FM Radio in Indian Variant

No FM radio in this device, any idea we will get it in future?

FM Radio in Indian Variant

balachandar balachandar
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No FM radio in this device, any idea we will get it in future?


  • user1525702164168 user1525702164168
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    Also waiting for this answer in Ireland
  • ycverma005 ycverma005

     It is hardware, so don't except it. It can't be brought to the smartphone via update. Know more in detail- Nokia 7 Plus Pros and Cons. Hope this will help you to get more idea on device.

  • balachandar balachandar
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    Lol, I meant that module is already there in chinese variant (we know through youtube videos) so it can be activated via a software update.

  • Tony Gibbons Tony Gibbons
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     just upgraded from the Nokia 6 to the 7 plus and no fm radio. why not, is there a technical reason? , i had one on the Nokia 6. Very disappointing

  • ashis kar ashis kar
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    The hardware is there.. the software needs to be provided by Nokia..moderator ! pls mark it essential.. 

  • Tuna Tuna
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     > Balachandar

    This page shows all pre-installed apps for Nokia 7 Plus China variant, but it does not show FM radio icon.
    I appreciate if you share the youtube link in which you found FM radio for China variant.

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