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Face recognition stop appearing on lock screen after couple of unlocks. After setting again starts and disappear again.

[ADP is closed]Welcome to the Android Developer Preview


  • red red
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    Face recognition stop appearing on lock screen after couple of unlocks. After setting again starts and disappear again. Removing finger print FR works, but when setting back it overwrite and FR stop appearing again.
  • Hi all, 

    Nice to see  that a lot of you are already trying the new build. Just a little reminder that if you find any issues please report them via the Feedback app as well. Further, I would like to ask you if you open up a new topic for an issue do that in the Developer Preview discussion sub-forum  (not in the General sub-forum) so we can track them easier. In addition, you find there our Known issue list for DP4 as well. 

    Thanks a lot and best regards,


  • The hotspot doesn't seem to be working. Tried many times, but not of much use.

    As one of the members mentioned, when we reduce the display size, the fonts are arranged clumsily on the home screen. Face recognition is a biggggg question mark. It doesn't work at all.

  • Firstly, thank you for providing developer preview! I am enjoying it.

    Please provide rounded UI, the notification edge's looks sharp edges, but the same in Pixel and other smart phone are little curve in all 4 edges. It looks very good, so you also please do that changes.
  • ashubhatt ashubhatt
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    hey @laura.. can u pls share which build no of oreo we il get after roll back and with which security patch ???? plzz share this information
  • ashubhatt ashubhatt
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    anyone here who rolled back to Oreo from DP4 ? can share which build no of Oreo we r getting this time and with which security patch ??? plzz tell..
  • Rj Paul Rj Paul
    You'll get 1st July, 2018 security patch & the build number is 00WW_2_22A_SP02
  • Hello dear i am from Pakistan. I am using nokia 7 plus and i register imie on developer but still i have not received a single update. Kindly reply
  • sirgarmaples sirgarmaples
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    user1533625134870, you'll have to download the Beta file and sideload it onto your phone or request an OTA update which will wipe all of your photos, music, etc from https://www.nokia.com/en_int/phones/developer

    All instructions are on the developer website.

  • ZKRT08 ZKRT08

    I am using the latest DP since it's release. I found that adaptive brightness tends to keep my phone at very low brightness even during sufficient lighting conditions. I have to manually adjust the brightness everytime I am in a well lit room even after waiting for some time after turning the screen on. 

    Also I found that the pill gesture for moving between recent apps does not work when apps are in landscape mode.

  • When does the new android phone optimize the operating system with hardware to be as smooth and powerful as the iphone. Although considering the hardware android phone is stronger than iphone but reverse iphone hardware weaker but performance is still better than android. Why is that
  • @user1528819749347 : I have also Iphone users in the family and I can tell you that my Nokia 7Plus on the latest DP4 is as smooth as an Iphone. Transitions are far better then Oreo, the new gestures are very fast. You just have to realise that the Iphone X is 2 1/2 times more expensive then the Nokia. I always say: Iphones are for grannys ( who don't have a clue about tech ) or schoolkids ( who want to impress ) haha.
    If you don't like the 7plus, why not considering Nokia 8 Sirocco? Still much cheaper then the Iphone X 

  • Not necessarily iphone x. but iphone 5s also found smoother in every task. App speed is very fast when I touch the app. I use iphone 5 from iphone and now iphone 7plus. I bought nokia as a secondary machine because of the name nokia from the past. As you say, expensive phones like the high-end samsung I used to also can not bring smooth iPhone experience. just hope in the future nokia can optimize the android OS for the hardware of nokia or bring a new operating system of nokia like symbian 1 time just hope nokia soon regain the No. 1 position of myself
  • devesh devesh
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    Go to this link
    Register your device if supported for your region and operator
  • imie is registered in it and i am from pakistan. I register imie 2 weeks agao
  • mj77 mj77
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    Android pie works great on my Nokia 7 plus, so far no technical issues
  • Completed android pie upgrade on my nokia 7plus, no issues reported, it seems cool
  • When will we get Android P update for Nokia 5?
  • Amaze balls Amaze balls
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    @user1513188382967 yes according to some websites which shows a Twitter post from Nokia all Nokia phones will receive Android pie
  • The update is working perfectly for me. No technical issues other than the screen goes to sleep (my screen is set to 5 minutes idle time before going to sleep) while using Netflix—but I am using an outdated version of Netflix.

  • I love pie no problems here on my 7 plus
  • Vinoth Vinoth
    Android P took away the phone's ability to play hi-res audio.

    I'm no longer able to play hi-res tracks through Poweramp.
    Audio volumes is low too when compared with Oreo 8.1
  • anhkhã¡nh anhkhã¡nh
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    This time there is no android p. What does android one update the fastest? Other brands it fixes all day is updated nokia this is not always know a little disappointed
  • jacobofski jacobofski
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    What did you expect? Both Nokia and Google said before the end of fall (Northern Hemisphere). Where I live it is Winter! Stop being so impatient. We might see it before the end of the month! (my thoughts).
  • anhkhã¡nh anhkhã¡nh
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    nokia because of the commitment to update androidone fast but do not expect it is September or the end of the year is different from other brands. Feeling a bit disappointed
  • Harideep Harideep
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    Will we get August security patch 樂樂樂
  • @ AnhKhánh : when you are a real fan of Android, you should read the news about Pie. So why be dissappointed if Nokia is clear about the release of ANdroid Pie? Read this article:


  • jacobofski jacobofski
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    I am disappointed because of Project Treble Android Pie could be made immediately available like Essential. There is no need to wait. There is two system partitions on the device, one for Android and the other for the manufacturers modifications to make this device compatible with the hardware.
  • Optical Optical

    Hi! I'm testing DP5 on Nokia 7 Plus, with my surprise "ok Google" is not Always on! Any possibility to add this future on final release?

  • anhkhã¡nh anhkhã¡nh
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    google and essentials do not have to wait for anything as soon as google released
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