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I had the issue even when the Files Go app is disabled. But I kept it disabled and let the phone completely drain. Now no issues. But it may come again.

Nokia 7 plus continuously hangs. Device unusable until locked and unlocked again.


  • I had the issue even when the Files Go app is disabled. But I kept it disabled and let the phone completely drain. Now no issues. But it may come again. I have one more issue after the Pie update. My proximity sensor won't work sometimes and calls get disconnected. Does anyone face the same issue along with this touch issue. I am completely disappointed with Nokia. Going back to Samsung.
  • vibhor vibhor
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    Try disabling "Display over other apps" option for Google Play Services.

  • vibhor vibhor
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    Try disabling "Display over other apps" option for Google Play Services.

  • lakshaykaura lakshaykaura
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    Just disabled "Display over other apps" option for Google Play Services.
    Let's see how it goes, till now all good
  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    I don't think default Android / app settings have anything to do with this problem. A lot of peope are having this issue (even after a factory reset), and there are others who don't have any problems at all.

    The most logical explanation would be that not all Nokia 7 Plus devices are having the exact same hardware components. This is already shown in other topics where people are having brightness issues with a specific touch panel (Novatek-V07). It could be that there are some problems with the touch panel itself or the drivers for the panel.

    But Nokia should be able to explain this best. Sadly, they chose to remain silent and just let the warranty run out. This topic is already 6 months old. You do the math...

    They are launching too many new devices, which makes this their only focus. They don't have time to fix issues with "older" devices. Whether the device is in the Android One shelf, has become irrelevant. Even though you'll get regular Android updates, these will not fix the shortcomings of the device itself.

  • Oluj Oluj
    I bought Nokia 7 plus in Nigeria and it hangs.
    It's really frustrating to use as I need to constantly lock and unlock to use.
    I won't recommend for anyone as it's not worth the price (except I see a change)
    I feel highly disappointed to have invested 100+K and get such service as this.
    Please fix the problem urgently.
  • Get rid of it
  • For me disabling the "Files by Google" app solved the problem. I guess that's the same app as "Files Go". They might have changed the name. But anyways, so far so good. 

  • Just apply fix mentioned above it works no more hanging. The one about disabling some apps
  • Disabling the Files by Google app fixed it for me. I guess they changed the name of that app? I assume its the same app as Files Go. Anyways, so far so good.

  • dmt1992 dmt1992
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    I am using Nokia 7 plus since May 2018 (India). My touchscreen gets unresponsive to touch randomly. It just happens randomly. It becomes usable after locking and unlocking the device. I am having this problem for the past 1.5 months, even after Pie update. But soon after October Security update, the issue seems to happen more often than before. Now it has become really annoying. Please fix this with the next update!

    I had another issue with earphones before. But all such issues got resolved after Pie. Now this problem is getting annoying. No other issues so far.

  • I spoke to soon, the problem is back again. Disabling that Files app, didn't fix it after all :(

  • lakshaykaura lakshaykaura
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    Turning off "Display over other apps" option for Google Play Services do reduce this problem. Please do that.
  • shouvikg796 shouvikg796
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    it is not a software issue, the problem is in the lcd panel. i have changed whole lcd panel from nokia service centre without paying any money. there is no from last 2 months. A hardware problem can not be solved by software optimization

  • Totally agree. Am having same problem since MAY 18.Extremely disappointed with Nokia.
    How I wish , I could just dump the device and switch to my old brand,but can't afford to waste the money spent on Nokia 7+
    Hope Nokia ressolves this issue forever
  • I don't agree with you. My Nokia is just fine after disabling some Nokia apps. And the fix is working for the last 4 months and still counting.
  • lakshaykaura lakshaykaura
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    Could you please tell which apps you disabled?
    And I agree problem is from software side only as it was not there when it was on Android O.
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    said 4 months ago
    Guys please try these fixes to see if the freezing issue is resolved or improves. I've been using these "fixes" for a quite sometime on my 7 Plus & Nokia 8. Battery life has not been affected in any -ve way. I've been using the applied settings for weeks & battery life is just as good as before.

