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i too have been facing this problem i am an avid mobile gamer and due to this problem i can't play PUBG ,

Nokia 7 plus continuously hangs. Device unusable until locked and unlocked again.



    i too have been facing this problem i am an avid mobile gamer and due to this problem i can't play PUBG ,

    ppl with even lower specs seem to have no problem , i really didn't expect this from NOKIA its 25k phone should't you guys be supporting us with this problem . i brought this phone cause i trusted this brand and this what they are repaying us ..... at the least respond to the tread 

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     As I saw in settings > System > About phone, the Touch Panel of my phone is made from Goodix which is a Chinese company and apparently they produce low quality products. Or at least they don't support them sufficiently.

    I hope the problem lies in the firmware of this panel and not in the panel itself.

    Its firmware version is 07 Goodix-V1.017.16.

    Could anyone who doesn't have this problem report whether their phone has the same or different Touch Panel firmware version?

    With a quick search in the internet I saw that is possible to update the Touch Panel firmware. But in order to do this we need a new and fixed firmware.

    So, from this position, as a customer of yours, I make an appeal to you NOKIA HMD to provide a fixed Touch Panel firmware to us so that the touch panel unresponsiveness issue gets eliminated.

    Furthermore we demand immediately an official declaration, in this thread, from you NOKIA HMD, about the current status of your handling of the problem.

  • Hi George, I am using Nokia 7 Plus from 3 months but I have not faced any issue till now. Device is working perfectly fine. I am from Bangalore, India. My device also shows same touch panel version. But I am worried about this thread. Many users are complaining about touch issues and there is no word from Nokia HMD yet.
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    After updating to android p beta 3 my touch pannel version is 0. 017.18.after installing the Norton cache cleaner my problem has totally gone
  • If someone can report it on hmd's Twitter handle or Facebook account.. hopefully that will make them sit up and take notice.even after this issue being reported by majority owners,there's absolutely no response from the company.
  • I am using a new device I got as a replacement for the older defective one with the touch issue. This device is working fine since 2 months and has the same firmware version for the touch panel as you mentioned. Guys I request you to not come up with lame guesses and dumb workarounds for the issue. Just because you think you are smart and you found something seemingly interesting from your relentless quest(because you are frustrated about the issue in Rs 26k phone) with the phone's settings and the internet, does not mean you can grab attention in this thread- atleast not of HMD'S. HMD is mute about this as they are aware of the fact that it is purely a hardware issue and all the defective devices need a touch panel replacement. So PLEASE STOP POSTING DUMB REQUESTS FOR SOFTWARE FIXES AND STUPID APPS THAT CAN FIX IT. Let somebody sue HMD as soon as possible.
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    I did with Juho but as expected not a word from him. I have to say I don't like his attitude and ignorance even towards influencers of the brand this has really annoyed me and others who actively promote the brand like myself
  • i have same problem with my Nokia 7+, I gave a chance to nokia but I'm
    already starting to change my mind, the bootloader can not be officially
    unlocked and now the problem with the touchscreen, a bit disappointed, I
    hope hmd solve these issues and if not, buh bye nokia.

  • I've been experiencing the same issues and I tried ABuuyers input. After applying it on the 22-7 I've seen only like 3 hanging of the screen but within 3 seconds has become responsive again. But the last haven't had any. Seems the help. Before my phone was not usable. Now it is
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    As I mentioned in my earlier posts that i had given my phone to Nokia Care Vadodara Gujarat India for resolution of issue. They had acknowledged the issue and replaced the touch panel with new one. But after that mobile gets restarted whenever charger is connected to it. So they again repaired it. My device was in their custody for around 27 days. In these 27 days I had called and sent emails several times to know the status but neither they answered any query nor even they called me back once. I personally visited them 5 time in these 27 days. At last they returned my device. From last 4 days it is working properly and no issues faced till time. Even they told me that they got information from other Nokia care that lots of people are facing the same issue. And due to some distributors issue with HMD the touch panels are not readily available. 

    So those who are saying install this or that app, just accept that Nokia has serious issue with its touch panel and I had posted in their FB but instead of any positive reply, I got a comment that 1 in a thousand devices get this type of problem and that 1 is yours. Then I shared this thread with them. Since then their is total silence in this matter.

    Once again rush to the nearest Nokia care and get new touch panel but be ready for the pain of not having N7P for atleast 20 to 30 days.

    As I said from last 4 days I had not faced any issues but I will update about it every 4 to 5 days in forum for other members too.

    One more important thing my phone body got dent in Nokia custody during repairing process. They first hide it from me but before leaving their office I checked and reported that. I had taken in written from them that they will replace its body panel free of cost. Make sure you check thoroughly before accepting your phone from them and must write comment that you will give feedback about resolution of issue after using phone for atleast 10 days.

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    user1526919067797 thanks for keeping us up to date, I hope it is solved for you now. It might make it easier for others as well, when trying to connect Nokia support.
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    I visited service centre, they told i have to kept my device for 15days approximately.The parts is not available currently

  • It would require Nokia to give out an update with more optimized software.

    Although this guide may help reduce the problem as a temporary fix

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    I noticed that when my screen freezes if I keep pressing the home button in the middle continuously it responds and the '"Google assistant" application appears. So, this button seems responsive. The other two buttons seem responsive too to long presses but the whole system seems unresponsive.
    Can any other who has a faulty device confirm this behaviour?
    If this gets confirmed then it may not be the touch panel the culprit and some other part of the device may be faulty. In this case the ones that had their touch panels replaced will continue suffering from this erratic problem
  • After the August security update+switching off Ambient display I've not faced the problem for the last few days.
  • *July
  • I bought my Nokia 7+ in Norway. After starting my phone for the first time and updated the 01.July.18 security patch I got the same problem.

  • @George V: I have also observed this. When the screen freezes, if I long press Home Button, It starts Google Assistant. In fact, if if I press and scroll hard enough, it also works. But, I think this does not rule out that Touch Screen is faulty. It may be a touch screen hardware issue, I guess. 

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    Any one replaced display??

  • I had changed now it is working fine.

  • How many days it took for screen replacement & which country you belong to?
  • Facing the same issue the nokia care peolpe are pathetic. They are fooling me saying we have ordered the screen it has not been deliverd yet from last 1 month . I had mailed both nokia support as well as hmd support they are just taking my complaint too casualy. Well i think will have to move leagaly then.
  • Kunal07 Kunal07

    Nokia is not even recognizing this serious concern.Atleast they can comment whther this is software issue or hardware.@Laura she has not commented even once on this.This is really not acceptable.

  • Earlier I said the July security update fixed the screen freeze issue.I was so wrong.In the last 2 days my screen froze several times.I have already done a factory reset. Still the problem persists.If a screen replacement takes nearly a month I can't do it as I don't own a secondary phone.
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     I've sent mine to Nokia Service Center since last Thursday, July 10.

    They emailed me on Friday that the device is under evaluation and repair.

    I'll let you know when I'll have news.


    guys is this problem occuring with all the nokia 7 plus phones or are we the selected few with this issue pls let me know

  • I have found other owners complaining the same thing in XDA forums and also the Amazon product review section.I don't think we are the only ones.
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     Sorry, I meant I sent it on August 9

    So are there ppl with no problem whatsoever from the day they brought the phone?
  • Things I tried
    1.Factory Reset
    2.ABuyer suggestions (mentioned earlier in this thread)
    3.Android P V 3.150 upgrade (touchscreen V1.017.19 now)
    The problem still persists.I didn't want it to be a hardware problem but I guess it is.
    New buyers should at once get the handset replaced and not wait for workaround.
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