Wi fi issue

I m facing random signal drop of my wifi.my other mobile works fine. But Nokia 7 plus has wifi signal issue. Resolve this in next OTA.

Wi fi issue

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I m facing random signal drop of my wifi.my other mobile works fine. But Nokia 7 plus has wifi signal issue. Resolve this in next OTA.


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    I am facing same issue and its huge bug.
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    yes.... I am also facing the same issue....wifi signal is dropping and reinstating randomly....don't know what is the issue....hardware or software bug......hope to get it fixed in an OTA update

  • same issue with linksys ext routerm but no issues with other routers.
  • Devilrose25 Devilrose25
    Up for this. I'm experiencing this as well. Linksys Router.
    It just happens randomly though.
  • vibhor vibhor
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    There was an update issued in 8.1 patch. Not sure if it is included in global variant update.

  • nakah nakah

    I`am running 8.1 and do not have wifi drop issue

  • user1524501771221 user1524501771221
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    I am not facing issues anymore after I reset my wifi router.. I request admin to close this thread.. all fine with the Wifi and network reception.. both are excellent on 8.1.. thanks

  • I bought the phone yesterday. Getting the same wifi issue. Even when connected, it says no internet connection available. Other devices working fine.
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    I was never getting that issue.. in fact i was getting connection or disconnection of the wifi signal.. but after I reset my wifi router.. all work fine.. so.. this issue is irrelevant to me.. pls start a new topic regarding that..

  • I am facing this issue on a ta-1055 model on android 8.0.0. Hopefully it is fixed when 8.1 becomes available to me.
  • Same here...I tried Android P dev. version and it's still the same. Notice when you hold the phone horizontally you lost thw wifi, because you probably block antenna:/ Otherwise the phone is superb. Just let me know if I should go for new one or if it's software issue. Other phones i have work perfectly on 5 and 2.4 .
  •  There is huge problem with wifi. Upload speed is rock bottom. Does not happen with all wifi networks. Please fix asap. Reset the phone but without any benefit. Issue with both 5 and 2.4 ghz bands.

  • user1527963703360 user1527963703360
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    I have a wifi problem just with Twitter and LinkedIn app.
    With wifi doesn't work, with 3G/4G are working.
    I don't know why, I hope a fix for this bug.
    Android 8.1
  •  After resetting my router, (well I was forced to, as I was trying to fix issue with Nokia phone, by changing router settings, and screwed up), I finally changed ssid and password, and for now it's looking okay. I used meteor speed measure in android, and it's giving me consistent upload speed now. Strange, please fox still.

  •  After router reboot, it's back to square one. Still same, no upload speed on opensignal.

  •  What's with this pppoe protocol on router. As soon as I enable it on router, my upload speed drops. I'm on lede latest. This is not an issue with any other device, android/windows, so something wrong with PPPOE and this device.

  • user1526209400918 user1526209400918
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    The fix for now is disable pppoe protocol from the WiFi wan settings of you have that enabled. It is working for me till now, for last half a day.
  • Apoorv Apoorv
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    I purchased Nokia 7 plus device on 29th May 18 and now I am facing WiFi connectivity issues on the same. Everything works fine when you are on mobile data 3G/4G but when I connect to my WiFi network, apps such as Twitter, messages on Instagram, Phonepe, MyAirtel, sometimes even Amazon does not resolve or says check your internet connection. I have tried everything like resetting the phone to its factory settings, clearing the cache or even reinstalling the aforesaid apps, resetting my router etc but, nothing is working for me. Please resolve this issue ASAP. Thanks in advance!
  • I noticed when you are on the same spot where the Wi-Fi is not good and phone is switching to mobile data and dropping Wi-Fi... and in this moment when you disable mobile data then it goes a lot better and Wi-Fi works let's say normally
  • slug64 slug64
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    I have this problem on brand new phone. Actually my second handset to be precise, as supplier gas already swappedd one because of the issue.

    Specifically my WiFi always shows as connected on phone, and I can access random internet pages and perform Google searches, but either any social media apps (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon...) will not let me log on (I see spinning wheels FOR EVER), or when I finally get on they won't refresh feeds, show notifications or allowed me to upload a comment, post anything.i also can't use Google or Facebook log on for any websites

    Also happens when I try to log on via internet into any of these sites. Carphone warehouse say it's my internet as when they tried through WiFi hotspot from his phone, all worked fine.

    Also because I've not be connected but not realising, I used all my data in 2 days because it switched to using that.

    I have reviewed router, checked settings and all our other phones are working fine - that's 7 phones of various makes and models.

    This needs fixing or I'm going to have to change phone.
  • I have the same problem.
    I don't know why Nokia not resolve!
    I have this problem from I buy phone ( 27th of may).
  • Similar problem...replaced phone and got a new router and still some apps and websites don't work over wifi. Presently working around the problem by using a VPN but i really shouldn't need to.
  • user1531556259008 user1531556259008
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    I am also facing the same issue and I am on 8.1

  • Wifi issue still present in nokia 7 plus.. whoever read this thread, you are trapped now.. this phone is serious wifi connectivity issue..i already regretting by buying this
    pubg, asphalt 8 amazon music, amazon prime twitter etc apps are not working over wifi.. and nokia not giving any solution.
  • Even nokia aware about this issue but don't know why they are not
    resolving this issue. 2 month already gone but problem is still there .
    Moderates Can you please reply whats going on??


  • This kind of problem should be caused by mtu, android doesn't set the kernel parmameter ip_no_ptmu_disc=0 to let cellphone has the right mss. of course, the following command can also be run in the opewrt router to as a workaround:

    iptables -t mangle -A FORWARD -p tcp --tcp-flags SYN,RST SYN -j TCPMSS --clamp-mss-to-pmtu

  • Having the same issue here. Some apps doesn't refresh their content or there is no connection at all. The router is TP-LINK TL-WR840N, WAN connection is PPPOE (this is what my ISP uses, unfortunately). Nokia, please resolve this problem already!
  • From past two days my Nokia 7 plus wifi is not working. It has got serious bugs. Data not loading page not opening up. Certain apps don't load.
  • Gawtham Gawtham


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