    To people who are facing these issue. IMHO Its A SOFTWARE issue and not a HARDWARE issue.

    Tips for countering laggy interface.

    Go to:

    Settings > Apps & Notifications>Show all apps > tap on (3 dots top right) then tap on Show system


    Battery protection, Caivs CustManager DeviceMonitorControl PowerMonitor Power saver, Stability Monitor

    All apps are in alphabetical order

    In each app:

    Modify system settings : no

    Draw over others apps : no

    In each of the following app:disable apps:(tap to open> force stop >disable) > Modify system settings: no(if this option is there)

    com.evenwell.batteryprotection.overlay.base.s600ww com.evenwell.PowerMonitor.overlay.base.s600ww com.evenwell.powersaving.g3.overlay.base.s600ww


    Don't worry if you don't find 1 or two of the apps in your firmware I did this to my Nokia 8 and Nokia 7 Plus both had 1 apps missing


    Also I found the more days you use your phone, I THINK imho that the Android OS's inbuilt features learn your usage pattern and the thing that has greatly improved even more than overall smoothness is the multitasking which means less app closing and reloads.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. try these changes for a week and then report back here so others can also benefit and I can also validate that disabling the settings is also working on other devices as well.
  • Hi user1526067697363, Your solution seems to be working. But not sure. So far so good. Fingers crossed.
  • lakshaykaura lakshaykaura
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    This sounds bit scary, because we are disabling and removing permissions for crucial system apps. If these were creating problems then Nokia would have given an OTA Update with these simple disabling and removing permissions.
    This is some risky workaround.
    Removing Display over Other Apps permission for Google Play Services, Disabling Files Go App, Making battery go 0% and then charge to 100% were okay as no other risks involved. But this much messing up with system apps sounds way risky
  • Hi user1526067697363, your solution seems to be working properly. So far so good. No freezing. Other workarounds didnt work for me (Files Go and draining battery to 0%).
  • having problem when playing games. ram management i think
  • It's more scarry if you phone is not working I disabled the apps I mentioned above is a proven fix. Don't disable any other apps just the ones mentioned by ABuyer 4 months ago

  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    @user1526067697363: I have tried these settings ABuyer suggested a long while ago, but did not remove the issue for me. It is possible there are multiple problems with this device, which might result in solutions that do not work for everybody.

    Either way, Nokia should take up responsibility. If it's that easy to completely solve this problem, don't you think Nokia would have found out already? They're still acknowledging there is an ongoing issue with the device, and after 6 months there's still no official news.

  • lakshaykaura lakshaykaura
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    Better post your tweets with #Nokia7PlusScreenFreezing hashtag, I also posted a tweet-

    Check out @lakshaykaura’s Tweet:

    We need to bring this in notice of officials

  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    LakshayKaura, you won't get much attention when your posts are private
    Also, maybe it's best to use the "official" #Nokia7Plus hashtag? Like this, you'll reach more people.

  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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     Also, if you want to reach officials, I suggest you contact Nokia or your vendor directly.

  • lakshaykaura lakshaykaura
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    Alright guys! I spoke to someone in Nokia and he gave a simple solution for this, which is better than disabling apps and completely discharging phone.

    Step 1: Ensure charger not connected. Press Volume Up + Power for 20 seconds and let your device do force restart.

    Step 2: Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Click on three dots on right and select "Show system" > Search for app name "Android system" > Force Stop > Storage > Clear Cache

    Step 3: Again Press Volume Up + Power for 20 seconds and let your device do force restart.

    After doing this, my device is not giving me screen frozen issue anymore. Its been 2 days I did this and so far all good.

  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
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    @LakshayKaura I don't see how this would be different from the several factory resets that other users have done. Also, if Nokia had a real solution for this problem, it would have been include in one of the updates.

  • Dikal Dikal
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