WiFi droping

Nokia 7 plus unable to get wifi signals even though its connected.

WiFi droping

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Nokia 7 plus unable to get wifi signals even though its connected. Switching to mobile data makes things working again.Tested this against couple of devices and found out its a real issue.


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    No such issues here. If it's a harware issue, ask for replacement from customer care.

  • Similar issue...various apps and websites don't work on some wifi networks. I've just replaced the phone and same issue with new one.

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    I have this problem on brand new phone. Actually my second handset to be precise, as supplier gas already swappedd one because of the issue. Specifically my WiFi always shows as connected on phone, and I can access random internet pages and perform Google searches, but either any social media apps (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon...) will not let me log on (I see spinning wheels FOR EVER), or when I finally get on they won't refresh feeds, show notifications or allowed me to upload a comment, post anything.i also can't use Google or Facebook log on for any websites Also happens when I try to log on via internet into any of these sites. Carphone warehouse say it's my internet as when they tried through WiFi hotspot from his phone, all worked fine. Also because I've not be connected but not realising, I used all my data in 2 days because it switched to using that. I have reviewed router, checked settings and all our other phones are working fine - that's 7 phones of various makes and models. This needs fixing or I'm going to have to change phone.
  • Not a solution but I've worked around the problem by sending all my data via a VPN.
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