Want replacement for Nokia 7 Plus

After one month of purchase my Nokia 7 plus, I had an issue(in July).

Want replacement for Nokia 7 Plus

After one month of purchase my Nokia 7 plus, I had an issue(in July).
Touch stopped working randomly, and it started working normally after screen lock and unlock.
I took the device to service center (in September), they flashed the software. It worked OK for few days.

I went again they replaced display folder (touch and display assembly). When they returned the device(in 20 days,5-25 October) it had two yellow spots in diagonal corners. They said it would disappear. Touch was working OK. So I accepted it. After few days the touch started to work on its own and the spots did not disappear.

So I went again to service center  and submitted the device (on 20th Nov), this time they are saying the part is not in the stocks (for more than 30 days). I tried calling Nokia customer care. They don’t have any updates and are just forwarding my request to somewhere I don’t know. 

And today service center person called me and said that company (NOKIA) is not sending them parts (Display assembly) as they are having some issues with NOKIA. And he asked me to take the device (as it was) and go to different service center for the solution.

After wasting almost three months, you are saying to take it home in Non-working condition and roam around to fix the device that was faulty out of the box and which I did not used even for 1 month in its normal condition.
Is this a customer service? 
I want either a replacement or my money back ASAP.


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    I have the same touchscreen unresponsive issue in my Nokia 7 plus. It's been happening for months now. As far as I can tell, this is not a hardware related issue. It is software related and it must be fixed by Nokia with updates. Nothing else will fix this issue. Nokia must acknowledge the issue and provide a suitable fix. This problem occurs randomly and not every Nokia 7 plus users has the same issue. So, I didn't take it to service centre as simply flashing a new ROM won't solve it completely.
  • I'm having this problem too :/
  • I am also having the same issue, Now my mobile is with Nokia care People, they accept for Display replacement, nearly 2 weeks over till now they didn't give my mobile.

    Very frustating Bro.,
  • Update: Its now around 2 months I have submitted my device. Service center amd customer care both have confirmed that they are having stock issues and dont know when it will be back in stock, And now customer care are not reverting to my calls, I have called them 3 times in last 10 days. Should I file consumer case?
  • Hi, I just broke my Nokia 7 plus screen. Could you kindly let me know the replacement price of the same in Nokia care! 
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