Camera Autofocus

Hi guys. I have a Nokia 8 and recently I see when I open camera that it takes enough time to autofocus.

Camera Autofocus

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Hi guys. I have a Nokia 8 and recently I see when I open camera that it takes enough time to autofocus. Especially if I want to take a photo in short distance f.e a sheet of book it won't autofocus until I aim something else in long distance. Then it can focus again. Is it normal, bug or hardware problem?


  • Dheeraj Dheeraj
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    Its happening to all of us atm. The autofocus and shutter speed is very slow on the camera app the phone came with. Nokia confirmed it'll release an update for the camera but till now its kept us waiting. Disappointed really.
  • I have used different camera apps and in all of them I have the same problem. I think that it's issue of the camera not the camera app.
  • mrbelter mrbelter
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    @user1519150275381 If you are constantly getting slow shutter speeds then may i suggest something is wrong with your phone. In the gloom of winter mine was shooting over 1/50th and in the light of spring it very rarely drops below 1/1000th.

  • @MrBelter I will return it as it is under warranty for check. I don't find normal to take this time to autofocus when my previous Galaxy s4 after 4 years it's autofocus is instant and this take so much time. For near shots especially it doesn't focus at all.
  • mrbelter mrbelter
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    Focusing speed is significantly increased using the Google Camera app, what a crying shame Nokia couldn't persuade Google to include it in stock Android.

  • @MrBelter I use basically Google camera but the problems that I face with auto focus I face them in Google cam too or open camera or any camera app that I have used.
  • usercub usercub
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    I think this was already pointed out on the forum.

    Use the single mod camera, not both (by default it uses both cameras). I've noticed an improved focus speed especially in not so great light.

    Some speculated that this happens because the monochrome camera does not have stabilization. Sincerely, i've seen a decent improvement, but, there could be other factors ....

    Test it, post results here, if you want
  • Dheeraj Dheeraj
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    @MrBelter which camera app do you use?
  • Unknown
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    @usercub I used only colour and i get the same laggy autofocus. But if i change to monochrome the autofocus is fast and it works perfect.
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