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There may be a problem with the manufacturing of the display with those phones that are unresponsive ...try to toggle on screen touches and observe if your touches are being recognized..

Nokia 7 plus continuously hangs. Device unusable until locked and unlocked again.


  • razer1337 razer1337
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    There may be a problem with the manufacturing of the display with those phones that are unresponsive ...try to toggle on screen touches and observe if your touches are being recognized.. If not change the screen from a Nokia official service center.
  • I had the same problem for long. But since I updated to September Security Patch things have stabilized a bit. Don't know how long it will.go on but for now it seems ok
  • Naveen Naveen
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    I faced this issue for sometime. Later did not faced for a long period. Now working fine without this issue.
  • user1533116967463 user1533116967463
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    I gave up.. Traded it and got another new phone.. will stay away Nokia forever.

  • Kindly retweet(it has video of freezing issue of Nokia 7 Plus) and share this tweet as much as you can so that the main issue can be reached to the higher officials of Nokia.
  • Same problem here and many others like advertisement on screen without any app open, sometimes mic is not working, sometimes speaker is not working and the headphone jack is not properly I don't how Nokia made this 7plus why there are so many problems.Trust was the main reason to buy Nokia 7plus but this time I think my decision was wrong.Please do something or replace it
  • I don't think that Nokia team is actually looking into their customers. It's been almost 3months that Nokia 7plus users reporting same issue continuously. But the team doesn't have time to look our posts and give us some solutions .rather than giving a solution atleast they should have responded to our posts . Fed up with Nokia now. My friends who r using lower cost mobiles laughs at us for having such issues in costlier mobiles. Shame on u Nokia .. Trust is gone and am not gonna recommend any of my friends to buy this
  • I bought the Nokia 7 plus through preorder. After 2 months the device / screen started hanging. The screen keeps being unresponsive to touches all the time. Locking and unlocking makes screen usable again. Please help me in this as I have already tried factory reset however it doesn't helped.
  • user1529997790973 user1529997790973
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    I think we all should be taking it to social media now since Nokia isn't looking after this issue at all. Although my device works properly now, I have in the past faced the same issue and I wanted to throw the phone away. It's time users take it public by clearly mentioning what the problem is. XDA developers might be a good site to post the thread. Good old Facebook and YouTube also can be used
  • Every one call to customer care and register this issue
    Call to 1800 102 8169
  • I called toll free number , but could not get satisfactory resolution ,
  • Not one person many number of members should call them
  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    Maybe it's best to return the device for repairs? Others have been helped this way, even though it might take about 3 weeks for the device to be sent back to the owner.

    I think there are already a lot of people who contacted them. By phone, chat or mail... does not really make a difference.

    I have submitted my device for repairs, as I got tired of waiting and Nokia could not provide an estimate about some kind of software fix which should, hopefully, might, maybe solve this problem. The only real reply I got, is that they acknowledged there is "a" problem. Not a single word about the progress for the fix.

    Hoping to get news about it somewhere this week.

  • munagalapavan9 munagalapavan9
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    This I got reply from company

    We value the importance of your concern and regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    In response to your concern regarding Nokia 7 Plus, We would like to request you kindly visit the Service Center and make us call on Nokia Mobile Care at the Toll Free Number 1800-102-8169 (Working Timings-9:00am to 6:00pm: Mon-Sun) so that we can communicate with Service Center representative and assist you in best possible manner.

    Note: Please carry your invoice with proper backup of your data and there should not be any physical, liquid or cosmetic damage in your device else warranty will be denied by Service Center side.
  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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     @Pavan munagla

    See, that sounds like they acknowledge it's a hardware issue now.

  • I was really hoping that the freezing issue would get resolved with pie update.but unfortunately its still there..m really surprised at Nokia's failure to acknowledge this issue which is faced en mass by so many users ..the moderator lady Laura suddenly seems to get active as soon as something comes up on Pie update...but seems to completely turn a blind eye to this major issue faced by so many people.
  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    Don't wait any longer, and send it in for repairs. That's the only way to get this issue fixed.

    Expect to be without the device for several weeks though... I'm now waiting for more than a month.

