sorry for my English, I'm french ^^)

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    Bought 4 phones for my family... Never faced such issues in a single unit.. but what an user has said about battery protection might be a soln.. if u think its a software issue.. did anyone try reporting in XDA and getting developers to help u? Or anyone tried to root and flash a custom build just to check if the proble.persists? Anyway i hope nokia sd solve this issue if so many reported that...
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    For almost a month since I purchased my phone not had any issue, then I did a Factory Reset to it (Was the first Factory Reset that I did to it), and some hours later the problem beggun. So, what version you purchased? and how many time passed since you start to using it?


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    Let all move to Consumer Forum (India) and spread this issue (with this community forum link) in various social networking websites to make Nokia hear our words.

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    Hi everyone. I am the creator of this topic. Hope it's high time for me to tell my part of the story. It was a nightmare as the phone hanged every now and then. I faced a lot of social stigma among friends and family for buying a Nokia. I was lucky that I raised a return request within 10 days of receipt. Nokia customer care did not reply to mails repeatedly. Every time I had to call them and persuade them to reply. Anyway got this returned via HMD India's logistic partner Delhivery. Nokia said they cannot assure a replacement until I ship the product back and they inspect and confirm the defect. They perhaps did not have faith in the clear videos I shared of the hanging issue. 3rd class Delhivery took around 17 days to deliver my package to Nokia at Delhi (it should take 2-3 days max). Meanwhile Nokia did nothing to track why the package is taking long to get delivered. It is I who tracked the courier, fought with customer service to had it delivered to Nokia. Is this what HMD expects us customers to do? wait for 2-3 weeks to get a phone worth Rs 26000 replaced due a manufacturing defect. Anyway the replacement device is working alright but still has some **** software glitches(headphone jack plugged in- phone speakers produce sound. When jack is removed speaker is silent. No sound from headphone in any case)that vanish on restart. I am so so so dissatisfied with HMD service- I would fully support and send a packet of gifts to the guy who can sue Nokia in the court of law. Will be selling this PIECE OF **** soon. I PLEDGE TO TO NEVER BUY A HMD device in my life again. Will try my best to influence my family and friends for the same.
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    Guys please try these fixes to see if the freezing issue is resolved or improves. I've been using these "fixes" for a quite sometime on my 7 Plus & Nokia 8. Battery life has not been affected
    in any -ve way. I've been using the applied settings for weeks & battery life is just as good as before.

    To people who are facing these issue. IMHO Its A SOFTWARE issue and not a HARDWARE issue.

    Tips for countering laggy interface.

    Go to:

    Settings > Apps & Notifications>Show all apps > tap on (3 dots top right) then tap on Show system


    Battery protection, Caivs CustManager DeviceMonitorControl  PowerMonitor Power saver, Stability Monitor

    All apps are in alphabetical order

    In each app:

    • Modify system settings : no

    • Draw over others apps : no

    each of the following app:disable apps:(tap to open> force stop
    >disable) >  Modify system settings: no(if this option is there)



    worry if you don't find 1 or two of the apps in your firmware I did
    this to my Nokia 8 and Nokia 7 Plus both had 1  apps missing


    I found the more days you use your phone, I THINK imho that the Android
    OS's inbuilt features learn your usage pattern and the thing that has
    greatly improved even more than overall smoothness is the multitasking
    which means less app closing and reloads.

    Hope this helps.

    try these changes for a week and then report back here so others can
    also benefit and I can also validate that disabling the settings is also
    working on other devices as well.

  • Hey, Abuyer I did these settings but the issue still persists. ☹️☹️☹️
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    Ive asked direct but I'd not be expecting a response
  • Hi everyone I'm posting this after using my fone for a month. Yes even I faced the same issue for a few days but now the issue has stopped completely. I don't know how that happened but luckily it has. I have Norton Cache Cleaner installed as suggested by the Nokia chat support but tbh I don't think that a cache cleaner is going to resolve any problems. Nokia is yet to say anything about this issue whether it is a s/w issue or a h/w issue. I hope it doesn't happen again on my fone but I would still like to know the root cause of it. It is about time Nokia acknowledged that their quality control has been poor. To HMD Global - Have some courtesy at least to step forward and take responsibility for the issue that has been affecting many users. P.S. I have stopped recommending this fone to anyone now and I instead recommend a OnePlus 6.  

  • Gar Gar
    Hi. Have the same issue. Running in safe mode or factory reset did not help. Sent it back to Nokia service centre, but according to them there was no issue... Still they made a clean system install. After that, the issue disappeared for a few days, but then returned in the most serious way: a freeze every time I unlocked the phone.
    I had completely had it with this phone and planned a visit to the shop where I purchased it. But then a miracle happened: without doing anything special, since July 14 the issue completely disappeared! Now wait, how long this will last...
  • shouvikg796 shouvikg796
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    After installing norton cache cleaner the problem disappeared ,it almost 16 hours.

  • Zisco Zisco
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    user1529997790973 and shouvikg796, interesting that Norton Clean helps. Did you just install the app or erase cache or do something else?

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