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Guys..this is a hardware problem..I suffered for 4 months and finally gave to to the service CTR with videos of this occurrence.They reloaded software with May…

Nokia 7 plus continuously hangs. Device unusable until locked and unlocked again.


  • user1530087803136 user1530087803136
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    Guys..this is a hardware problem..I suffered for 4 months and finally gave to to the service CTR with videos of this occurrence.They reloaded software with May security patch and said it will resolve the issue.Issue reoccurred same day.Again took a video band showed them.They finally acknowledged screen issue and have ordered screen replacement.Now waiting for screen to arrive.Please take ur phones to the service center and get this resolved while it's still in warranty.All these software workarounds won't do the job as it is not a software bug.
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    i already changed my whole lcd panel from service centre now it is working fine 

  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    Exactly what user1530087803136 and shouvikg796 said.

    The problem occurred on about every update that was released, clean install or not.

    This specific issue has nothing to do with some kind of app, a software setting, ...

  • Yes brother I have facing same problem.dont know why this type of problem comes high end mobile phones.even 10thousand phones work fine.
  • In my case, I started facing this issue only after the android Pie update. I also tried factory reset and clean install as well. But the problem was still there. I am not saying it is an issue with the app, but for me this issue never occured after disabling it. Not sure it will occure again after sometime. I was folowing this thread for a long time and since it is happening to me, I thought I should share what I did. Still I am not sure what fixed the issue. I haven't replaced my screen.
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     I don't even have that app installed...

  • i explained the issue in chat and organise to send the phone to our Australian centre to have it inspected. All i got back was a quote saying i had to pay $250 to replace the screen. As there was a small crack at the top of my screen over the camera this apparently had voided warranty and therefore i had to pay for it to be fixed. I ended up paying $50 for them to take it out of the packaging see the crack and then do nothing and then send it back. so disappointed. 

  • Hanging issues....
  • I have the same problem. First only had the issue that the screen won't respond about every 2nd day. Now it's at least twice an hour.

    Very disappointed. This phone costs a lot of money. What is @Nokia doing about it?
  • I read somewhere where if you let the phone drain of all battery and then leave it off and recharge it back to 100% the issue doesnt happen. i did this yesterday and so far today i havent had any hangs? hopefully its fixed. 

  • Почему сервисная служба не отвечайте? Почему не дают объяснений или рекомендаций по данной проблеме?
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    Sooo... I finally got the device back for the second time.

    Again, they did not replace the screen, but clean installed some Android version. I immediately got the Android 9 update when booting the device. So I was a bit hopeful the problem might be resolved in this official Android 9 upgrade.

    After an hour of usage (setting up the device, etc.), I already experienced the same problem.

    Very, very frustrating.

    And a little side-problem: I had to return the full package for repairs. They sent me the package back, but without the (new, unused) headphones. Great!

  • user1538828044649 user1538828044649
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    im now on day 2 after letting my phone battery completely drain and phone die. after the recharge i have not had the hang issue ONCE. fingers are still damn crossed. im also on Pie. 

  • amolsapre1 amolsapre1
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    @Nithin, I exactly faced the same issue when I enabled Files Go just to check its new update 3 - 4 days back! Once I disabled it, the issue has not come back. Today, as a test, i enabled it again and again had this issue.
  • lakshaykaura lakshaykaura
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    I disabled Files Go, Lets see how it goes.

  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    It woud seem strange that the Files Go app (which is an official Google app btw), is the culprit. This app was not yet available on Android 8.

  • Hi
    Same issues. Nokia 7 plus, android 8. Screen freeze at random. Then uninstalled Google's Files Go and voila... Problem gone. To be safe I've run the battery down to absolute zero well.

    So far it seems to work. Holding thumbs
  • Day 6 and still no hang issue since letting the phone completely drain of battery. I didnt stop any google files go app. still running sweet as. hopefully it continues. 

  • I am also facing this problem alot
    Worst experience
  • user1537646323953 user1537646323953
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    I disabled Files Go.... But no help... Screen still freezes and get resolved only after locking and unlocking the phone.
    I had earlier took my phone to service centre, where they first updated phones software but the problem didn't got resolved hence, they changed my touch pad however, the problem still exist.

    Very much disappointed with Nokia..... Never ever going to purchase Nokia's product ever in my life
  • I got rid of mine today and bought a Xiaomi Mi8..... Wonderful phone. Goodbye Nokia
  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    Hi user1537646323953

    Thanks for confirming the problem did not go away when disabling the Files Go app. It would have been strange that this was the cause, as the problem was also happening in Android 8, which did not have this app.

    Nokia is remaining silent, and the repair centres can't seem to repair it. There aren't many options left...

  • Hi friends, I am sorry to inform you that it happened to me again. So it is not the Files Go application. @bvanaerde : you were right.

    Sad part is my screen is slightly craked( we can not even see that crack). So they won't replace it for free. I know it is nothing related to the crack as you all are experiencing the same with new phone. Waiting for someone to post a fix for it.
  • There is no fix...only fix is screen replacement.I got mine replaced..its been a week and all working fine.
  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    Hi Nithin

    Thanks for keeping us up to date as well... even though it's with bad news.

    It's really difficult to reproduce the problem. Sometimes it works for a couple of days, but then it's happening all the time. The only thing I noticed, is that it happens a lot more in environments with bright light (e.g. outside). Apart from that I don't really know what triggers the problem.

    As others are helped with a screen replacement, my guess is this is really a hardware defect.

    Keep in mind that there are other screen problems as well, more specific with the newer Novatek-V07 screen panel (problem with minimum brightness). So it is possible that you'll get this panel after a repair, wich leaves you with a new problem to solve...

  • It may be an hardware issue. But as I said, I never faced this issue on android Oreo. I used my phone running Oreo about 5 months before I get the Pie update. It happened right after upgrading it to Pie. So may be something related to the display driver in the firmware. 

  • Im up to Day 10 and i have still not had the hang issue again... I didnt touch any google file apps. I am running Pie. @Nithin i also have a crack on my screen and i sent it off for repairs due to phone fault but due to the crack they wanted to charge me $250AUD. I didnt do this and i just got them to send the phone back. 

    to fix my phone i just let the phone battery drain until phone shut down. I then charged the phone back to 100% and then started using it. it hasnt hung once. It always used to hang when i was texting or internet searching or anything really. it hasnt done it once for 10 days now. seems like an easy answer but its worked for me. 

  • I have also tried that, both disabling files go and letting the battery reach 0 and then charging it back, neither have fixed the problem.

  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    I managed to get a full refund from the vendor, after two unsuccessful repair attempts.

    Having bought the Nokia 7 Plus 6 months ago, with the device in repairs for 2 months, I'm "glad" there's finally some kind of solution. I would have liked to have this device fixed properly though. Apart from this problem I really liked the device.


  • amolsapre1 amolsapre1
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    Although I know its not related to the Files Go app, it happened on my device only when I enabled the app after the Pie update. After disabling the app, the issue never occurred again. I think it may be related to any application that may have the ability to clean the cache. I used that functionality and the issue came back! I know it might sound stupid, but it cannot be just a coincidence in my opinion.

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