Can someone please confirm if 7plus supports Jio VOLTE?


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Can someone please confirm if 7plus supports Jio VOLTE?


  • tagore m tagore m
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    Ofc it supports Jio, Airtel & also Vodafone's VoLTE
  • It worked on my phone when I did set up the sim but as soon as the device restarted, VoLTE isn't working.

  • amolsapre1 amolsapre1
    @Tagore M vodafone volte has not yet started for N7+ Dual SIM. Even though vodafone has confirmed that it supports volte on this phone in my circle, i cannot see "enhanced 4G Volte" option in phone settings.
  • Gaurav Sharma Gaurav Sharma

    Yes, Jio Volte is working in Nokia 7 Plus and it is supported on both sim.

  • I had to reset my phone to factory to make it work! That's pathetic. I have done reset of my device twice over the last two days to make things work.

  • vibhor vibhor
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    I am unable to call JIO customer care number(199/198) with nokia 7+. When I insert the same SIM to other phone , the call is successful. Is anyone else facing the same issue?
  • Had issues with Jio. VoLTE wasn't working. Tried all the usual steps. Finally care centre informed that the issue is due to software update. Had to downgrade from the latest update. I can't upgrade till the problem is fixed by Nokia. Hope it gets resolved soon. I was told that I'm the second customer to report this issue.
    Strongly suggest to visit the care centre.
  • Same here!!! I ask jio customer care with no answer. So i insert the sim in another phone, the sim works fine, inser back to Nokia 7 plus no call!!! cannot even recieve calls!!!! Dear HMD kindly resolve the issue.
  • s biswas s biswas
    I'm unable to call Jio care from my Nokia 8. This is a very new development, as calling was possible even one month back. All other calls can be made smoothly (VoLTE is working perfectly). Nokia Support says fault with the operator, but with the same sim 199/198 can be called from other handsets.
  • user1524501771221 user1524501771221
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    I reported myself for Jio VOLTE issue.. 

    For vodafone users, you need to mail to nodal office to enable VOLTE Profile services in your sim first... there is nothing wrong in Nokia 7 plus and its software.. its the vodafone which does not provide that service.

    I used Jio in Odisha,India, nothing wrong in it.. VOLTE works.. for some circles if problem happening...just get out the sim, put another sim..use it for some seconds.. remove...restart..  Put jio sim back in the mobile.. you can also make the bearer setting in the reliance jio access point to LTE only.. You are done now.. no issues should happen.. 


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