  • I too facing this issue
    Many of users went to service centres but they got no solution for this
    So once again you try in your location and then again text in this community please
    We hope you will try
  • chets4589 chets4589
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    Don't wait miracle to happen! It's hardware issue.
    After facing the problem for one month....i decided to visit Nokia centre.
    On first instance they told that it must be software issue. Formatted my device in after n have in the evening. It took them about 1.5hrs for them to do it. Reached home n installed all the apps. Screen freeze started.
    On second instance when i visited the center, they told this is bocz of gmail corrupt backup. I said that can't happen. Then they accepted n told to keep the device. Took 4 days n have back with software format. Took home n tried. Same prolem was there.
    On third instance, visited the centre n have them a moothful. This time also they said software issue is there. I told them take your device back. I don't want it. Then they told to keep the device at centre. Free days later when i called... They told ki hardware issue is there. Screen panel needs to be replaced. It took them 3weeks to fix this.

    Finally got my device n it's working smoothly. So i would suggest to go to Nokia centre n submit the device.
  • Become a developer, then switch to "off/none" the window animation speed values (there are 3 of them) under Developer options/Drawing.

    Does it work for you?
  • dotdot dotdot
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    Have you guys tried factory reset? Try it... That might help you guys.
  • Hello friends, This screen freeze issue has been a headache for me. After you spend like 26000 Indian rupees and the company gives you defective device, above all they haven't even recalled the devices to rectify them. onus is on us to go to service center and we have to show them and prove them it is defective. It is wrong because many Nokia 7 Plus phones are plagued by this problem. I have waited 3 months. first I thought it maybe a software issue, will be resolved soon and it has not. Even after updating to Android P. For three months I have rest my phone multiple times, thinking about time and energy i have wasted on it, i should have thrown it in garbage instead. Every-time i use my phone i m not sure if it will work smoothly like it should. I have made a video and posted on you tube. Share it as much as you can. It is clear harassment. when company went silent to save its face and hush up the issue, we are at the receiving end because all we did for last few months was to wait for the update. at least tell your customers as soon as possible. below is the link for the video. share it as much as possible. Nokia 7 Plus screenfreeze

  • user1524290664947 user1524290664947
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    Totally agree with the views expressed .
    One never expected a brand like Nokia to treat it's loyal customers so shabbily.
    Nothing helps to solve the inherent screen freeze problem.
  • munagalapavan9 munagalapavan9
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    Guys continuosly tweet to @juho sarvikas he is cheif of Nokia
    If we tweet continuosly they can know the problem so please all of you tweet and mail to customer service daily till they reply
    I only one can't do this, with your help I can do this
    Save the text to mail and tweet , so daily you no need to type, just you can copy and send
    So mail and tweet daily
    Not only to them for all whom you know send to them all and forward regarding this issue

    Hope this issue will solve in soon
  • manish palia manish palia
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    I was facing the problem of touch freezing at times after that I went to Nokia mobile care twice. First time they just reinstalled the software but the problem remained the same. Second time when I went there, they took my phone and replaced the touch panel and gave me after 2 weeks.
    Now it's working butterly smooth and after PIE update it has become a real charm, after 2nd visit I haven't faced any touch issue not even on PUBG or Mini malatia, forget screen freeze not even a single lag.
    I request you to go there and tell them to replace touch panel it is surely a hardware problem.
    Hope this would help.
    Best of luck
  • Guys, i have tweeted the video to @juhosarvikas with the link to video. please share this video as much as possible Nokia 7 Plus screen freeze

  • Have retweeted.would request everyone who is facing this issue to please highlight this in a common thread over twitter.i did a factory reset as the last resort before taking my fone to the service ctr.and it has spoilt things even worked fine for half a day.but then the freezes became very frequent...this is definitely a hardware issue.have a friend who too owns a 7plus and does not have this issue.same software version on stable pie
  • Hello guys, Those facing this issue please visit Nokia care, they will resolve.It is completely hardware issue. They took 2weeks time to replace touch pannel
  • nithin nithin
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    I had the same issue. I disabled 'files go' by google and after two three days this issue stopped happening again. I didn't realise it was 'files go' but today when I enabled it the **** happened again. Last three weeks I was not facing this issue. Now I disabled it again and let me see if it happens again. I am still not sure about the app. Please try it yourself and let me know. You can restart your device once u have disabled this particular app .
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